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Friday, 30 December 2016

I just got this unsigned card. Can't tell if it came from President Obama
or the Blogger score board monkey...

Welp – that’s 2016 done and gone. That’s another year shot ta hell, HAR HAR HAR!

2016 was a good year for me. I am pretty much done grieving for my family. I know, I know – “took ya long enough, didn’t it???” Sometimes these things just do. Families that break this way seldom break clean as mine did. There’s two ways of dealing with grief: Ya take it all up front like ya do when a loved one dies… or it comes out in dribs and drabs as it does with a prolonged illness. Either way eventually you have to bury the bodies and move on. I am moving on but I still look back sometimes. Also, when ya hang around the creeps and bums that I do, checking your six is always a good idea! HAR HAR HAR!!! (Not mentioning any names but crabby old farts will put a boot up your arse just for the fun of it if you let them. It’s funny when it happens to somebody else but when it happens to YOU…things’re different!)

Pete has one up about New Year’s Resolutions that I really like. I often take what he writes to heart even though he’s full a beans on some things. Who isn’t? So I sit here, lining up the pros and cons of my life and I’m absolutely astonished. I don’t have much to really bitch about in life! I’ve got everything a bum like me could reasonably ask for. My marriage survived some utterly impossible obstacles – I still marvel at that. I love my wife more now than when we were kids. Every rose has its thorns, and although some would say I am thin-skinned… maybe I was, at one time. “Was” being the operative word in that.  I have TWO dogs. The Littlest Hangar is filled with unlikely drones and all out fighter planes. You can never have enough guns – but I can get by for now. The bills are paid except for the wife’s car and if things get stupid there – I will pay it off and tell the bank to go fly a kite. I am not rich, as Uncle Bob says, but I’m free. I give thanks to my Maker for that and understand that freedom is a transitory and relative thing.

And the bugger of it all is that I don’t have the SLIGHTEST idea what to do with myself! I’ll keep working and banking and saving of course. I will never stop doing that. But other than sprucing up a 20 year old house I have no REAL problems. Hell’s bells!!!! I should be at LEAST four times happier than I am!

I remember, back in the early 90’s I was going nowhere, working for peanuts driving a forklift and working for and with assholes. I never thought I would get ahead. One day I found myself unemployed (again) because of the downturn in the economy and I just had it. I came across two autobiographies – those of Lee Iococca and of General Stormin Norman Schwartzkopff. Both of those guys had a life philosophy that has never failed me. Take ownership and responsibility for your problems. Evaluate them, see what you need to overcome them, and gather your resources. Then you attack that problem head on and keep pounding at it until you’ve dealt with it. Don’t complain, or whine (I have problems with that sometimes) - or give up. Defeat is often just a state of mind. 25 years later… this is where I ended up. I am not a business tycoon or a 5 star brigadier general – but I don’t have to take shit off them either! The feminists, the snowflakes and the various victim groups don’t understand that nobody else can empower you – that is something you have to do for yourself and there’s more to it than nagging and whining and giving the finger to old white men (and for the record, children – same to you! LOL). EARN the respect of others and eventually you have to respect yourself.

Yannow, that’s what’s wrong with kids today too. Nobody tells them that you need to wear chains and work for awhile before you can set yourself free. They expect everything NOW, and figure they are entitled to things that us deplorable old white men spent our lives working for. They have it in their heads that making sacrifices and saving will never pay off – so why bother? I wanted to shoot a young lady at work last summer – she was hopelessly mired in debt and blamed the banks for all her credit problems. And of course, the answer to her problems was to bring in a gov’t that would tax greedy rich people – like Yours Truly, apparently – and give our money away to more deserving citizens. What a wretched state of affairs, when men like me are considered “rich”. I am wealthy, but not in the way that clucky young bint thinks. We’ll see how ‘wealthy’ we are when we hit retirement!

I’m overweight. That is my biggest problem, thank God. I am going to try and do something about that and I am going to try and spend more time with the important people of my life. I am going to step up my vengeance on my enemies at the rifle range, the airfield and here in the blog-O-sphere as I try to make a place for myself within their groups.

May all our problems for 2017 be as light. I would like to wish Uncle Bob, BW, Chicken Mom, Gorges Grouse, Wirecutter and anyone else that stops by here – a very happy and prosperous new year. I thank you for your patronage and friendship and will try to reciprocate in the days ahead.

All the best and God bless


I'm Not Gonna Make It...!!!!

I woulda been tickled pink if I could roll over 100 000 on the blogometer in 2016 but it wasn't meant to be. From the score board (and for the record, I think Uncle Bob or BW or possibly a rogue chimpanzee are running it):

Pageviews today
Pageviews yesterday
Pageviews last month               
Pageviews all time history

...missed it by that much....

As I may have said before, most of my readership appears to be ignernt redneck knuckle draggers from Wirecutter's. Uncle Bob and Neil and even PP send in most of the rest of my deplorable readers.
I seem to have picked up a 150 readers somewhere - possibly Russian hackers and maybe some Nigerians who want to send me lots of money if I give them my credit card number first.

Oh well. If it was all about numbers I would just go to the Big Guns to increase my traffic but to what end? I have such a ropey mouth and bad attitude that it's probably BETTER if I have less readers than more, HAR HAR HAR!!! I don't have the time or even the personality or disposition to run a high volume blog.

I DO love the idea of a slowly increasing membership built up by old school methods! If you like what you see here, and ya don't mind Mort drooling in your lap, wanting to be petted - or Filthie spraying it rather than saying it - see if ya have any friends with a sporting attitude and send them by too. Smoke 'em if ya got 'em, put your feet up and say hello in the comments if you're so inclined.

Mort is traind psychotherapy dog. He cares deeply
about his patients their life challenges.
He will listen to every word you say! He only looks like he's sleeping...
It's too bad that he stinks like a farm dog.  My first
New Year's activity will to be getting in the shower with him
and soaping him down. GAH.
I'm not looking forward to it.

Unlike the bigger blogs that get thousands of views an hour and millions per year - everything said here is in the strictest of confidence! Mort won't say a thing.

We take privacy and security seriously here at the Thunderbox.
An unintended side effect is that responsible adults
don't have to listen to the noise! HAR HAR HAR!

Try not to work too hard today, and have a Happy New Year.

I'm Shocked

Really. This is my shocked face.

I've been saying for years that mainstreaming pedophilia is definitely on the agenda for the lunatic left for years. And here we go. These things work by incrementalization. You don't go for the mile all at once - you take it a foot, an inch at a time.

The author makes a mistake in saying the people behind that are well-meaning but misguided. I know for a fact they're not. They don't care about anyone, or compromising with others, all they care about is their own agenda... and they don't care who they gotta kill to push it. And yes, perfectly good kids are gonna die because of this. It's systemic, premeditated villainy.

Thursday, 29 December 2016

An Interesting Theory

Uncle Bob remembers Carrie Fisher and pervs out over expounds upon his fondness for crazy women and flatulent dogs. (I always knew there was something seriously wrong with Bob but of course, I was too polite to say anything).

I was never all that taken with Carrie Fisher myself either, even as a teen. Oh sure, she was cute as a button but she was old - like Uncle Bob! How old would they have been in the mid 70's? Early twenties? HAR HAR HAR!!! But I absolutely fell in love with her a couple years back when she was chasing Sheldon and the comic book-loving geeks off The Big Bang around with a baseball bat.

Beat the stuffing out of them Carrie!
They need it!!!

I did not like Princess Leia as a character. Or I should say, I didn't DISLIKE her - she just struck me as a two dimensional character required for a very simple plot. She was the first of the 'powerful woman' heroines that would come to infest Hollywood as they do in the present day. Some women can play that role. Sigourney Weaver did it in Aliens. Unlike Carrie (in my opinion) - Sigourney could take a flat comic book character and make her live on the screen.

I would not mess with this woman.
If I had to face acid blooded, man eating xenomorphs...
I might even put up my trusty AR15 and gallantly let her have the
point while I took the six!

Take a memo, Hollywood! These are the last two powerful, intelligent women that were anywhere near being believable. Everything just seemed to go to hell afterwards for feminine heroes. I dunno about you, but their new female heroes strike me as bitchy, unbelievable and unlikeable. Some were so bad I found myself cheering for the bad guys. Who writes this chit?

Ugh. I wrote of Star Trek  100 years ago because of this cankle blossom.
She could beat up 8 four hundred pound monsters,
bitch slap the space station's resident mysoganist sex pervert AND
deliver a politically correct and sanctimonious social justice lecture without
missing a beat or breaking a finger nail! Isn't that AMAZING?
Hollywood's been doing this trope to death ever since.

Crap like that kicks you out of the story and leaves the viewer (or me at least) - wanting to see what's on next, or going downstairs to raid the refrigerator or maybe take an intermission to go take a dump. What is it with Hollywood and these bitchy, phoney women they keep throwing at us? And why won't they stop it even as their sales dive?

I dunno where I saw it but Some Dude off the internet phrased it this way: Most of Hollywood's screenwriters are younger men writing for men even younger than themselves for the most part. His theory was that many of these young men grew up in single parent homes without a father, and that these 'strong, powerful women' are a manifestation of the screenwriter's fetishizing their childhood single moms.

I watched the re-make of the Magnificent 7 last night. The original had all icky white guys playing the roles and the new one fixed that. The new cowboys were negroes, Indians, beaners, chinamen and of course strong powerful women. Naturally, all the bad guys were icky white men. I seriously need to stop renting this shit too.

Oh fer gawdsakes!!! What is it with niggers and pistolcraft?!?!?
No, you won't hit anything holding your Glock 9 sideways.
And no - ya never carry your iron on a cross draw rig!!!!
Why, if I were a black hatted, black hearted villain from the Old West,
I woulda put these flimps to work cleaning
dishes and spittoons in the saloon!!!

In any event, I just thought it was an interesting theory to explain an infuriating social phenomenon. Sad and awful to say but I believe it to be true: if you are an actor or actress in Hollywood from better times, working with better people, and you're knocking on Death's door... now would probably be a really good time to go. I hope in the next life, that there are proper roles for women like Carrie to play.

Mother Of The Year

Ever wonder why divorces and failed marriages are running at close to 50%? Or why your son or grandson won't get married or start a family?


Many of you (primarily the older crowd) may scoff and chuckle and say 'Oh, somebody is having her monthly visit from Mr. Cranky...' or that this is just an isolated loon floating in some obscure cesspool of the the internet. "They're everywhere! Why get upset about this one?"

My response to that is this: this is not an isolated example. I'm seeing idiocy like this everywhere now and it's going mainstream. As the father of a militant lesbian daughter, I am all to familiar with this kind of young woman. They think that if you get a compliment and a reward and they don't - it's because you cheated or they were discriminated against. It's not fair!!!! Nothing bad must ever happen to them. If it does - it's somebody else's fault, and they should get cash and prizes to soothe their ruffled feathers and hurt feelings.

If you sat down with this little snowflake and tried to explain to her that most fathers are too busy with careers, crushing deadlines, pressure and stress to take time out to bond with their children in such a way - she would accuse you of being mean to her and tell you that you were traumatizing her with your hateful comments. It's never a case of her own actions having predictable consequences. "Shut up! Your hurting my feelings!" It's adults doing stuff like this! Some, like my daughter, are in their 30's now!

This is a woman, not a child. She's a mother of a child herself. What kind of marriage can her man have with wretch like this? The reaction from the 'Manosphere' was quick and predictable - they laughed at the father and called him a 'cuck' and a 'beta' and forgot all about him as they rushed on to the next feminist clown-act. I put myself in his place: you've made a grave mistake. The woman you thought you had married is actually a petulant child. She's an emotional bomb waiting to go off too. When she blows, she is going to take her man to divorce court where he will be financially raped into penury. She will get the kids, the house, the car and half of her ex's before-tax income. He's in deep trouble. What would you do?

There's only two ways to deal with women like this. Walk on eggshells and cater and pander to them and hope they don't go off - or you jump on that emotional detonator with both feet and pick up the pieces later. When my own daughter and her creepy lesbo girlfriend decided to redefine our family I did the latter - and haven't seen her since. I've often questioned the wisdom of that - but would almost certainly do it again if forced to. Modern women have been taught that they have the right to deride and disrespect men. Stupid people in droves will tell men that men are obligated to forgive and forget such behaviour. I don't think that's right and I have been called a racist/homophobe/sexist bigot ever since. My stance is that expecting your kids to grow up and act like adults is not an act of bigotry.

I've heard men - angry at their women, say things like ya can't live with 'em and ya can't live without them. I say that depends upon the woman. Our culture has empowered women and it is becoming increasingly obvious they don't have the wisdom for it. I watched the Manosphere arise with promise and then collapse into the same bitterness feminism has.

I say this as a sanctimonious blowhard - but one that got extremely lucky. The chances of a young man today lucking out as I did are vanishingly small. If you can, go for a classical courtship and do not fall for the crap in the manosphere about gaming women, being a pump -n-dumping chad, or posturing as an alpha-male. You want to avoid feral women, not fornicate with them because if you do - you will be the one that ends up getting f****d... and it'll serve you right too.

Take your time. Savour your relationship and your youth. If sex is on the table, be damned sure you know what it will cost. All sex ALWAYS comes at a cost. Make sure you know the price and the terms of the deal. None of this is sexist - this advice is good for young women too - especially those that have seen through the idiocy of feminism and liberalism. Boys - if you're involved with a feral woman that won't grow up... welp, given the choice of taking a bullet in the back vs taking a bullet in the chest... it's my contention that one of the pleasures of being a man is the courage to have the choice. If you can see that bullet coming you at least have a chance of preparing for it. It may not make a difference in the long run... but I believe life without batshit crazy women beats life with them. Your mileage may vary.

Love and respect your family if you can. If you can't, have the courage to do what YOU need to do. Nobody else can tell you what's right for you.

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Clear My Schedule And Get FOX On The Horn...

I'm gonna be a millionaire.

The proposal is a game show, gentlemen. Gimps contestants like WL, Quartermain, BW and Yours truly. The course is a leisurely run across the estate of Coopville. A pair of running shoes and a can of poultry mash is all that is needed. All they gotta do is make it across the yard. Easy, right?

He's gonna make it! He's gonna make it... He...
Didn't make it.
Where are your golden geese now, Neil???
That's GOTTA hurt!!!

This'll be better than Bum Fights!

Thoughts About Christmas

Happy Odinmas!!! (Josh kinda brings in a winner in the comments, HAR HAR HAR).

Well... that's fuggin Baloo for ya! I wouldn't expect anything politically correct from the kind a bums that hang around Uncle Bob!

Hopefully, Gorges Grouse can redeem us from the post-holiday blues!

What in hell was that, Gorges? You can't say that! Even truth is hate speech if ya don't do it right!!! Sheesh.

Well, the Christians, the Vikings, the muzzies and the coons have all struck out! Anyone mind if I give it a shot?

Happy Saturnalia everyone! Err....hmpffff! Looks like the fat old white guy struck out too!!!

Yannow I have had my fill of bullchit from people offended by the holidays. None of those pricks will offer to work during them, though! Whatever - I have devised a Christmas greeting especially for rag heads, militant atheists, homosexuals, and other leftist slobs offended by Christmas:


Errr... sorry folks. I'm just bent because I gotta work this week. A whole 2-1/2 days. I am offended by work! HAR HAR HAR!

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas....
Put all the negroes in jaaaaaaaaailllll....

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Gather Round, Men...

Glad ya could join us!

Today Uncle Bob gathered up all the retards, rejects and deplorables and loaded us onto the school's Shart Bus for a field trip out to the Rod N' Gun Club where I put on a Shit Show & Tell - with the finest rifle known to man - the Almighty M14! Pardon me, boys, whilst I shovel the benches out. Old Jim will do it but he's in his 70's and he does too much work around here as it is. I'll be finished in a tick!

If I shovel it, then Old Jim doesn't have to...

The M14 (or, in this case, the civilian M1A) was designed by God and by Mr. Garand - he of the M1 Garand fame. Pretty much, it's a scaled down M1 that fires the 7.62 NATO round, and is shot by only the finest, most manly marksmen like Yours Truly! M14 shooters are almost always more ruggedly handsome and charming shooters - unlike slobs like Wirecutter, Uncle Bob, and Quartermain who are only allowed to shoot AR15's - under adult supervision of course....  GAH! What is that unconscionable, fetid STINK that's suddenly started to blow across my blog??? Who opened up??? Good GAWD....!!! Stop that laughing, damn you all!!! Somebody has squishy pants around here!!!

Okay. Alright, gawddammitalltohell! I'll clear the air: for target shooting and most other disciplines - the AR15 is a better gun. It's a modular design and the mild recoil of the 5.56 NATO standard chambering is a better bet out to 600 yards. There - I said it, alright? The taste of turd is upon my lips in doing so! Ahem!

With that unpleasantness out of the way -
the M14 is a "cult gun". If you are susceptible to nostalgia
and romance as I am, these classic guns may be for you.

The average chit house M14 or M1A should do around 1.25 ~ 1.75" groups off the bench at 100. As you can see here my set up isn't optimal. My shooting bags were frozen solid because they're always in the back of the truck. Not shown is the gallon sized Big Gulp coffee I drank before the shoot. For serious accuracy testing you need everything - the proper bags, the optics (16X at a minimum), close to room temperatures, no wind, etc etc. Here in the real world - we have enough for an evaluation that will be good enough for gubbermint work and the girls Bob goes out with.

If you're gonna reload for the M14 as I do - THIS IS THE PLACE TO START. You can prolly finish there too. To give you an idea of how well this guy knows his stuff: somewhere in there he is gonna tell you that THE load for the M14 is a 168 grain hollow point boat tail match bullet, sitting on 41.5 grains IMR 4895 - preferably in Lake City milsurp brass. He will tell you that will produce 2600 ~2700 FPS on the chronograph. If your gun won't shoot that, it won't shoot anything. In my real world testing, this load produces almost exactly 2650 feet per second on the button on the chrony - exactly where we want to be. Below you can see some targets I shot and the bottom one - the load just described - turned in groups pushing 1/2" MOA. Younger eyes and steadier nerves would do better, of course.

Those two 'flyers' above the centre target are sighter/fowler
shots. The rest are all three shot groups
with incrementally increasing charges of gunpowder.
The centre target bottom is my standard target load: 168 gr. HPBT's sitting on
41.5 gr. of H4895.
Glen Zediger (and, of course, Glen Filthie) know their shit!

Today I was trying to see if my beloved Nosler Ballistic Tip bullets would shine in the M14. They didn't. Groups ran from about 1.00 ~1.5".  The match load I brewed at the bottom came in at 0.665". That is respectable for a chit house garden variety m14 match rifle. A blown and tweaked match gas gun will do about half that in the hands of a competition shooter - which lets me out by a healthy margin. But the Nosler BT bullets that shone so proudly in my previous guns were only fair in this one. They did about 1 inch to about 1-1/4" on average, I shat the bed on one group that opened up to about 1.5". I would use this load for hunting but I would keep the range close. Bolt guns will fire their bullets at close to 2900 FPS or even 3000... while my gas gun is down around 2600. Long shots would be an unsporting proposition for a gun like this; when you shoot at game you want to wallop them and put them down with as much authority and finality you can. Since I don't shoot long range and will turn my nose up at marginal shots - this will do just fine for me. All I need out of a rifle is about 200 yards. Stealth will trump marksmanship hands down in the hunting field. Get close, put them down with one - that is what the game is all about.

What I really want is a game bullet that will perform like a match bullet... and I'll do more experimenting with that. About all I accomplished here was proving that the Nosler BT may not be the best bullet for the job - and that more load development is necessary.

For more info on the M14 these guys are the greatest. (What in hell is a 'Geedunk' anyways?)

That's pretty much my day summed up. Now I'm off on Dog Patrol - the rest of you: keep drinkin' stinkin' and shooting! And fill those score cards out honestly!

Filthie is watching you!

Monday, 26 December 2016

Looking Back

Why is it that the old nickel goes, 'Never look back'? I always do, and always have. If ya don't know where ya been, how're ya gonna know where you're headed?

Ya can't trust this thing. Feelings and emotions are magnetic so ya
wanna check your compass often, if ya catch my drift. A small
problem here can mean a very, very big one on the map.

Last night I caught the wife giving me the stink eye. Christmas has typically been a real tough time for me since our family imploded and it's pretty much all my fault. When it comes to family values, I will not be dictated to or lectured by militant atheists, homosexuals, social justice warriors, cultural Marxists and other modern new age twerps - and that pretty much describes my wife's family. I've chronicled my differences with them before in these pages and feel no need to open old wounds and bore you with spilt milk again. Suffice it to say that in 2016 I tried to mend fences with them and they pretty much spat in my face. It was the last straw and I told my wife she could go with them or come with me, but she couldn't do both. She came with me, and cut her family out of our lives the way they did with me. Last night was her first Christmas without them. Who knows? Maybe her family will re-think a few things and smarten up? If they do, I will be amenable to patching things up. If they don't - well, we all have our own paths in life, and they will not be on mine. Life with them in my hair is something I would rather NOT look back at, to be honest. I think my marriage will survive but who knows. My wife has to be having second thoughts of her own.

2016 was a bust for flying and shooting. I didn't do nearly enough and my skills are proof of it. Didn't put enough miles on the motorcycle either. I DID buy a new lawn mower and a gas powered pressure washer though - I bought them both a couple days before the winter snows began to blow and they were blowing them out on sale to make room for the incoming snow blowers. I can't wait to get them out and run them in 2017. The hell of it is that the shop I bought them from here in my town - just burnt down about two weeks ago.

As far as current events go - I am just thrilled with what happened in America. When Trump put the boots to Hillary's fat ass, he also put the boots to political correctness. Hillary's conduct was as damning after the election as before it. She blamed everyone except herself for her loss. I see that black baboon in the Oval Office isn't happy at all about it either and is trying to do as much damage as possible before he gets the punt in 2017. Like me, America has done some healing and recovering in 2016 too. And we've finally stood up against some morons that were taking advantage of our good nature. Yes, we want to see everyone get a fair shake. Yes, you have the right to free speech and to privacy. SO DO WE. And being offended doesn't make you right.A few politicos and the two most powerful provinces of Canada seem to be coming to this conclusion too. Our next big election may be interesting given that half this nation are freeloading parasites.

People are beginning to call a spade a spade again...
And it's good to see.

Work was there. Our senior sales guy left - he was a man who I thought was my friend but when money and ambition are in play... maybe nobody is your friend. I don't blame him for leaving us and starting his own company, I just wish he'd handled it better. I found myself pushed even closer to management as a result and I am not happy with that either. I know what a REAL manager is and I am mature enough to know I don't have it. I know any number of poseurs that think they do, though, and I won't be one of them. Fact is, in today's workplace environment of token vibrants, endemic misogyny and perpetually hurt feelings - I dunno if a real manager can cut it either. Most seem to get fired just for doing their jobs.

Welp... it's time for me to get off my arse, start cleaning up after Christmas, and getting on with it.

I won't be back by this way again.
It hasn't been a bad year, actually. For now, this
path looks good.

Hope your 2017 is shaping up nicely.

Sunday, 25 December 2016

My Christmas Haul

This year we got each other the usual. I got a bottle of scotch, some stocking stuffers. My wife got a gift certificate to the hair salon she likes and a bunch of little knick-knacks. With the way our economy is going out here we didn't want to be all that extravagant. Things have been well in Alberta for awhile - but we have some seriously messed up politicians trying to run our economy into the ground. I can see one or (God forbid) both of us out of a job if things keep going the way they are.

Or at least, that was the intent. We needed to get new kitchen chairs in the worst way and were going round the furniture shops and seeing uninspiring chairs commanding horrible prices. It's disgusting - $600.00 for a plain Jane kitchen chair??? Oh - but it's maple....,.!!!! Phooey! For 300 beans I can get a 4 DIY chairs from Ikea or Rona, put 'em together - and be good for the next 8 or 10 years. Thanks to my daughter's inverted morality and sexuality I am not gonna have grand children so buying stuff that will last for future generations and become heirlooms doesn't make sense. But I have to admit... some of that high end furniture DOES look mighty nice...

Then we saw a dresser set that was made out of maple and would look mighty fine in our bedroom. Our old stuff was inherited from Mom and Pop - they bought dressers from a new Scandihoovian furniture store called Ikea where your furniture is DIY and assembled! Both pieces are over 30 years old and are ready for the fire pit or the dump.

We've never bothered with nice furniture in this house because good furniture costs big dollars which we didn't have, and even if we did, we had/have shit head kids, dogs and cats that would destroy it! I bought some leather living room furniture about 9 years ago that looked great for three days until the cats started fighting on it. The soft leather gave them extra purchase to dig in when they were having their saloon fights, and in a week they were covered in scratches. I had a serious gun/camping/fishing habit to finance at the time, so I just shrugged and said to hell with it all.

Well now we finally grew up got old... and maybe some nice furniture wouldn't be bad...? The wife is hemming and hawing but as for me - I'm sold. If she agrees tomorrow I think we'll pull the trigger on a very expensive set of dressers.

We'll see what happens.

Welp - I'm off to church! Pour yourself a dram of my fine scotch (It's Christmas!!!) - and be sure to pet Mort a bit and lock up when ya go!

A Beautiful Christmas Morning

Christmas Dog Patrol was a the ol' walk in a winter wonderland. There's a smidge of snow falling, no wind, and about 2 inches of the powdery fresh stuff on the ground. When we finished up I put the dogs in and shovelled the sidewalks. I overdressed (it's only -16C out there) and I worked up a sweat! Usually I shovel it and then take a push broom to my sidewalks - I like them CLEAR!

So like a kid - I'm sitting here, up early, waiting for the grown ups to wake up, HAR HAR HAR!!! There's unhealthy food everywhere, the dogs have gone back to bed - and I guess it's just me and you up at this hour in our corner of the blogosphere. For us, I suppose I'm gonna get dragged off to church mid morning by the wife, and then it's out with the dogs and prolly snow-shovelling again. Or maybe I'll sneak out to the rifle range and test some new loads I brewed up for the M1A. I can always do that tomorrow I suppose. What are YOU up to this fine Christmas Day? Hope it's something fun!

As always, thanks for stopping by. Merry Christmas to you and yours, and a happy New Year. Hope Santa is good to ya!

Friday, 23 December 2016

O Captain! My Captain

A couple of Captains that served as role models in my misspent youth.

Captain Sternn would NEVER do anything

Some men and women are born too cool to live among mere mortals.
Elvis Presley. Marylin Monroe. John Candy.
Sadly, John Belushi was not meant for this
world either.

Posting's gonna be sporadic. Guns to clean, booze to pour and drink, friends and relatives to harass! I'll check in when I can!

Thursday, 22 December 2016

Filthie's Speakeasy: Lost Souls

Judging by the talent starved hacks of the CBFugginC, I would assume that Blue Rodeo is a  Canadian group ... but whadda I know? I just sit here in my sleazy dive of a bar, gobbing on the counter and in the glasses as I polish the glass and the wood and pretend to listen to the woes of my customers. I may not be a musical authority - but I know great lyrics when I hear them.

Canada DOES have some musical talent here and there - and here Blue Rodeo plays one of their finest but most under-appreciated tunes:

If you are lost as I am these days - I hope that you are lost with someone
special - as I am.
Being lost ain't too bad when you are in the right

Well - we can't go into the holidays that blue... so maybe the Northern Pikes can cheer things up a bit:

Enjoy. Now if you'll excuse me I am going back to flog WL - he hasn't paid his bar tab in 30 days and now he's chained to the sink washing dishes!

Somebody make sure Quartermain gets home safe and sound - and turn out the lites when you go!

Forgotten Roads

I was exchanging some friendly insults with the intrepid explorer/blogger by email and the discussion turned to road trips - on which he was an expert. His recommendation was the beautiful Highwood Pass down in Kananaskis Country - some of Alberta's finest real estate.

When we were kids we used to camp at here Eau Claire
in the high summer

The last time I was down that way we were kids. Early 90's? Late 80's? Gawd, we had NO money back then and even a family camping trip seriously hammered the family finances - but we went anyway. I was driving a 1988 Hyundoo shit box with a phlegmatic 3 and a half cylinder engine. (I shouldn't bitch - that little car ran like a Swiss watch for us kids and treated us well). With all our gear stuffed in it we went to Eaue Claire a couple times.

I will always remember it. We were at a gas station down the road and fuelling up The wife was in the store with the kid, when a couple rich kids pulled in on a couple crotch rockets. My old beater of a bike had finally croaked that summer and we couldn't afford a replacement - and these two kids were driving the latest and greatest from Ducati. They had all the leathers, the bikes gleamed ... and I was hauling my family around in a little econobox. How I envied them! What was down that road? Where did highway 40 go...? I coulda looked at a map ... but standing out there, looking at those bikes... how I wished I were one of them with that adventure right in front of me with the wind in my face... and I swore that one day, I would buy a crotch rocket and do that road the same way those young fellas did.

But the summers came and went. I went back to school and then went back to work. We bought a house and were poverty stricken again in massive debt. We never really had money because we saved, always, we saved. More years went by. My daughter went nuts and left home, we got a dog. When she passed we got two more and some time during all that - I turned into an old fart. I don't think my fat arse would ride well on a Ducati Hyperstrad, or a Motard. I might be able to handle a Retard maybe, HAR HAR HAR!

Just looking at it makes my ass and back hurt.
This is a Hypermotard, apparently.

A lot of water has passed under the bridge since that hot August day back in the 90's. Today I am driving a heavy cruiser and a road like that is small potatoes for a mile-hungry beast like mine.  It will be a casual day trip though, rather than a pulse pounding, adrenaline fuelled ride that I had originally envisioned. Those kids I saw on the Ducatis back then are probably either dead or driving Lotus sports cars now.

The wife has been informed about the next road trip, and I have some studying to do. Accomodations, and all that rot. Thanks, BW, for the kick in the butt I needed to blow some dust of the old brain box during these winter blahs, and reminding me of distant roads long forgotten!

This is going to be a good trip.

The Alberta Clipper Lawsuit.

I warned him.

Ya can't say he wasn't warned. But now he's gone and DONE IT.

All the fuggin Yanks down south are getting hammered by cold weather. Charlie and his hens were buttoned up tight in Coopville. I think Wirecutter was freezing his arse off too. At least they had the decency NOT to get racial about it...but not PP at The Smallhold!!!! Oh no! He has to open up his yap and start blaming all his crappy weather on us poor, downtrodden Albertans. When he opened up his gob and started bitching about 'The Alberta Clipper' - poor BW burst into tears and had to go spend some time with the Play-Doh in his safe place. (I swear if he mixes up all the colours again, or eats all the green - I'm gonna kill him!!! Errr....but I digress). I got so offended that I am retaining Uncle Bob as my lawyer in a frivolous lawsuit against The Smallhold for libel, defamation and hate speech! We're gonna cash in!!!

When you say 'Alberta Clipper' to us Albertans, this is what we think of :
a chinaman that lives in Alberta.

What you stupid, ignorant, racist and deplorable Americans don't realize is that our weather here in Alberta has been hacked by the fuggin Russians! It's true!

This is Bill Matheson. He was THE weatherman here in Alberta for at least
three decades.
He's probably the only weatherman that properly understood
and explained Russian involvement in bad weather.

Nowadays the weather forecast on most news programs is handled by an attractive bimbo, a token vibrant or an urban metrosexual that reads off a teleprompter. And they're usually wrong, too.

When Bill Matheson reigned as Alberta's weatherman, the weather map became a war zone - and nothing eluded the master forecaster as hostile air masses did battle over entire continents. Bill would berate and admonish the treacherous cold fronts and seductive warm fronts as they advanced and retreated, and narrate these titanic battles as Mother Nature tried to equalize the temperatures across our continent. The biggest offender for bad weather was the Siberian High. (I think that beshitted weathermass is manufactured by captured Nazi scientists working out of a secret lab in the wilds of northern Siberia). Whatever causes it - that thing would send chilling winds howling across the plains at wind chills that made urination in a public park rather risky. And of course, once we were frozen rock solid here in Alberta - it would go straight down the American gullet and freeze tongues to lamp posts as far south as Texas! It's the Siberians doing it! Not us!!!

Contrariwise - our best friend for Albertans was The Idaho High - it brought warm chinooks up from down south that would thaw out the cars, the people and the schlongs of urban outdoorsmen like Yours Truly.

So you see - Alberta is entirely guiltless and blameless in your horrid weather. And - unless ya want to be tied up in court by my ace lawyers, you'll do away with your anti-Albertan weather slurs post haste!

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Christmas Recommendations For The Young Outdoorsman

Right there. Your Christmas shopping for the young man on your list is over.

If you have a novice shooter wanting to get into handguns - here it is. That is the Ruger MK3 .22 pistol and it is the best of the breed for the money. You might get another gun as good but you won't get a better one for the money.

They're great starters right out of the box but they are absolute tack drivers with a smidge of TLC. I recommend a trigger pack once your shooter reaches a level of proficiency to warrant it. Mine has one and now that damn thing will shoot head to head with Olympic class target pistols.

I think I bought mine for $420.00 or thereabouts last year. Add another $200.00 for the farkles and trigger... and you are off to the range to play with the big boys. Some of the best shooters at my clubs are using these and it will take an Olympic class shooter to take them on when things get serious.

From my last trip to the range, 19 shots in the black, and one #$%&!@ up at 12:00.
Today I put 19 in the black and one lone @#$*^%$# flyer down low at
This sport sucks. Maybe I should just throw the gun at the target...

But it's cheap fun, regardless of how old you are, and it keeps otherwise troublesome old stubfarts off the street. It's an awesome way for the guys to get out or even a guy and his gal! Women are respected guests at my clubs and when they are present the boys will actually behave. Once they're gone they're all back to bein a-holes and chimps.

Trust me on this: it's a healthy, wholesome sport that you need to at least try.

The Spirit Of Christmas Yet To Come

The best rendition I ever saw of A Christmas Carol was in grade two on an old reel to reel projector and was in black and white... The original must have been from the 40's. It was pretty damn creepy for a kid that age too! It made all us kids think.

About the only thing Dickens got wrong was the cast of characters and maybe the ending. Instead of a grumpy old white guy, Scrooge should have been a modern young woman. And whereas grumpy old Scrooge reformed and mended his evil ways... the modern young woman has not. Welcome the Spirit Of Christmas Yet To Come, Chickie! We're here!!!

Spending this Christmas with a cat, are ya?

When I was a kid Christmas was with the Grandparents, Mom and Dad and us kids. Cousins, aunts, and uncles too. This Christmas how many families are going to have all that? The predations of no fault divorce, mainstreamed homosexuality and sexual degeneracy, and feminism gave taken their toll. There are going to be a lot of 'alternative Christmases' going on out there I suppose. Will they be as much fun 20 years from now? We're all gonna find out, and no bones about it.

The last "family" Christmas I was at was with the in laws. It was us, them, our kid and my brother in law's family. His father in law was there with his wife and two ex-wives. The old man was a professor over at the university and as a liberal academic - my idiot in laws fawned over him like he was royalty. Talk over supper was a scholarly lecture about how Christianity sucks, followed by a lecture by my brother in law's wife about the lofty ideals of feminism. That was followed by my brother in law preaching about socialism and liberal politics. I wanted to just drop my fork and leave. These people utterly revolted me. Haven't seen them since, don't want to see any of them again. I heard the brother in law is divorced now - I know, right? Who woulda thunk it?  Unfortunately depraved minds like that went to work on my daughter and I've related the result in these pages before. Daughter or no, I am not ever going to spend Christmas with a couple of sullen queers that are angry at the world and at men. Misery like that is contagious and Christmas should be a happy time. Or at least, not unhappy.

I think it's pretty much obvious now. Our women have lost their fuggin minds. Hillary Clinton was claiming that she lost the election because of misogyny. Now she's blaming Putin and wants war with Russia. Here in Canada, the lesbian premiere of Morontario has gutted her province's finances and economy. Her environmental initiatives have driven energy costs through the roof too. In Alberta, our stunned cnut of a premiere is raising carbon taxes on the oil patch which has already been devastated in an oil bust.  That kind of "stupid" is going on right down to the family level everywhere as our would-be matriarchs come apart at the seams...and our families with them. Christmas Dinner is going to be different for a lot of folks this year, especially for a lot of us eeeeeevil conservative white males. If there's one thing you should have learned this year, fellas - is that you are not obligated to be a punching bag for the family's social justice warriors, sexual degenerates, liberals and femcnuts. Sometimes the best thing for everyone is for you to just walk away. It is not unreasonable for you to ask for a peaceful meal and good cheer during the Christmas holidays, and only a shrew or a cretin would try and deprive you of it.

So I'm sitting here with what's left of my family in 2016 and all I can do is shake my head and smile. Christmas this year is going to be small, low key - and peaceful. The wife wants to attend a few church functions, and after that we are on our own. I thank God Almighty my marriage is still intact, that my wife is warm, caring - and sane. But it's all to the good - we are moving forward.

Christmas can be a tough time for us old white guys that have seen their families re-defined as women redefine themselves contrary to common sense, 250,000 years of evolution and even their own biology. Some of us have been re-defined right out of our own families and homes. Christmas used to be about family and now that families have changed - the holiday has to as well. Go to the rod n' gun club. Or take a shot at winter camping. Do something that makes you happy, and don't dwell on others that have made bad decisions for themselves and for you. Christmas is definitely NOT about them. Be of good cheer, respect yourself and your Maker, and have a very Merry Christmas.

I saw this one and laughed.
Where was Trump when I was a kid?
Is this the new Spirit Of Christmas Yet To Come?
Where St. Nick St. Filthie comes down
the chimney with a hearty HAR HAR HAR! and
leaves weapons and ammo for the good kids?
One can only hope.


Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Filthie's Speakeasy: Idiot Savantes

Bruce Cockburn is your typical sanctimonious leftwing cretin whose politics are worth LESS than what ya paid for 'em. Never the less, credit where credit is due - he is also one of Canada's foremost musical idiot-savants that has not been over-exposed by the talent-starved hacks and turdies at the CFBC.

Here he manages to put a beautiful spin on the cultural and intellectual cesspool of Tranna in Morontario - during Canada's deep dark depressing winters.

Tomorrow is the longest night of the year for us. It's quarter to five as I type this and the sun has set and gone. I am here dreaming of the motorcycle, the open road and friends yet unmet. I still have AT LEAST 5 months and closer to six before I can drag my roadster out.

In hopes of chasing these winter blahs away, I have enlisted the help of Gorges Grouse and his garden shed groovers in hopes of lightening things up a bit around here.

Oh my gawd that is awesome stuff for thirsty ears...

I listen to this guy and hear George Thorogood when that shoveltar sings. Could ol' George bang 'em out as well with garden implements? Methinks not.

This is why I have a stereo on my motorcycle.

Just listening to these guys makes me want to round up Uncle Bob and his special ed kids and start a Tupperware band. I would kick ass on the bicycle pump... Can you play a saw blade Gorges? One of the techs at work plays and actually builds guitars - I got a spectacular piece of curly maple off him that will be made into a knife handle here if I ever get off my butt and start making knives again. We talked about the shoveltar and cigar box banjos

Why, I'm starting to cheer up in spite of myself! Good music does that to ya! Here is one last savant for the night playing a 'cigar box' guitar and doing a passable rendition of The Chicken Coop Blues.

Dig that haircut, bud! Betcha he's a chick-magnet....

Monday, 19 December 2016

Shit Lists

I'm on a couple of 'em for sure - I am a prematurely senile Albertan and I know for a fact that I am on the official shit lists for the following American organizations:
  • The DHS
  • The FBI
  • The Clinton Foundation
  • The Citizen's Coalition To Ban White Underwear For Men
For awhile there I was on the Russia's shit list too - I had thousands of page views over a couple weeks outta there and who know what that's about??? I think Tordle... Tortle...Turdie... oh gawddammit, TB over at The Forty Five was too. Far as I know he is not the most offensive blogger out there.

That honour is reserved for Yours Truly and maybe, possibly Uncle Bob.

Yes, I am aware that I am on another blogger's chit list. All I gotta say is this about that: I am not obligated to show up for every fight I am invited too. That is not cowardice speaking either - that is a case of me extending courtesy and respect to somebody that has done absolutely nothing to deserve it.

I remind my adoring fans that exceptions will be made only for the conduct of the elderly and infirm and the mentally deficient - which lets most of us out, I suppose... But bhe rest of you are fair game, HAR HAR HAR!

If You're Wondering What That Putrid Stink From Alberta Is...

It's just me out at the rifle range shooting again.

I'll start doing my push ups as soon as I'm finished this post, sir...
I bet The Gunny never had to put up with the slumps
I am having... 

Yesterday I took out my National Match M1A. And yeah, it was windier n' chit out there... but I turned in a disgraceful performance that I can't blame on the wind. I've seen hare-lipped retards shoot better than I did yesterday!

How can ya miss with a rifle like this? Don't ask me - I
can't seem to hit the broad side of a barn these days..
you guys down south might want to keep your heads down next
weekend when I step up to the firing line again...

I'm one of those guys that has problems with autumn. The days get short, the weather goes for a chit and I just get bummed out sometimes. This year was pretty brutal - I stopped shooting, I stopped flying my crapcopters, and just vegged out, I guess. There are times too, when you get bored and just need to take a break for awhile. It wasn't so bad when I was younger because there was hunting season and winter camping to be done and that went a long way to dispelling the cabin fever that can make life up in Canada a real pain. These days, the sun comes up at 8:30 and starts going down at 4:00. I shouldn't bitch, for the guys up at Inuvik and Yellowknife the sun probably set back in October and won't be back until March or April! I wonder how they stand it - I need sunlight!

So - without practice my rifle skills went into the crapper. The good news is that there's only one way to bring them back and that is with practice! I am going to force myself out of the house and out to the range as much as possible. It's time to sharpen up with the handguns too. This weekend I loaded up 300 rounds of .45 Long Colt and will prolly put some 7.62 NATO rounds together during this week.

To be a good rifleman you need to do the legwork. It isn't just a case of picking up a match rifle and blasting bullseyes. You have to work on your load development - I just went with the standard 168 grain HPBT Match bullets on the standard powder charges. I need to sit down, bench rest this rifle and suss it out with different bullets and powders. For the record - you have to be VERY careful with that when working with the M14. They are famous for case head separation and they are very picky about what they eat. Chamber and port pressures are critical and you don't have the room to experiment the way you do with a bolt gun. Do your homework before reloading for the M14.

I'll keep you posted. In the meantime, there is a $5.00 fine that will be imposed on anyone mocking or laughing at my marksmanship! Until further notice, Filthie's Thunderbox will be a Safe Place for those having marksmanship-induced self esteem problems. No micro-aggressions or triggering comments will be tolerated!!!

Until further notice these are the only guns allowed around here. Given
the sort of retards that frequent the Thunderbox this
might be a valid safety precaution, HAR HAR HAR!!!

Have a great Monday, and may your shooting be true.

Sunday, 18 December 2016

Getting Old And Stupid Gracefully

Yesterday we went out and did some last minute Christmas shopping. I don't sweat Christmas anymore - it's money or gift cards and then a bunch of stupid little stuff and knick-knacks. Pop, for example, gets a gift card for home despot, and then a small bag of pistachios, maybe a gag gift or two and some other crap to put under the tree. Mom will get a gift card to the greenhouse and girly stuff. I don't give a shit about traditional Christmas because - quite frankly, nobody gives a shit about tradition anymore. Why should I? This is the Spirit Of Christmases Yet To Come - here at last. Maybe I am just getting old. Hell - I AM old. It must have happened last night while I was sleeping!

Yesterday on the road some old geezer in a big F250 got lost and was driving on the main drag at about 1/3 the posted speed limit - taking up both lanes. Traffic stacked up behind him and he drove like that for a bit before he kinda-sorta picked a lane and left us enough room to get past. I dunno if he was drunk, stupid or just old - but I don't like driving in proximity to idiots like that. If I were King Of Canada I would have shredded his license on the spot for that. There's no excuse for that level of cluelessness and getting him off the road would be an act of civic responsibility. My wife sighed and said to expect more of that fairly quickly - the Baby Boomers are going to get old, stupid and infirm en masse in the next 10 years - all in one big gulp! Can you imagine dozens of idiots like that on the road at a time? It is going to be road kill carnage!

I ran afoul of the seniors all day yesterday. At the liquor store I had a senior's moment. When I go to the liquor store I get distracted easily and my ADS red lines. I was at the checkout ogling the little gizmos and drinklets at Wine & Beyond - and totally oblivious to my surroundings - the wife and I butted in line in front of this big tall kid who was too polite to say anything. The grey haired old bitch in front of us with the bad haircut had a bird! "Excuse me," the old cankle bitched, " But you just cut in line in front of that man...!!!"

I turned around and the kid was grinning from ear to ear - and I almost died of embarrassment! I told him I was so sorry and insisted he go first - and he wasn't bent out of shape about it at all. "It's like being a kid in a candy store, isn't it?" he chuckled. I gave the old bitch a sheepish grin and she just glared back at me and left with her stuff in a huff! That'll learn ya, Filthie - ya stupid old bastard!!! HAR HAR HAR! That kid....that man...was a real gentleman.

When I got home I sighed with relief. I hate shopping. Before I went down to the dungeon to finish some reloading I opened up the computer to cruise the blogs and found a gem of a post by a grumpy old man even meaner and dumber than I am! When I was a kid, ya found some dog shit, ya put it in a paper bag - and then set on fire on some grumpy old bastard's door step, rang the door bell and ran away. I did the same thing on that grumpster's blog in the comments ...  and today he's chimping out in rage! HAR HAR HAR! (Apparently Canadians aren't supposed to have opinions about America, Christians all suck, and %$#&*!@#!!!!!).

Ya can't stay young but ya can always stay immature...!!!

My wife's parents got really old and stupid like that old codger. I shouldna trolled him I suppose. My parents are going that way too and make me crazy. But some people seem to dodge that bullet. Gorges Grouse is always up to something and maintains a steadfast sense of humour. He can work around sharp tools all day long and ya don't have to give him a second thought because he still has all his marbles.  Mom and Chicken Mom are always busy with something or other and stay active and engaged. Getting old is something new to me - I'm in my early 50's - and the more I see of this dreadful aging game, the more important I think it becomes to keep moving, stay busy and interested in things.

The wife is gonna shoot me, but I am cutting church today. I have a warmer day in store, and an M14 I haven't shot in months.  If anybody needs me today, you're SOL because I am goofing off at the range ...

Respect your elders if ya can, and if ya can't try to be nice to them! With that spirit in mind: Hope your head gets better, Rat!

HAR HAR HAR! Have a great Sunday!!!!

Friday, 16 December 2016

Thoughts From The Reloading Bench

Hibernating in the man cave tonight...

This morning I got up early, bright eyed and bushy tailed. I went downstairs and ate 3 bowls of Wheaties, garnished with 4 leaf clovers. Then I shoved four Clydesdale horse shoes up my can - and at lunch time dipped into the indoor range to do some spraying and praying.

I went in and the place was pretty much dead - just the usual old geezers and some of my fellow rejects. Awesome: I don't like maddening crowds when I shoot. I pulled the .22 auto first and went to work. As did the Wheaties and the horse shoes - the gun slipped into my hands like it was born there, I was a study in control and concentration and I banged off 19 and dumped the lot nicely into the black. On number twenty - I took aim down those rock steady iron sights and started my carefully controlled trigger squeeze... and waited for the break... steady, Filthie.....steeeeeaaaadddeeeee.....


I looked over in the next bay and sure as chit, BW was standing there with a surprised, sheepish expression on his face and trying to look innocent like it wasn't him that cut the cheese - yeah right, like anyone else would chit themselves in public like that! Nice try, chump! I shook my head in utter disgust (why, if I smelled that rotten I would be ashamed of myself!) and took aim again.

And threw my last shot into the 3 ring at 12:00 o'clock

Never fails. Every. Single. Time. I coulda put 6 horse shoes up there - but there's always that one shot that just has to **** off into the next county and %^&!#$%.... JFC!!!! Thanks a lot ya flatulent flubber!!!

I put my tack driving Ruger away and broke out the Redhawk in .45 Colt. I am not a wheelgun man but this thing had been showing promise and I know it wants to shoot! Most guns in .45 Colt do! I scowled at the vagrants and rubby-dubs as if to dare any of them to try anything foolish... and they all pretended not to notice. BW was back to throwing hand grenades down range, Uncle Bob took out a fluorescent light with that sweet little Sig of his, and Gorges Grouse was studiously loading his front stuffing black powder gun. Hmpppffffff! Damn right you'll behave yourselves, you wretched wretches! The coast was clear - so I went to work with the .45. 15 shots went down range the same as they did with the .22 - all landing well in the black! I was back on my roll! Don't get sloppy, Filthie! Squeeeeeeeeeeeze the trigger......


JEEZ LOUISE! WL's been eating health food again!!! Then Pete Forester cut loose on the other side of the firing line with a fluttering blast that blew my hair back - and I'm bald...! GAHHHH...! I retched and choked and tried not to laugh as I sprayed my last five all over hell's half acre... a look of dismay came over Quartermain's face as he chat his drawers. I split a gut laughing - and my last shot went wild.

It clipped the range officer who didn't take kindly too it and he called the cops... and now I have 30 days in the poke to think about my dismal marksmanship skills and my childish sense of humour! Think I'll use the time to contemplate accurizing the Redhawk and thinking of other ways to improve my shooting.

Filthie's Accuracy Tip No. 1: A little bit of Bean-O
sometimes goes a long way to keeping those groups
good and tight.
Prevents other things from opening up that shouldn't, too...

Still and all that is better shooting than I've done in awhile. Little victories fellas.

May you have a few this weekend yourselves!  ;)

I Think I've Been Hacked By The Russians...

This blog usually does around 250~350 views a day but suddenly the counter flipped out and I am getting 950 a day - with at least half of those from Russia. If that happens, the fallout could be staggering - what if all those rotten things I've said about Uncle Bob get leaked to the public? Or my involvement with beer belly biker gangs? My enemies would have a field day!

Or maybe it could by those unsavoury Russian porn sites I visit...?
Damn the spambots! Full speed ahead! You'll never take
me alive, you scum suckin' commie bastards!