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Friday, 1 January 2016

Glen's Filthie Black And Brown Children

Meet my children! That's Stinky on the left, and Nasty on the right
The AR on the left is a boutique AR stubbie that is showing some serious promise. I'm still playing with it and trying to find out what it likes to eat. Today I was playing with Speer 45 gr. varmint bullets pushed down the pipe by a dollop of  BL-C2 and IMR 3031 powders. Both produce average groups a hair under 1.5" at 50m. That is utterly respectable for a carbine with a 7.5" barrel and a Cheapo 3X optic. Can't shake the feeling this gun is holding out on me though.
The one text to it is a Robinson Arms XCR L keymod. A buddy brought one to the range one day and because I am a fair to middling shot (it takes a competition level shooter to best me) - he asked me to run some shots through it. Initially I was unimpressed with it and have never been a Robinson's fan boy - I much prefer my AR15's and M1A and spend most of my time shooting them off my hind feet or from the formal marksman's positions. In any event, Buddy wanted to see what the gun could do in the hands of a reasonable offhand shot. It didn't even have a sling on it but I took the gun and a couple of mags and slowly started shooting and making every effort to use my best form and technique.
I went 5 out of 5 on the 100m gong and that got my attention. I stopped at that point, and we conjured up a sling for the 200m gong from the sitting position. 5 out of 5 again! Buddy was dancing and I was flabbergasted. I sent him scampering off for my shooting mat in the back of the truck and futzed with the sling. Then I went prone at 300m and went 5 for 5 again. For a top flight competitor shooting like this would be par for the course. For a gun club duffer or the turkeys at my club - this was superb shooting.
It's been said that if you give a million monkeys a million typewriters and they bang away on them for a million years - eventually one of them will print out a copy of the Holy Bible word for word. Similarly if ya give Filthie enough shells eventually he'll have a day on the range when he looks almost competent. Did I just have a lucky day that day...or was this rifle something special? The manufacturer can walk you through the details at their website. Give that video a quick glance if you're so inclined.
That's not a bull barrel on it, the trigger feels like any other chit house milspec service rifle...and it shot like a house afire. I finished up shooting that day and then went down to the store and bought one for myself. I scrounged up a Zeiss scope for it, ran a box of shells through it - and then forgot about it in the gun safe! Unfortunately I only got ten rounds through it at 50m and offhand my accuracy was okay but not stellar. It's a piston gun so clean up is a snap. Any of you have any experience with these?
Gonna start loading for it next week. I'll keep ya posted. In any event...2016 is off to a good start here. Hope the same holds for you.

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