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Monday, 4 January 2016

I Cannot Piddle With New Year's Resolutions

The gun is at my head: I'm 51, I am grossly overweight, and I have slovenly eating habits. A mere diet won't cut it for me - I HAVE to change the way I live. I am deep in heart attack country and I am sick of it here.

7 years ago I could run 10 km on a whim and 14 if I pushed it. I ate semi-intelligently and quit smoking cold turkey. I have the wherewithal to do this. I am too smart to be this heavy. And yet - here I am. I started eating crap and taking solace in food when my family blew up, and I suppose quitting smoking didn't make a sensible diet any easier...but at the end of the day excuses are what they are.

When I was in good condition I got there by common sense and caution. People are nuts about dieting - what with the 'Paleo Diet', 'Atkins', and the beshitted vegetarians that seem to think they are morally superior because they fart at three times the volume that ordinary humans do. Most of those diets fail over time too. My weight problem will not be solved in a few days, nor will I even think about the magic bullets that stupid people shoot themselves with. A gastric by-pass? No thanks. This is going to be one long, hard fought battle and it will be me against myself and my sloth. It will be a rumble of biblical proportions too!

For now it's the Canada Food Guide. The diabetic diet is good too for guys that are way over the line like me. The trick is getting started. Wish me luck folks - and good luck with your resolutions this year too.

No, I think I'll pass on the wafer-thin mint, thank you very much!

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  1. Great good luck to you, Mr. Filthy. Follow your intuition on what to abstain from and you'll reach your goal, the opposite of a heart attack. Must take my own advice too. My sweet tooth needs yanking out immediately, along with putting my legs to good use, like moving them, instead of parking them under the computer table. As is said "Use it or lose it." There has never been a truer statement; I'm a fine example of ignoring it for too long. Yet I'm a quarter century farther along the road. I too have family ISSUES; "Love hurts" ...really badly sometimes. Take care of yourself and keep your blog going strong.