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Wednesday, 10 February 2016

An Alphalfa Male Learns Ya Everything Ya Need To Raise A Good Daughter


Ye gods. It all comes down to just sitting down and talking to your daughter! Who knew??? I shoulda consulted the ROK for all my life problems! If the reaction above isn't what you get...I suspect you will get the one I got: feigned approval. Let's get something straight with the boys of the Manosphere: just as you think your parents are assholes - so will your own kids regard you! But that's only the first strike against you:

That pretty little lady that teaches your daughter in elementary school? The one that's so cool your daughter can't stop talking about her? Well, this is what she does in her off hours...

There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with this. Leave the kid alone.
When your daughter starts hanging out with sewage like this - THEN ya got a problem! Don't get stupid with that axe, chickie, unless you want some crabby old bastard to shove it up your ass - sideways.
No woman can be happy until she's a mother? Tell that to the dyke with the axe! HAR HAR HAR!
How many of you manosphere fathers would be comfortable with this fuggin packie sniffing around your daughters? Boys, you need to worry about your sons too. Recently Roosh was sobbing and wailing about how the media endangered his family. Well, men just like him are out to jump, pump, and dump your daughters. How would you feel if he knocked up YOUR daughter? This is why the baying mob is lying about you and coming after you, Roosh, and you deserve it too.


No, if you try and sell this clean life stuff to your daughter she will think you have the same pantload of crap going on that you thought your father did. That is exactly how I approached raising my daughter, and today she is a 31 year old gay hipster with a part time job in a retail sports shop that will tell anyone and everyone that she was abused and traumatized by her ignorant, hateful homophobic parents that tormented her all her life for fun and amusement. None of her problems are her fault - if only she had good parents!!!! GAH - If you want to make meaningful efforts to raise your daughter right - I may have some better ideas.
  1. Homeschooling. Today it's an absolute must. Public education failed decades ago. It is run by union slobs who don't give a damn about your kid, who are mostly kidults themselves, with deep moral and intellectual problems of their own. They're basically babysitters and if you trust them to raise your kid you will get exactly what you deserve. Get them out of there NOW.  If you absolutely can't homeschool, a private school is your next best option. Failing that, a Christian school may be the answer. (Just be aware that a lot of parental failures are dumping their hellspawn into Christian schools hoping the teachers can redeem their rotten kids too).You need a school that has rules, boundaries and structure for students and you need one that enforces those. The strap belongs in schools and you may need to spank your kid at home. In public school, they won't even teach your kid to study - and yet your kid will pass from grade to grade with ease - I heard the passing mark is 45% in some schools now. Take an interest in their academics and make sure you can tutor them if necessary. Today's curriculum is laughably dumbed down - and that is on top of the problems public education has with unhealthy social and peer pressures the kids are subjected to.
  2. Your home. Your family. YOUR rules and boundaries. If anyone in the family tries to impose their values, politics, or worldviews on your kid you KICK THEM OUT. My wife's family was a progressive liberal matriarchy. Her mother dominated the men in the family and when she and I clashed it got ugly. We would lock horns, my wife would go belly up because that was how she was brought up - and her father would jump in to his wife's defense. For years that old cnut had a say in my family because my wife and daughter loved her, and because I loved my wife and daughter and was raised to respect my elders - suffice it to say I put up with crap I shouldn't have. If you have progressive liberals in your family that want to interfere with your parenting - DEAL with them. They will undermine you if you don't.
  3. To raise a good kid, she will need to socialize and grow up with other good kids. That means you need to find a community that takes an active interest in raising good kids and that in turn means the church nowadays. Yes, Christian kids get into trouble with booze and drugs and sex from time to time too - but they discourage and punish bad judgement and unsocial behaviour while mainstream society is enabling and encouraging it. Peer pressure can and has killed more kids with booze and guns than you can shake a stick at. You will need to watch and evaluate your daughter's peers very, very VERY carefully these days. A lot of elderly hippies and progtard flinks think that teen abortion, premarital sex and promiscuity are actually healthy and wholesome parts of childhood. You don't want your kids hanging out with theirs.
  4. Understand that you can do all this and much, much more - and still fail. The problem with my suggestions is that you can end up sheltering your daughter too much - and when she meets the real world all this poison and corruption will be free to work on her without the protection of her mother and father. Conversely, the reverse is true too: my wife is a real woman all the way through and she treats me like a husband should be treated. Her mother is a fat, stupid old domineering bitch and her father is a submissive idiot. I still don't understand it: when they meddled in my family they enabled and encouraged self destructive and antisocial behaviour in my daughter - that they would have shot their own for doing. In any event, understand that parenting is a crap shoot. We all know that kids should not bear the fall out from the sins of the parent...but nor should parents bear the sins of their children once they leave home. (It's easy to say that, right?)
  5. At some point, ya gotta let go and what happens to your daughter is up to her and the deal she strikes with God or Darwin or Murphy. What happens to her, good or bad - is on her and there is NOTHING you can do about it...Dad. When your daughter leaves the nest she has to leave knowing that actions have consequences - and your job is no longer to protect her from them. This is the hardest thing most fathers will ever face. Hit the golf course, you old fart! Nobody cares what YOU think! (Errr...and that's the second hardest thing a man will have to face...)
Demographically speaking I am on the leading edge of Gen X or the tail end of the Baby Boom generation depending on who is defining the terms. Some in my generation are becoming grandparents and every one I've seen so far...just makes me shudder. These stupid women are going to meddle in their stupid children's families and feel perfectly justified in doing it. You can't say anything either, all you can do is watch the impending train wreck and act shocked and surprised when it happens...and try to comfort the victims that survived and pick up the pieces of those that didn't.

Don't let his happen to your family!


  1. Being a parent is hard work. When you are young you have the energy for it, but you don't have the smarts. When you get older, you have the smarts but not the energy. The solution? Love them, teach them and hope for the best. You'll always worry about them even if they are successful. Someday she may have a daughter of her own, and you can bet then she'll know then how lucky she was.

  2. That is so kind of you to say, CM.