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Friday, 12 February 2016

An Interesting Acquisition

Japanese scotch? I've always wanted to try it but haven't had the chance to buy a bottle - until now.

Jesus H. Christ. After a day shooting this badly I need a BIG would probably settle my nerves AND improve my marksmanship! The true Scotch enthusiast drinks on special occasions. I drink on dismal ones. I would slam the bottle and blow my brains out...but would probably miss! HAR HAR HAR!
The best whisky drunk scotch authority in the world is Jim Murray. I have his book - 'The Complete Book Of Whisky' and I can't find anything in there about this spirit. A web search reveals the following blurbage:
Nikka, Pure Malt 'Black' 8-Year-Old (Japan)
After Suntory, Nikka is Japan?s second largest distilling company, and is now owned by the brewer Asahi. Nikka was set up by Masataka Taketsuru, who built Yoichi distillery in 1934, having previously developed Yamazaki distillery for Suntory. A number of Nikka malt whiskies are now available in the UK, and tend to be quite peaty and traditionally Scottish in style. ?Black? is nutty and malty on the nose, with developing peat and a hint of ginger. In the mouth this is initially fresh and fruity ? Spangles sweets, followed by subtle peat, toffee and spicy oak. The finish is lingering, sappy, peaty, and with pleasing fragrant notes. All in all, a beautifully crafted whisky. 43.0% ABV, 50cl, ?20.99, specialist whisky merchants.
I usually like to hoard my booze but I think I am going to open this one tonight and if it isn't good I will clean my guns with it and give what's left over to Uncle Bob. 

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