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Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Ay Carumba!

I read on Small Dead Animals the other day that our esteemed liberal gubbiment has sold off damn near half our gold reserves.

Canada's going back to a paper dollar? Thank goodness - wiping your ass with a schloon can be problematic and even traumatic when shaking hands with the non-moslem customers. I hope the new money is triple ply...?
I am not an economist. And I know that poxy whoreson, Turdo La Doo isn't I have grave reservations about all this. What does this mean on the international economic level...?
Everything I learned about high finance and global economies was learned in the chit house, from the wretched scribblerians and psychotics at The Glob & Pail, The Financial Post and other disreputable rags. For me...metals are basically insurance. The intent is that if some idiot like Turdo or Obama comes to power and crashes the economy and renders the currency meaningless - metals can be used to keep the economy alive while the adults restructure and move to recover. As I write this I am moving to increase my physical ownership of metals - I understand most 'preppers' are. Oh I have tons of brass and lead, but I want supplies and stocks too.
If an economic numbnut like me is buying metals...shouldn't a supposedly financially savvy gov't be buying as well? 

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  1. Our Fort Knox is empty, too. Brass and lead are always good to have and are always in demand - can never have too much of either one. By the way, I was very disappointed you didn't take me along for the ice fishing......