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Thursday, 25 February 2016

Friday Kareoke: BYOS (Bring Your Own Soap)

Yannow, I was going to be a sport and make a point of drinking BW's finest scotch this fine Friday... and rendering a formal scholarly evaluation...but...I have inventory tomorrow - on a friggin Saturday! There's no escaping it - they even sent out a corporate ram rod from head office with specific instructions: truants and deserters on inventory day will be hunted down and shot...and then dismissed!

Goddamnshiteatingassrapingpudwhackingcumguzzlinggutterskank!!!! Turd from a whore!!!!

Classy, Filthie!
Why, language like this is fit for the Thunderbox and that's about it! Even a Green Bean Fuggin Marine like the Backyard Beardo would be doing push ups for the next 3 weeks talking like that!
Innocent civilians, women and children are advised to pass on this one. Think I saw Wirecutter on that vid...along with Justin Beiber and Justin Turdo! Don't cheap out on the ammo WC!
I would rather go to a gay pride parade with these turd brains rather than do inventory...!
No Friday blow out, no Saturday morning cartoons - I get to count nuts and bolts. Then I'm off to Fort McMud for next week...there is no rest for the wretched...Sing along! And if ya see CM coming with a bar of soap in her hand - run for it!


Oh, ALRIGHT, already!!! it is done right! Now if you'll excuse me...I gotta get up early tomorrow...%$#@^^&

Perhaps this is a more tasteful selection for the poor slob facing inventory Armageddon...

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  1. Wow! That was a mouthful of cussin'- I'll bring you a big bar of Lava Soap for that one! (Ivory tastes too good. Don't ask me how I know). :o)