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Sunday, 14 February 2016

Happy Valentine's Day

At least my wife didn't forget...
How many of you boys have wives that make Valentines Day cards for you? My wife probably would have bought candies and chocolates but I prefer the booze! Hic! We're drinking spiced rum today because Wirecutter, Unca Bob and BW guzzled all my scotch yesterday and this crap was all that was left in the liquor cabinet! Ya snooze, ya lose I guess! Being a rugged stoic and a real Canadian Man - I will drink whatever is in the jerry can and like it! I'm alright! I'll get by!
That card my wife made is nothing. She has embossing stamps and can make freehand cards that are so elaborate and well done that they go well beyond anything you can buy in the store. Us guys probably wouldn't notice stuff like that, but on Birthdays the women go ape chit over her stuff. Scratch that - some of the guys do too. My father likes her cards too.
It's been a great day. It was plus 5 or 6 today, and while skipping out on my wife's church I still managed to have an insightful epiphany on the rifle range that left me in deep thought for much of the day. I shot fairly well at 200m with the M14, and then went offhand on the gong at 100m and put on a stellar show. It's funny how insight can settle nerves and reflexes - I shall speak more on this tomorrow after I've had a chance to chew on it a bit.
After the shoot I dumped all the brass in the tumbler and did my first run of .45 Long Colt ammo.  These are patty-cake target loads because all I can lay my grubbers on for gunpowder is HP38. But - that's all ya need to punch paper! Maybe I will bark up some experimental rip snorting fire breathing earth shakers - if I can ever lay hands on the right gunpowder! Sheesh! The reason we are having powder shortages up here in Canada is because the Yanks are arming up against their gubbermint down south! Obama and his Donks have pretty much half the country angry and scared and I suspect Turdo La Doo will do the same in Canada in short order. Stupid leaders make for stupid times, I guess. A word to the wise: Stock up on components when ya can , boys.
When I got home from the range the ol' chronic back pain was down around a blissful 1.5 out of 10. Usually it's up around I went for some real long walks with my hoople-headed good for nothing dogs. Macey rolled and rolled in the snow like a retard, and fuggin Mort went into the hunch in the middle of a busy intersection. I had to drag him across the street as turd tumbled from his arse - and people that would ordinarily run you down at the cross walk rather than look at you - well, they stopped and laughed like loons. Everyone seemed to be having a good day today.
It's past 5 o'clock and we still have daylight. The dogs are slowly drying out in their crates and eating their cookies, and I am coming up on half past pished on spiced rum and coke.
Life is good.


  1. Still haven't made it to church, have you?

    1. No, I haven't BW. I keep meaning to ... but every Sunday rolls around and I escape to the rifle range instead. I'm going to go - I just some reservations that I'm trying to iron out.

    2. Just screwing with you. You will get there eventually.