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Wednesday, 17 February 2016

No Fat Chicks

Looks like all those asshole Alfalfa Males of the Manosphere are obsessed with slim athletic women again.

The Captain is at a loss to explain this woman's popularity.

I actually like the Captain when he's not being a douche. He makes some valid points. No, fat ugly shrews aren't going to tell men what to like and dislike in women.

My favourite liberty loving blood letting barbariess weighs in on the issue too:

No doubt about it, today's woman is heavier than ever before in history. But what is the message here?
I say all this as a low slung, wide bodied fat boy. Years ago I went on a fitness binge and at 5'8" the lowest I got was 191 lbs. I will never look like a beanpole or a skinny - I look remarkably fit at that weight. Today I'm a fat old bald bastard crowding 250. I have no skin in the dating game because I have a beautiful wife that loves me in spite of my dimensions, odour and feeding habits. I am not hurt when people call me Homer Simpson, lard ass, Fat Boy, etc etc. - because I don't have self esteem problems and know what I'm worth.
Let's all back up and understand a few things. Men are not the only ones obsessed with female fitness and good looks.
See any fatties? This is a woman's magazine, why no scolding here?
Why, where are all the chubsters...?
I guess if those stupid men don't read it, there's no need for lipstick on pigs! HAR HAR HAR!
Shall we go on, ladies? Don't lecture us fellas about being obsessed with looks. That is your problem far more so than ours. As long as we're being honest around here - it is women that are driving most of their own self esteem problems too - not men.
If the message on that SI swimsuit cover is 'Women should not be harassed, derided or mocked for being fat' ... I might accept it. It's not a message I particularly need; it is not my habit to go round mocking and laughing at women for being fat. Most men I know won't do it either. If the message is 'This woman is as pretty as any other fashion model' social engineers can shove that one up your ass sideways. She's not. Those models work out, diet, spend hours preparing for a photo shoot and no way is any fat slag going to look as good as they do. Nor is this BS anything new.
Most Americans don't know it but Canada is a hopelessly liberal nation for the most part. A hundred years ago on CBC they had an ad on Thinking About The Perfect Woman Correctly. It started out with the camera panning up along a shapely pair of legs as the female narrator described the perfect woman. 'The perfect woman was 5'6" tall...' The camera hovered on the woman's butt as the narrator continued in an erotic contralto, '...the perfect woman is blonde, and has a a 36-24-36 figure...' the camera hurried past a dismal rack, but lingered on the womans back. Then the camera zoomed out to reveal an extremely athletic but incredibly homely, goat faced black woman. 'And the perfect ASS,' she declaimed, 'is the man that believes all that!' HAR HAR HAR! HAR HAR HAR!!! The ad didn't last long, most women laughed at it too. One can see why the CBC ratings often fall into the single digits.
Being obese is unhealthy physically and mentally. It's not good for you, and no, you fatties and chubsters are not as good looking as any other woman who works out, diets, and goes to great lengths to make herself pretty and attractive to men. That's just the way it is. The Captain isn't buying that pant load, I'm not and no man I know will either.
As a goofy farm kid in school with shit for brains and less for looks guys like me were invisible behind alfalfa males like Captain Capitalism and the football jocks and the cool kids. A bombshell woman like those on the cover's of the women's magazine wouldn't have given me a second glance. They strutted and preened for the alpha male types, and it was a fact of life that I would never get a chance at a top tier woman that the boys of the Manosphere would consider a 'Perfect 10'. Me and anyone that knew me thought I would be a life long bachelor because of my ornery disposition and lack of sophistication. I was about a 4 or a 5 on The Scale looks are measured by...and quite frankly I was not impressed with the young women that scored out like I did.
Back in high school I got dragged out on a double date with a girl who was a solid 6 or 7 on The Scale. She was much like me - awkward and shy, but warm and intelligent. The girls like her literally had their pick of the boys in school and I saw the same thing later in life. They can wrap men around their little fingers in ways that drive feminists nuts with envy. Men that fall for domineering aggressive women pretty much all end up regretting it as do men that defer to them as a means of going along to get along. (Don't ask me how I know this). Men want women that are loving and affectionate... healthy qualities that feminism is tearing out of our girls and young women by the roots.
Young women SHOULD take care of themselves and try to be attractive as they can for their men. That is healthy and wholesome. Young men SHOULD look beyond mere looks in women they are interested in, and get out of the feminist-driven 'hook up culture' - and consider their social encounters with women with an eye towards marriage potential. Much merriment and mileage is made about the 'fragile male ego' and no effort is spared in setting it on fire, drawing and quartering it, and then stomping on its remains with dirty shoes! Most of us guys are not snowflakes and we can take it - and take pride in putting up with shit and abuse! But women? Their egos are far more fragile than ours and this is why all this 'fat acceptance' bullshit is going on when it should be laughed off as a bad joke.
I dunno what the answer is either - to step on their egos the way they step on ours will only hurt them. Going along with 'fat acceptance' only feeds and enables behaviours as self destructive as anorexia and bulimia. We scold and admonish our boys and girls about smoking and the adverse health effects. Why in hell would we tell our girls that it is perfectly acceptable to be a fat slag - and tell our boys to 'appreciate and celebrate' it?
As a public service to the public citizenry I don't go round 'letting it all hang out' and demanding women to tolerate my lard ass - and maybe you shouldn't either ladies. I don't think it's having the effect you want it to.
Would you take this seriously, ladies?



  1. I know women who had some serious girl game and all those self-proclaimed alphas would fall to pieces before them.

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  3. Thanks for a great read. More people need to speak out against the fat activists.