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Saturday, 13 February 2016

Saturday Morning Cartoons

Well another Saturday is upon us, and that means - SATURDAY MORNING CARTOONS!!!!

Where's CM? She was supposed to babysit us guys and keep us out of trouble...hmpffff! Oh - here's a note on the phone:

Good Morning Boys,

In case of gunshot wounds, call 911 and ask for the trauma unit. They know the address and I told them to expect one of you. Don't say I never did anything for ya.

Get stuffed,


PS - Bourbon and Froot Loops in the cupboard, milk in the fridge

My gosh - that sainted woman is a hit with children, isn't she? Well, we got 911 on speed dial, provisions for a Saturday morning blow out... let's get at it!

This is what BW and I do for a summer job on the Bow River in Cowtown in the summer. Now our secret is out: guys as fleet of foot as us are natural chick magnets.

Little black flies? They're pussies in Ontario. A couple years back I was up at CNRL Horizon north of Fort McMurray and the black flies were HUGE and bit like chainsaws! A local told me that Fort Mac was the asshole of the world - and at CNRL Horizon...I was 75km up it...

Few people know that the III Percent Society actually has it's roots up in Canada. If Wirecutter had been around in those days, the Republic Of Manitoba would be a formidable nation today - with sensible gun laws and taxation.

The first time we saw this I looked over and Pop was blinking away tears and laughing at the same time. This was his era as a child and the locale might have been different...but the culture was exactly the same. My father's shame and humiliation became complete when I became a Habs fan on the spot after watching this. The poor man had one son who actually liked the Loafs and another that was a friggin Habs fan. To this day he hasn't forgiven either of us.

Well...that's enough cartoons for one day! Have yourselves a great weekend and thanks for stopping by.


  1. "The Sweater" is a classic. Any non-Canadian that reads this site might not get it.

    1. You're probably right BW. For me this was a rare glance into my father's childhood. I still have his hockey gloves...they are so well broken in that you could do engine or surgery work in them. He had an old surplus sea-bag with his 'pads' in it that went missing 100 years ago (I think my brother got it). They used to roll up newspapers and magazines for padding and use rubber bands to hold them on. And nothing, I mean NOTHING - was more important than Hockey Night in Canada.
      The only exception I can think of was when Team Canada was in the Soviet Union during the height of the cold war. Remember that? The most advanced satellites were being used to televise the game and they conked in and out...and the game itself had the world on DEFCON 1...

    2. Phil Esposito will always be remembered for that fall on the ice and the bow he took, not to mention how he made all the difference in that series.

  2. Sorry - cannot babysit you guys - I'm off to the woods to look for those burly, bearded lumberjacks in flannel shirts!

    1. Go easy on them CM. They're tough men...but not as tough as you!