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Friday, 19 February 2016

The Rebellion Begins

PP hunkers down and prepares for the onslaught. I don't care how many Orcs, zombies, and godless heathen scum sucking commie bastards swarm the Small Hold - I have his six. And by Godfrey, when the survivors find my corpse - they will find it amidst a pile of spent shell casings, my guns with the mags dropped and the bolts locked back - with my knife buried in the gizzard of one of my assailants close by.

It's time to admit what's obvious to everyone. No, the sexes are not equal. They're different. Anything that hurts one gender will ultimately hurt the other. It's also time to admit the 'racists', the 'sexists', the 'homophobes' and other liberal victim groups (didjya see what I did there?) - it's time to admit they were right about a few things.

Poland is not having any of Europe's multi-culti rot about third world migrants. This politically incorrect magazine cover has incensed the Usual Suspects.

The biggest mistake women and ethnic vibrants make is insisting that we lower the performance bar so they can get over it. When I was a kid women were breaking down the doors on prestigious, exclusive institutions that had previously only allowed men in their hallowed halls. Thirty years later those institutions are no longer prestigious or exclusive - and are often mediocre at best. But women and vibrants can go there - so there!!!

As a white straight males we are expected to own our mistakes and wrong-doing...not only ours, but those of our ancestors as well. I think it's time that women, vibrants did the same. If I see something, and it isn't right, goddammitalltohell I am going to say something and if some leftist idiot is offended - so be it.

Things can't go on like this.


  1. A lot of young women today were raised thinking men are dirt and only good for bringing home a paycheck. They love girly men because they can control them. Just like most governments do. Many have never met a "real" man (and NOT the GQ kind, I might add) and would would be shocked to learn that a real man wouldn't want them. I am afraid that when the SHTF , they will have learned that lesson just a tad too late. And some women are just plain, God awful, stupid.
    Now go have that beer and burp up a good one for the rest of us.

    1. I was just reading up on Charlie...I kinda thought the poor buzzard had some frostbite. Our first batch of chickens had more than a few with 'funny hats' too.

      Thankfully it's not fatal! Don't work too hard this weekend CM!