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Saturday, 20 February 2016

Your Sunday Morning Sphincter


What in hell is this thing? It's in Flapz' s truck so I probably don't want to know...

One of the heart breaking processes of getting to be a creepy old that you begin to hang out with other creepy old men because they are the only ones that will tolerate your company! We loaded the drones into Flapz's truck to do some flying today and I noticed this thing in the cab ...and it was aimed right at my face! The last time I saw a gaping maw like that was when I fell asleep on the floor once - and woke up with Mort The Dog's bunghole right in my face - he had snuggled into me while I slept. I still wake up screaming in the night and have bad dreams about it!

For the record, I think that is his hair all over my pants. Either that, or I have been wearing them too long and my own hair is starting to grow through them, HAR HAR HAR!!! HAR HAR HAR!!!

I suppose I shouldn't laugh. A nurse we know once had to look after some homeless beardo bum that ended up in emergency...and he had been wearing the same long underwear for so long that the hair on his legs had started to grow through them. GAH! Nurses must have nerves of steel to do what they do.

Anyways I asked Flapz what that thing was and he just gave me a creepy smile. If anyone can identify this thing they will win a tense, fun free trip with Flapz to an empty field of their choice with 25 cents spending money!

Hope your weekends going better than mine...


  1. It's a litter bag. And by the way, zip up your sneakers...

  2. Stop nagging CM! I'm lucky if I can remember to put on pants in the morning! ;)