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Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Canadian Splendour: Liberal Cretin Hoisted Upon His Own Petard

Meet Warren Kinsella. There is much that I could say about this former Canadian politician but he has a penchant for suing those that laugh too hard at him and his antics. Suffice it to say he publicly endorsed and supported the contemptible Canadian Human Rights Commission - a group of rabid, militant social justice warriors that operated outside the law for years and got away with it. They were a veritable shit stain on Canadian law and politics and were later rebuked and punished for it. Their legal powers and scope were severely curtailed as a result.  He was an outspoken supporter of state run censorship. The story I have is that while he was hanging out in the boy's washroom at the arena, he spotted a swastika amidst the graffiti and took it as the harbinger of the Fourth Reich - right here in Canada! When he called for an official investigation the nation laughed and asked him what he was doing hanging out in the boy's washroom. He bragged that he would happily serve as a censor and redact the people he disagreed with...makes ya wonder what he had against fascists, duninnit? He has so much in common with them. I guess he figures the sight of a swastika instantly turns people into haters and bigots and racists. These are the idiots that infest the liberal party of Canada today - and have for awhile.

So it is that you can imagine my mirth when this fount of liberal intellectualism, this bastion of liberal morality - was told to take his anti-Trump geriatric punk rock song and shove it up his ass! HAR HAR HAR! HAR HAR HAR! By the social justice crowd at Facebook! HAR HAR HAR!

And so ol' Warren comes to terms with one of the facets of socialists in general and social justice warriors in particular - once they've eradicated the competition, they start turning on their own.

Yannow, I see people get bent outta shape about diseased minds like this robbing us of our rights and freedoms. But...sheesh, these idiots are clowns. They bark and yap about their gun laws and hell's bells - the cops and courts won't enforce them because they're unconstitutional! The other day I was at the rod n' gun club and a kid a few benches down was banging away with a mini14 with 20 rounder clips...and the cops on the firing line didn't give him a second glance.

It is an enormous comfort to me that although our leaders and their sycophants and fart catchers are unquestionably scum of the earth - our frontline cops and law enforcers are mostly principled men of good character and conscience.

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  1. Maybe the kid is getting ready for the next school massacre? Wouldn't want him to waste any shots when he starts killing his teachers and classmates. Just saying.........