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Wednesday, 27 April 2016

An Ill Wind In The Willows: The Frogmoor Rifle

When my daughter was small I used to spend time with her in front of the tube as she watched her shows. I worked shitty sweatshop jobs in those days trying to make ends meet. 12 hours at it often left me just plain bagged at the end of the day - but what a relief!

I would get home, kick off my smelly work boots - and often my wife would have an awesome supper ready for me. After plowing through that, I would crash on the couch beside the kid to watch TV with her and often fell asleep watching dreck like The Smurfs, My Pretty Pony...and sometimes, these guys:

Great days and memories, before all the drama, anger and hate and my daughter was just a normal, beautiful little girl.
I think I actually worked with those guys at one point...they could even make adults laugh. There's always a little bit of the kid in all of us.
Sometimes I coud stay awake and watch them. Often I passed out and started snoring. I got up and went to work early in those days and was often gone before my daughter woke up. When you're young you can always do something later. When you're older you have to do things now because there might not be time later. When you're older still...I suspect you look back on all your wasted time and wonder what in hell you did with it all!
In any event I was reminded of better times and people when I saw this little gem - the Frogmoor Rifle!

Oh look! Mr. Badger and Toad have taken their friend, Turtle - to the rifle range! This idyllic scene is tastefully engraved on the side of what appears to be a custom ballard rifle.

Comedy and bilarity ensue. The moral of the story is that toads shouldn't play with rifles! Which probably lets half of us guys out... You can almost hear the commotion and mayhem coming off the receiver of this rifle.

The Frogmoore Rifle may not perform well on the range with Toads but it should do just fine at the prestigious Creedmore shoots! Here is the spectacular rifle fully assembled:

A fine rifle that also hails back to better times when we were better people
I like to ponder grand old antiques like this. Imagine the Creedmore tournament: set in a day when shooting was a wholesome and respected sport. Men in bowler hats, tweeds and ties smoked cigars in between matches, and perhaps steadied their nerves with a beer or two, unconcerned with the bed-wetting paranoia that surrounds guns today.
Ya know yer getting old when ya miss the good old days.  :) I think I'm gonna make a point of hitting the range a little bit more this summer. The handgun shoots are coming up at my club and I am busy polishing turd polishing my technique in preparation. Make sure that you hit a few of the matches too if ya can. it will only be summer 2016 once...and you may never be back this way again.

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  1. Did the two of you ever read "The Wind in the Willows"?