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Friday, 29 April 2016

Critical Thinking Skills

You can almost smell the cogitation...

Captain Capitalism thinks critically about Critical Thinking.

Looks like the lefties and progtards are engaging in liberal language fuckery again. They're always doing that - banning certain words like "bitch" and redefining them as "powerful women". Today we laugh in the garage - we don't "nigger-rig" unlikely and often perilous solutions to foolish mechanical problems - we engage in 'African-American Engineering' to cobble together a solution! Looks like they're re-defining the term 'critical thinking' now.

For me the term always had a positive vibe. It referred to being able to predict the consequences of current actions or events. For example - the lefties are carping about 'minimum wages' and setting them at obscenely high levels. Because they can't think critically - they think they can just wave a magic wand, make a few strokes with a politician's pen - and MAGIC! The poor have more money!

They aren't smart enough to see that costs are always passed on to the customer - with the consequences of higher prices or business failure when profits are gobbled up by costs for manpower. They make the same mistake with taxes too. Then they wonder how inflation happened and blame greedy, eeeeevil rich people like Joe The Plumber for the fact that he can't pay a Mexican immigrant pipe polisher $75K a year.

Now we have two generations of kids that have been raised and educated to separate their actions from the consequences. They don't plan, they don't save, they don't have to try or exert effort because it is perfectly fine to fail and there will always be somebody to catch them when they fall.

All of which makes me think, as I sit here grunting and straining on the Thunderbox this fine Friday morning...just what are those kids doing for so long in the washroom if they ain't thinking...???

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