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Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Fire The Bitch

Great. Now the social justice warriors are infesting the conservative party.

Screw you, Michelle. Screw you and anyone that looks like you. As for me - I've had it with your bullshit. Name names, dates, locations - the works. If you are getting harassed you call the cops and take it to court - or it didn't happen and STFU.

And no - you weren't "assaulted" if you heard a dirty joke or somebody called you a name. No, you weren't assaulted if some guy didn't listen to your shit and do what you told him to.



  1. I have a hunch that it's being ignored that the SJWs find intolerable. Deny them attention, and they lose whatever bit of sanity they have left and go after the vicious perpetrator like a terrier chasing a rat.

    1. Ayup. 90% of this crap is show boating, grandstanding and virtue-signalling. It's painful to watch.