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Thursday, 21 April 2016

Politically Putrid Peckerhead Progressives Pander to Perverts

This echoing, wet fart sounds like a pistol shot in the quiet moral and ethical vacuum of the socialist liberal idiot chamber.

People think social justice warriors are a new thing. A hundred years ago I used to hang out at an extinct politics forum that was pretty much 'small c' conservative in nature. There were a few lefty bungholes and some outright commie loons but we passed the days fighting, scratching, gobbing and gutting each other as we went about solving the world's problems. We honestly had free speech - for awhile. I would like to think I was favoured by the moderators and admins - because when some leftist meathole opened up and excercised his right to an opinion - I would give him mine - in no uncertain terms! The problem was that whenever some leftist flink got wind of it - our forums just got shuttered by the angry service providers - so we moved from site to site over the years. I suppose it's ultimately ironic, isn't it? If you speak freely or honestly these days - you will have a target on your back too! HAR HAR HAR!

Your days are numbered, you free-speechin' blackheart!

I had two leftist punching bags I liked to work out on. One was MM - an old hippy fart sucker with a gay daughter that figured we had to re-invent society so his disturbed but precious snowflake wouldn't feel bad about herself. Back then I honestly didn't think it was gonna happen. Sure missed the boat on that one...

The last real leftie liberal on our forum put his head in his hands in despair when the queers he championed turned into the monsters I said they would. Those underdogs he was defending - turned out to have rabies....
Back then the queers were still locked in the closet and he claimed that they only wanted the privacy of their own bedrooms. He was serious, too. He honestly thought that gays and liberals were one and the same - people with a wholesome and healthy alternative lifestyle that just wanted to be left alone. And of course, when the queers broke down the doors of the closet, their bedroom doors exploded outward and the next thing ya know - they were hammering on the doors to the court rooms, the class rooms, the board rooms...and now they're in our bloody bathrooms!

But the guy just flat out refused to see what was going on. In a few short years we in Canada had the 'human rights commissions' which were charged with policing people's thoughts and speech. They attacked anyone that dared speak out against the gay agenda and were quietly disbanded by the Harper conservative gov't after people began to seriously think about public lynchings for them. I think they should have been lined up and shot - but that's coming, no doubt. I still remember the despair when one day - after arguing with that old liberal idiot for YEARS - he conceded I was right about a few things. The queers were suing some pastor or priest for an anti-homo sermon...and even that old liberal moron knew that was wrong.

Another of the forum's leftist intellectuals had a screen name of 'The Revelator'.  That mentally disturbed nut bar drove me damn near bananas. In fact I shut my blog here down for a couple years because she would drive by, stop in and crap in the comments and lose her bloody mind!

This is how I like to think Revie The Warrior Princess looked....
But I think Revie actually looked more like this.
The cunned stunt was years ahead of her time. Years before our current president, Justin Trudeau started flooding the nation with Syrian vibrants - Revie was calling on the bigoted Harper gubbermint to bring in the poor, misguided Taliban from Afbhagistan. She regularly ripped on the NDP and the Liberals for "pandering to right wing interests." Good lord. The fighting on our forum was, sadly, very much like that going on in Parliament!
I should have drawn my pistol and killed MM and Revie when I had the chance!
Back then everyone scoffed when I ranted that liberals were trying to turn our country into Thailand and wanted to mainstream pedophilia. And today, they stand proudly by grown men that want the 'right' to pee with little girls. At the time I dismissed those two as just names on a computer screen but I sometimes wonder about them now. Are they happier now that perverts poop and pee wherever they want? Once they've mainstreamed pedophilia - what is next on their list of morals and ethics to destroy? Are they proud of what they've wrought?
One thing's for sure - civilized debate with people like this is not going to help anyone. I wonder where all this social engineering ultimately goes?


  1. They will never be happy but the ultimate goal is the death of every White Male. Maybe a few left in bondage to be beaten and publicly ridiculed on special occasions. They want everything we own. Property returned to the "Natives" all wealth we possess given to those our ancestors supposedly looted...etc.etc.etc.

    The best part about all this though. They can only be in a position to demand and get some of this because of the very wealth White Men produce. They are literally the definition of a parasite and as they weaken the host they speed up their own demise.

    The big question is will the host recover after the parasites die?

    1. I dunno PP. But...I'll tell ya, when we talk about parasites...I am getting strongly tempted to put SBPDL on my sidebar...

  2. Wow, I hope my visiting your blog hasn't upset you Glen. There was a time a few decades or so ago that I would have agreed with you but things change and eventually reality strikes and now I'm more a live and let live person, although I'm still conservative in that I believe in individual responsibility, less government, lower taxes and freedom of speech.
    Let me give you a condensed version of my story. From my earliest memory I've had the feeling I should be a girl but because the feeling varied in intensity I was somehow able to suppress and repress the feelings so that I was able to live a so called normal life presenting to the world as an alpha male. I was driven to outfight, outwork and outdrink every man I met. I believe I did these things because I had to prove to myself that I was a real man and it was my way of controlling the gender dysphoria. I was able to hold it all together until I retired and I'll never forget the day I lost control. The day prior the feeling had been bad but I was still able to function. Next morning I woke and the intensity had increased tenfold and was unbearable. I thought I had gone crazy and thought I would have to check myself into hospital because I had such an overpowering compulsion to emasculate myself. That's when I came out to my wife because I couldn't control this thing by myself and needed help. It's called hitting the wall and I can testify it is not fun. When I started to research transsexualism I discovered there was a thing called the 50% rule because at one time approximately 50% of older trans people killed themselves as the dysphoria eventually becomes unbearable. Transsexualism is not a choice but a birth defect. There now is plenty of information on the condition available if you're interested. Also in recent years the rate of occurrence has been increased from one in 30,000 to a more realistic one in 300 so this thing isn't as rare as previously believed. When I was younger there was such a stigma attached to transgenderism people were terrified to come out but thankfully today things are much better. It was explained to me like this. "For over sixty years you tried to be the best man a woman can be but you can't pretend any longer". I'm sure you've heard the quote. "Sex is between the legs and gender is between the ears". FYI most transsexuals have a very low sex drive so the condition has nothing to do with sex. I realize it's difficult for cis people to comprehend why in their eyes a big strong man would want to have his genitalia removed but the question I ask is how many women would want to have that between their legs. It simply doesn't belong and is out of place. I take estrogen because without it my head would explode. As far as the bathroom issue is concerned that is a red herring.
    I only go in the bathroom when I absolutely have to and I just do my business and leave. If I meet another lady we exchanged smiles and that's it. I certainly couldn't use the men's bathroom and btw my wife tells me I'm a better looking woman than I am a man but nevertheless I am a big girl who has never been happier even though I do get
    Anyway Filthie, it was good making contact with you again.
    I think you have changed a bit also. I can see you're being more your true self now whereas on CP you held back and were trying to be too politically correct. HAR HAR

    1. LOL. Between you and Mr. Arse - you guys slay me. He pulled my leg the same way, telling me I should visit the local gay bars and give it a whirl! "What's a good Cleveland Steamer between friends, right? NYUK NYUK NYUK!"

      I have changed quite a bit, NP. When it comes to the sexual freak shows - hey, I know all about it. My own daughter joined that circus and and tore up three generations of family with her "sexuality." There was a time when I would oppose this insanity and try and save the world - but now? I'm old, crabby and mean and just want to be left alone. My personal belief is that this bullshit appeals to stupid people that have too much time and money - so they create these sexual problems for themselves to give them something to do.

      As for me - I'm quite content to stand by now as people cut their own throats and those of their children as well. I know they will try to cut mine as well - but I am way too smart to let them. I can and will take care of myself and what's left of my family and they will have to make their peace with their gods as they see fit. I will still laugh at them and take delight in their misfortunes that they inflict upon themselves because I know there is nothing I can do to help them. People deserve what they will tolerate and I wish them the best of luck.

      But - I will not bow down to them, or let them dictate my morals and ethics. Feel free to drop by any time and use the Thunderbox, NP! HAR HAR HAR!

  3. Glen, I owe you an apology. Today I was shopping at Cdn. Tire and the check out girl although helpful and friendly had 2 rings in her nose along with purple hair and I thought what would it be like to be the father of that. Then I thought of you and your daughter and felt regret for funning with you. This is serious stuff and I was pulling your leg and trying to get a rise out of you and I'm sorry for that. I guess I was just bored and I knew
    the new lifestyle was a raw nerve with you.
    The truth my friend is we are all fucked. Look who is running your province, look what's running Canada and look at the drug addled,purple lipped homo with his transgender partner who is running the good ole USA into the ground. Now Turdeau wants to hand Canada over the to the Indians and the prick will do it while the lunatic leftists applaud. There was a time not so long ago that I was like you but my blood pressure was going through the roof so somehow I said fuck it. I can't change anything so now I just go with the flow. However my next project is how do I get accredited as an aboriginal (not cool to say Indian or native) because they are now the "in" people don't ya know. I note Obama is replacing the white politicians with black people on the US currency. It just keeps weirder and weirder so stay strong my friend.

    1. Nonsense, NP! Hate to tell ya this - but I could hear you smirking over the internet! HAR HAR HAR!

      But yes - now you see my predicament. 7 or 8 years ago my daughter was a beautiful, happy young woman that was going places. Now? The difference between the girl you saw at Crappy Tire and my daughter is that my daughter is 31 now - and working part time in a bicycle shop. Or...she was last year. Now? Who knows?
      We can tell rude jokes and laugh about crap like this but to her - that's anathema and heresy...and if she has her way about it you and I would lose our jobs and probably get a good shellacking for it to at the hands of her militant social justice warriors.

      But you're's getting to the point where it's not funny anymore. Your plans to join the victim class are sensible. For me...? I will make a stand when they come for me I guess. With a little luck I will take one or two of the bastards with me when I go! ;)

  4. I thought you were clued in early because twice you mentioned pulling your thumb so I had to come up with
    that long post to throw you off. I thought it was quite
    clever and had you going. HAR HAR