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Saturday, 21 May 2016

An Early Morning Round Town

Early this morning I had some errands to run and took a little time out to park beside my first school to send some texts and take a brief walk down Memory Lane.

The former playground of Stinky McNasty Elementary School

That lush green forest was a bald-ass playground field when I was there in the 70's. It was filled with nasty death and torture dealing devices like monkey bars, teeter-totters and the regular playground equipment that scares the hell out of liberals, lawyers and stupid people. I guess they object to Darwin and Murphy from harvesting their sub-intellect children with such devices, HAR HAR HAR! I couldn't get over how green it was. Those trees are 30 feet high, now!

Gawd, these trees grow almost as fast as kids. Take this young gent, for example:

See that little evergreen in the corner?

100 years ago either Flapz or Skinbag and I were out hunting along the river Dismal down in Brazeau country. We had gotten thoroughly, utterly skunked on that trip and hadn't even seen any game, much less gotten off a shot. We were packing up the camp and going home (that was always a bummer whether we got anything or not) - when I spied these scraggly tiny evergreens growing on the rocks along the riverbank. They were barely two foot and tenaciously clinging to life by a thread suspended by a banana peel! I picked one the same way a child picks a wildflower and took him home...and look at him now! Last week I was in the that corner with the mower and he grabbed me by the throat, lifted me off the ground and shook me down! HAR HAR HAR! Mort sleeps in his shadow during the day.

Speaking of Mort...

Mortimer is a great pyrenese in the winter (or possibly a snow ape) but we shave him bald in the summer and he gets pissy about it for the first few days. He has pink skin under all that fur and the other day he got bummed right out when I started laughing at his arse! He has two big, fat hairy meat curtains for buttocks just like me! HAR HAR HAR! HAR HAR HAR! Poor bugger...

In thanks for dropping by this morning, and have yourselves a great weekend! As for me - I am off to the hobby shop to make an offer on an F4U Corsair. I'll let ya know how I make out!

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  1. Prolly my favorite WWII fighter. If you buy it pics please.