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Monday, 9 May 2016

In Which I take Brad And Larry To The Woodshed


As the internet's crabbiest old bastard it falls to me to punish the stupid kids from time to time. It's a job I take very seriously - and I enjoy it too! Most of my time is spent crapping in the comments over at Uncle Bob's and occasionally Wirecutter's and BW's...but sometimes the big kids go off the rails and need a good spanking too.

I'm not afraid of Brad. He's a dumb, happy young fella that has a good heart but he hangs around a bunch of those creepy science fiction writers and they are obviously a bad influence on him, HAR HAR HAR! A minor paddling will shape him up. I even bought one of his books once. He's no literary genius - but the book I read was fun and quick and he did a good job of it. He's actually a really good guy. Larry's another story. He's bigger and stronger than I am, he shoots faster and more accurately by all accounts, and he has a mind like a razor. A lot of people have tried to ridicule Larry and have ended up duct taped to the flagpole in front of the school house for their efforts. Nevertheless, when a man like Larry is wrong - he has to be put right! (PP - I may need to borrow a crowbar to deal with the wedgie I may get from this - do you have one that will work with a snipe?)

Awhile back a minor tempest blew up in a teapot - some of you might have seen it. One of the most prestigious awards in the SF (Science Fiction) genre for the best writers was called the Hugo Awards. The idea was that guys like Larry and Brad would vie for this award against other equally good writers and back in the day it was a friendly battle that everyone won. As a kid if I quickly learned that if a book had won that award - I knew I was in for a mind blowing read! It was awesome! Guys like Pournelle and Niven and Asimov and Henlein - man, those guys were God's gift to young readers much like Brad and Larry are today. I know - you people that don't read SF and comic books, that are sensible, rational adults - that have actual lives and no time for fights in the playground - you're asking what all this has to do with Trump? Bear with me - I'm getting there!

Around the turn of the century SF seriously went off the rails. Instead of reading mind-blowing shit written by talented wordsmiths with skill and originality - some real dreck started showing up. It was the kind of crap that left you wondering what the author was like - and then shuddering in disgust and deciding you probably didn't want to know.

Not photoshopped.

At first one in every 5 or 6 books were counter culture liberal shit rags that weren't about writing or originality - they were about pushing homosexuality, socialism, feminism, perversion and degenerate behaviour; pretty much the liberal progressive social agenda. Then it became 2 or 3 in every 5 or 6 that were like that. I stopped buying and reading SF at that point because I was shelling out big money for books that were complete stinkers. Today if you find one book in five worth reading - you're doing good. Nowadays most books read like they were written in a workshop run by social justice warriors, pedophiles and outright loons! Further, this dreck was winning awards and where the Hugos used to go to books you absolutely HAD to read - they started going to crap writers that wrote dreck most of us will go to lengths to avoid. I started regarding those awards as red flags long ago.

Enter our bad boys - Larry and Brad. They got behind a campaign called "Sad Puppies" aimed at making the awards fair, and forcing the powers that issued them to recognize and reward talent instead of their politically correct and connected friends. It promptly turned into a battle, and  heated exchanges flew back and forth! It went from the ridiculous to the sublime. I laughed like hell: Larry was repeatedly accused of everything up to and including trying to revive the Fourth Reich. Brad was a nigger murdering racist (that had married a black wife)! The slander and libel flew as the culture battle raged between reasonable men like our boys on one side and the so-called 'social justice warriors' on the other.

The Hugo Award controversy summed up. If a pic is worth a thousand words, this gif is worth a million.
So what's wrong with that, you ask? Nothing! Who could fault Larry and Brad for wanting a fair shake not only for themselves, but for other good writers that weren't politically correct or politically connected... to people like this:
This one's been cleaned up in the interest of good taste. These things frequently sport rings through their noses and nasty parts (those that haven't been tattooed), they usually weigh about 100 lbs. more and have hairy armpits, BO and a penchant for profanity that makes me look like a choir boy by comparison! Some are outright child molesters and similar freak shows.
Seems like Brad and Larry have a problem with people like that being in charge of handing out awards and picking out the best works of the year... and rightfully so. So? Why are these boys going to the woodshed? Well - because of their stance on Donald Trump!
Brad and Larry don't like Trump for a bunch of really good reasons. Look - I get it. Trump is not a conservative, he has done questionable things in the past and has even run with those Donk rat bastards in the past. The fan boys are focusing all their worst fears on Trump - he's gonna wipe his ass with the Constitution! He'll undermine the Second Amendment! He's gonna throw free speech under the bus! It's the end of the world as we know it!!!!
Well boys - yannow that battle you had over the trophy with the plastic rockets? That exact same battle is going on in the workplace everywhere. You boys are relatively well positioned and insulated from it: you've worked hard, you've promoted your brand and you are both acknowledged and recognized authors with your own markets to sustain you. You deserve all that - and more.
But consider that exact same battle for millions of us: That creepy, ugly woman in the pic has millions of clones in the workplace of corporate America right now. She has been professionally trained at the university level to spot and punish speech or behaviours that MAY be offensive to stupid and marginal people. If she doesn't find such behaviours or offences - she will fabricate them. She will undermine the workplace, run the morale into the dirt, and she will do her utter best to get men just like Larry and Brad fired. Not 'laid off'. FIRED. She (xhe? It?) was hired by the management knowing full well exactly what she would do. Imagine, Brad and Larry - that this chick not only stands between you and your Hugos...imagine that she signs your pay check. And - she doesn't like you one bit!
You quibble about the loss of Freedom Of Speech? PBBFBFBFBFBFFFFFBFBFBFT! This chick sucked that out of the workplace just as she sucked all the oxygen out of it too! Can you imagine losing your job (and possibly your car, your home and even your family) - due to the actions of feral social justice warriors like this? You think Trump is gonna trump the Second Amendment? JFC - tell that to the men that lost their jobs for a stupid joke about Dongles. They are wondering how the hell they are going to feed their families, make next month's payments and affording ammo or guns isn't even on the radar.
The reason you're going to the woodshed, boys, is that we are fighting the exact same battle you did with your Hugo awards... and we're losing. We need you. We need Trump too - he's the only candidate that even acknowledges this problem. You remember all that anger and resentment over petty stories and comic books? Well for millions of men this culture war is very real, the stakes are far higher for them than it was for you, and some have lost it all - already.
Hillary is promising much more of this stuff. The other republican candidates were offering more, but less than Hillary. They've welched on promises like that before too. That is why you boys are going to the woodshed. For millions of Americans that culture war that was only a PR stunt for you - is the difference between owning a home and renting. This shit is real - and it's getting worse! For you to sell out those that fight the exact same war you did for much higher stakes? Boys - that ain't right.
It's your vote and you can do with it what you will. But it is utter hypocrisy (and contemptable, actually) - to whine about such things only when they affect you personally - and then shrug it off when it happens to somebody else. Don't like Trump? Don't take your ball and go home in a snit! Get involved and use your resources to push Trump the way YOU want him to go. Like it or not Trump's people will take you far more seriously than Hillary's. Isn't that enough to at least get you back in the game?
Sorry for the guilt trip, boys - but you had it coming.


  1. Very well said... Mebbe I can find you one of those rocket thingies...

    1. All I know is that if Americans are too dumb to give the job to Trump - send him up here to Canada! We have a pasty faced manchild running the country up here...and it shows...

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  3. Like I have said in many places. I would vote for Micky Fucking Mouse right now if he promised to deal with political correctness bull shit and stop these multi-cult religious fanatics from going insane against us.

    The Hugo thing sounds alot like Gamergate too.

    1. Yeah I suppose so, eh? I admit to knowing only the broadest details...but from the way the kids are going at it - there's a lot of hard feelings going round.