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Thursday, 19 May 2016

Thank Gawd Somebody FINALLY Said It...

100 years ago all the self proclaimed gun experts in the sport went off and rebelled against all the adults (and common sense) by hating on the AR15. This particular mutt, when he realized that pretty much everyone with a triple digit IQ was laughing at him, promptly turned around and got behind his own line of boutique AR15's. Because they are just chock full of awesomeness, dontchya know! He'll even train ya to run-n-gun with it for a modest fee! Don't shoot yourself in the ball, George! Ya only got one, HAR HAR HAR!

Once again, Wirecutter brings it. AK's are too frightening for liberals and stupid people so they are not allowed in Canada. That being said the vast majority of them are Chicom junkers. That's not to say I would disrespect one or an opponent armed with one - but to advocate the AK design over the AR15 is pure idiocy.

Fact is I wish WC would do more gun posts. As a kid that grew up hunting in Alberta I have probably shot more soft targets than a Marine. Over the years I shot a few whitetails and mulies myself, and have seen them killed by others shooting all the calibres from 6.5x55 all the way up to and including the new powder gobbling Ultra magnums and I will tell you this - the sign of a stupid kid is when they start beaking off about calibres. All these new proprietary calibres coming out are about selling guns to hunters, not about killing game more efficiently. If you hit an animal with any reasonable cartridge - where you're supposed to - it is going down and no bones about it. The fan boys beaking off about the puny 5.56/.223 cartridge utilized by the AR15 are usually parroting crap they heard from idiots like the Mad Ogre. The truth is that gun will ruin your day (if not end it) out to 500 yards in the hands of an expert. Maybe further.

Even if (for some godly unknown reason) you can't stand the .223 - the AR offers options. Punch out a pin, swap out an upper - and your .223 AR becomes an AR in anything from 6.5mm right on up to .458 SOCOM! If you can have only one rifle, this is it! I've been tempted by the .300 BLK and the 6.8 SPC...but can't really justify the need other than as another range toy.

I read WC all the time and if I recall he built his own AR from parts. That is a hobby in itself for some but a few things need to be understood going in - you are going to have to do your homework. There's videos all over Youtube on how to do it. And no - building is generally not cheaper than buying a complete rifle from the dealer! Quality parts cost, the tools cost - and about the only advantage I see is that you can improve your cash flow by buying the components in dribs and drabs instead of plunking down $1500.00 in one big gulp. There's a lot to be said for that. If I don't miss my guess most homebuilts will do 2~4" groups at 100 yards and that is all most guys need. I've heard that stubbies or short barrelled AR's can be problematic - and will require component selection and assembly by somebody who really knows his way around the AR to function reliably. Of course, the full blown target rigs with air gauged match barrels will need a specialist's attention too.

Unfortunately my favourite black rifle guru, Stackz O. Mags - dropped out of blogging recently so I need to get a replacement for him on the toilet roll. I like Carteach0. He's fat, old, bald and a deadly grumpy marksman - just like Yours Truly! Pass along my regards if any of you yanks see him. Onto the blogroll he goes!

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