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Thursday, 30 June 2016

Why I Love Americans Part II

This is how rights and lives are lost. Arrogant, mealy mouthed politicians with pens. Or teleprompters. The Usual Suspects are admonished to print this document out on paper and wipe their asses on that - do not wipe your butt on the computer screen! HAR HAR HAR!

And as for the other group of The Usual Suspects - suffice it to say I will decide what responsible gun ownership is - not you. And - as long as nobody (meaning YOU) - gets stupid about it - nobody'll get hurt. If you don't have a gun - GET ONE. We all know our gov'ts can't be trusted to be responsible either.

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

The Intrepid Retronaut

This 'un comes from Way Up North

We piddle about with toys for fags like that guy in the vid...but I want weapons of unimaginable destructive power! Like - is it to much to ask for a simple particle beam weapon? I mean - if a guy gets disgruntled and wants to go into work and lay it on his coworkers that means an AK47, ambulances, meat wagons, cops, anti-gun protests from pasty faced geriatric fuss-buckets, somber statements from bloviating politicos, etc etc.

Wouldn't it be nice, next time PP is making fun of me - to whip out a phaser set on stun and and dump his butt on the spot? Next time Uncle Bob opens up with a great big goat fart in the coffee room...zap! HAR HAR HAR! Awesome!!!!!

I love the corny old Star Treks with wonderous machines like talking computers and aliens that all look like humans dressed in silly costumes. When I was a small gaffer Pop spray painted a pair of rubber boots silver and I was ready for the next Apollo moon shot. The death of NASA broke my heart - but I really like what's coming out of SpacEx.  That, my friends, is a company in which our future lies!

Pics From My Last Blog War

A couple weeks back some senior delinquent started beaking off at me and a war of grumpy old men with a high speed chase ensued. It ended in a draw when his battery ran down and I ran out of coal.

Next time I'll go with diesel!

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Filed Under Idle Threats: I Will NOT Be Mocked

For those of you that like to visit Coopville, Chicken Mom, Charlie and the hens...just a friendly warning: ya might wanna be somewhere else on Friday night... because Friday Night Steam is going to be a little nasty.

*Cracks knuckles*

It's the new millennium! There will be no mercy, no chivalry, no quarter asked for - and none given. Wimpy and shrimpy bloggers like BW, Uncle Bob and PP might want to give us a little room.

Chicken Mom and I are gonna have a little dance.

That's assuming I survive the week...

Arch Enemies

Great Ceasar's Ghost! It the dreaded Fur Hat!!!! And he has three fiendish K9 cohorts in crime! Don't any of you mere mortals try to detain this mangy lot! This is a job for Captain Sweatpants!

Mort! Macey!!! To the Dogmobile!!!!

The Science Is Settled

Just as some idiots have claimed there are 26 genders... we can now write off the quackery of dieticians claiming there are multiple food groups.

Honestly, I dunno how this crap gets started: multiple genders, warble gloaming, multiple food groups...why - next thing yannow, some ass hat is gonna come waddling along claiming the earth is flat!

There's a lot a sick minds out there these days...


What is that? A Dragunov?

Right now the flavour of the day at my rod n gun club is the precision rifle! Which I find hilarious - our range only goes out to 300m and no self respecting precision rifle can even stretch its legs in that. To put them to the test you need to reach out to ranges like 600 yards and more! Good lord, the money those guys are sinking into their guns - and the ammo! They old farts banned the .50 BMG off my range and we had a stubfart civil war in the clubhouse over it. I just laughed when I heard of it, and made some rude joke about old farts and their battles. I have no dog in that fight.

The ERT guys (Canadian version of SWAT) are guest celebrities at our club and none of them can shoot worth a damn. They shoot light snipers and seldom go over 300m. When they're finished practicing they leave a pile of .308 brass behind - and I scoop it before the other old farts can get it, HAR HAR HAR! You snooze, you lose assholes! :) :) :)

The military sniper like this fella is a different can of worms. He not only has to shoot like a sorcerer - he has to be able to disappear like one too! His real game doesn't begin until after he's made his shot. It may be impossible to see that guy above when he's set up, lying prone 700m away. Once he moves, though, he stands out like a sore thumb! And then - the chase is on!

Snipers have been whitewashed and glamourized by Hollywood. In point of fact the sniper is considered by most squaddies as the most despicable, dishonourable soldier there is. They don't fight fair, they run after they strike, and they kill without honour. Quite often, they are not treated well if they are captured.

I saw a documentary on them once where they had a challenge out for all law enforcement and military snipers. They played the game: a panel of vets sat out in the middle of a huge field with binoculars, spotting scopes and a jug of coffee. The sniper teams were given blank ammo and ordered to move in close enough to take the shot. The spotters caught most of them as they moved in because they couldn't conceal their movements. A few managed to get a shot off - but were caught as they moved out. Out of about 60 contestants, only four managed to get in, make the shot, and then get away undetected.  They set up other gruelling games and it looked like a lot of fun to play...but it wouldn't be a job I would want.


Peter was on awhile back about how everyone is taking precautions against the Bogey Man De Jour - the kiddie-diddling priest.

But if that wasn't enough for the clucky ditzes over at MSN... now there's even MORE Bogey Men to fear and loathe - in the military!

What blows me away about all this is that the liberals shit themselves with outrage and smear an entire religion practised by good people that have never done anything to them - and blame the church for enabling pedophilia rather than the queers when perverts attack the choir boys. Don't get me wrong - the child molesters and the cretins that enabled and protected them should be punished - harshly.

And that hazing in the these liberal idiots have any idea what goes on in a gay bath house? They don't like talking about that because it inevitably leads to "homophobia". Now those morons are shitting all over the military. (A military, BTW, that needs more women and queers for diversity!!!)

Pull my other finger, fellas - it has bells on it.

These incidents aren't happening because of the culture of the church or the military - they are happening because the perps are queers! Or other brands of sexual degenerates that are now officially sanctioned and protected victim groups.

A couple weeks back some liberal cankle blossoms over at Salon were advocating the mainstreaming and acceptance of pedophiles. They made a splash on the national consciousness that lasted no more than a day.

This is something we need to end - where liberal blame the church and the military for the sins of their queers and deviants. I see what you're doing there, folks - and I call bullshit.

Monday, 27 June 2016



It was a harrowing day out on the field today. Dangerous Don was putting a new aerobat through the wringer and the new bird was a little tail-heavier than he likes... and narrowly avoided an overly exciting landing.

Poor Ian... he's the happiest old fart you'll ever see and the poor bugger just lost his garage and everything in it to a fire. 19 of his RC planes went up in flames, as did his van and beater car. Only one of his planes survived - a big gasser aerobat...and the prop came off it when he was about 100 feet up! He got down too but narrowly - those serious big birds will run ya a cool $100.00 for a prop and he lost the metal spinner too! Super Dave and I had an uneventful flight - just the way I like 'em!

On This Day...

The Knuckle Dragger has been posting a semi-regular/sporadic "On this day" theme and it works out for him as he goes over significant doings on particular days of the year. We here at the Thunderbox are jealous, and not all that original in our thinking... and submit the following for your consideration.

And, before some bunghole does it, rude jokes about
aviation and bacon will NOT be tolerated.

It's Monday. I got nothin'. Cope with it as best you can, and may God have mercy on your soul!  :)

Sunday, 26 June 2016

Hung Over

Jeez Louise!

When I was a kid I could pound back the suds and still sorta function the next day. I even spent a day in Hell to prove it: one night as a kid I got schnockered and the next day (Saturday) - Pop was bringing in bales and needed a good day out of me. I will forever remember my penance, riding on the stuker behind the noisy baler with Pop up front on the tractor. The end of June, +30C, and the fuggin bales coming at me as fast as I could stack them were 40~80 lbs. Because bales are so scratchy you wear thick long sleeve shirts and jeans.

Last night I drank 5 beers. Five - and I am a good for nothing derelict today. I can't handle booze anymore. But: we had something to celebrate!!!!

We ran the engine for the first time last night. Scotty The Retard and Flapz came over and fussed and coaxed the engine into life. It's brand new, never been run...but it is a couple years old. We kept it just a smidge above idle - I have to run a forty minute break in burn on the ground before we dare the skies with it. But you can hear that low, cute little 4 cycle growl. That bird is gonna roar at full throttle and when it goes by at 40 kts barrel rolling - EVERYONE is gonna stand up and salute and cheer!!!!

I've downloaded this model on the simulator and hopefully can transition to the real bird this year...we'll see.

Oh gawd...what's going on in my small intestine...?!?!? Lawd have mercy...!!!!! If you'll excuse me, I might take a short trip on the porcelain bus. GAH! Maybe it was 7 beers...?

Saturday, 25 June 2016

Nerves Of Steel: This Is Why I Love Americans

Steel. Nerves of bloody steel!

Consider what you're seeing here. That Sky Crane chopper is an infernal machine that is an offence to the laws of aeronautics and gravity. Not content to piss those two Gods off - they lift that load in direct defiance of the weather gods! Even without the intervention of vengeful gods - that machine, given half a chance, will cheerfully tear itself - and its crew - to shreds! Darwin and Murphy are asked to please be patient - these steely eyed American pilots, engineers and iron workers will be giving you the finger too in due course too!

Why? Why would you risk lives, millions of dollars and defy the laws of nature
and common sense? Why - to put a slide in the sky of course!

I saw a another vid after they installed it. Two old farts with ties, suits and pot bellies go zipping down it like cool kids, hit the 69th floor... and then scamper up the stairs to go round and do it again!

Yannow I sit here and think - not a chance! Not a chance in hell am I gonna slide my fat arse down that thing! But I know darn well that I would do it in a heart beat and that I would be fighting BW, Wirecutter and CM to go first! HAR HAR HAR!

There is greatness in us, and some civilizations require soaring monuments and sky scraping towers to show it. Only the Americans could find it in a child's diversion like a slide. And it isn't just slides - they have stuck roller coasters on the sides of sky scrapers too!

Saturday Scribble - Understanding Women

As always, Unca Bob is at odds with the Manosphere as am I. When the movement first arose I was heartily in favour of it. It was a revelation: no, Filthie, it's not just you. Or your friends. It's them - they're off their fuggin gourds and they are going to take you with them if you go along with them. "Them" being the feminists, the sexual degenerates, and the politically correct liberals that encourage and enable them. The cure pushed in the beginning by the Manosphere was to fall back on and develop the manly virtues: staying in shape, self improvement, keeping a positive lifestyle, living fully if sparingly - all that appealed to me as an Old World man, and probably a lot of old world women too. It was a healthy response to a bad social development.

As is usual with such things poisoned minds rushed to the head of the parade and pose as the leaders. Bob points out Vox Day and Roosh but there's any number of others. There's no doubting that they talk a good talk when they're on but push un-manly conduct and use shit house non-science to justify it.

Like most young men they still think with their dinks and then wrongfully assume that women think with their vaginas. So it is - according to them - that Euro women invite hordes of filthy black moslem immigrants in hopes of getting railed by big, black cack while their effeminate beta men sit around and allow it! HAR HAR HAR!!!! HAR HAR HAR!!! Hey - don't get mad at me - that's what they are saying...not me! If you want to scold me for being a shit by laughing at it - point well made, HAR HAR HAR!

Oh yeah? Well my ass hates you, chickie, and if you don't
stop that infernal bitching it will say so in no
uncertain terms, HAR HAR HAR!
Smell the love...! PBBBFBFBFFFFFFFT!!!

Women think with their emotions far more than their vagina. And just as a man can be led astray and betrayed by his nads - so it goes for women misled by their emotions. Historically, women have taken the mightiest men down by appealing to their libido and using it to betray them. So it goes that men have done the same to women by manipulating their emotions.  Of course all this goes out the window for men and women with triple digit IQ's - they know they are being played and they know who the players are.

The Battle Of The Sexes has already been fought and lost by all who were dumb enough engage in it. The world is full of lonely old cat ladies and desperate fading cougars. It's full of sad old bachelors or bitter, unfulfilled young men trying to pretend that their lack of success with young women is intentional and of their choosing. Nobody gives a shit about the kids born into the middle of all this. Outside of that moral and ethical shit storm are the sexually disturbed homo/metro/bisexuals whose degenerate lifestyles are the stuff of a modern day creep show. They are discarded clowns that people no longer laugh at or cheer for.

Just as biology, 250,000 years of evolution and hardwired genetic instincts have evolved our reproductive parts to fit together - so too have our psychologies evolved to compliment each other too. It isn't the church that decreed that marriage is 'one man and one woman' - it was Darwin and to a lesser extend - Murphy. That is the proper and healthy condition for the human animal - and anyone that deviates from that tends to end up unhappy.

While the boys of the Manosphere strut and posture, fume and ridicule... us real men need to scratch our heads and do some serious thinking. A woman's place is so clearly no longer just in the home - what is there for her? With modern conveniences and appliances the housework is done by 9:00am. What is she supposed to do with all that free time? Drink? Clearly, we need to make room for women in the workplace - how do we do that in a sensible, productive way that is fair for everyone? Current affirmative action hiring policies are driving our jobs overseas because vibrants and women are being promoted into positions they are not qualified to handle - and the results have been catastrophic. Our police, military and trades are being undermined by women that will pose a liability rather than an asset in job specific situations. This job is a lot harder than the liberal social engineers would make it. It's not as easy as telling your men to shut up and vote for Hillary. We need to get women into the job place and engage them and motivate them. Affirmative action won't do that. Affirmative action will not allow industry to properly take maximum advantage a woman's skill set. It is my scholarly opinion that with this shit show going on - the intelligent people are either quiet and thinking - or asking questions.

The idiots are the guys that claim to have all the answers.

Friday, 24 June 2016

Some Fine Additions To The Toilet Roll

Are you talking to me, PP??? I said...ARE YOU TALKING TO -

Welp, made some much needed additions to the toilet roll. For the record, I don't follow blogs because I'm too damned stupid and lazy to figure out how that works! When I DO figure it out I will join the proper blogs - but for now I lurk, and crap in the comments from time to time. Please stand by.

As always, thanks for stopping by! The weekend's started, and I have a two-four of Bud, guns to clean, and dogs to walk!


Friday Night Bloviating Blogger Beat Down!!!!

It is with utter joy that I preside over the mayhem of the blogosphere.

BW has one of the finest travel blogs you will ever see. How does he do it? I live in Alberta and drive through it everyday and I don't see the stuff he catches. When I go down an old Albertan back road I find cows, cow shit, mosquitoes and maybe the odd dead gopher that dared the road when he shouldn't have.

This is the kind of stuff BW finds in his travels.

He sets the bar pretty high with this stuff...but I see Chicken Mom over at Coopville is taking him into the boards and beating him at his own game! HAR HAR HAR! Beat the stuffing out of him, CM!!!

We have a few buildings that are this old in Alberta. Fact is that 100 years ago,
there was hardly anyone out here but coyote and moose. Most of our Indians here came up from the States too. Buildings like these in good shape are all to rare in Alberta and what few there are - are historical landmarks.

In any event - while CM is diverted as she's beating the crap out of BW in the corner... I will enter the fray and steal CM's thunder! Welcome, ladies and gentlemen (and liberals of indeterminate gender, HAR HAR HAR!!!) - to Friday Night Steam - The Canadian Edition!!!

In winter time up here in Canada, the only way to get steam out of water is
if you are mad at it!

There we go. That's about right. Leave it to Yours Truly
to put some proper Canadian Content in Friday Night

Dammit. It was the longest day of the year last week. The days get shorter, the temps will cool and we'll be back in the deep freeze soon enough. In Canada you enjoy summer while it lasts!

Thoughts On The Brexit


The EU was a great idea in concept but it was bound to fail. In the USA and here in Canada every time you turn around somebody is bitching about those 'clueless *****' in Washington, or those cloistered ***** in Ottawa - and they are completely right to do so. There is no cultural crossover between the sleazy New York Politician or the rancher in Texas. There is no connection between the Alberta rig pig and the homo/metro/bi-sexual freak shows in Quebec and Ontario. They have different values, different problems and different answers. When your leadership is too far away from you and your problems and challenges... they can't possibly govern you effectively or look out for you.

It's been my experience in life that people get in the most trouble not when they get greedy - but when they get lazy. Lazy people cop out - and that defines liberalism in a nutshell. They think they are being punished when they are put in situations where they have to work, or think, or make a sacrifice now that will improve their futures later. They want somebody else to carry the load, to make the tough decisions, to take the financial hit and pain that goes along with being successful - but they fully expect to share in that success when they've contributed nothing to it themselves. So it was that fwench and German taxpayers found themselves on the hook for Greek, Spanish, Portugese, Italian and Irish fiscal irresponsibility. The parasite will give you sanctimonious lectures about greed and altruism as it kills you. If you let that parasite do that for too long you will get so weakened that the cure that kills the parasite may kill you as well. The elites of the EU don't seem to care as long as they get their cut. They are so rich and powerful they can cash in even when Europe burns.

Today Britain chose the harder path. They have accepted responsibility for themselves and their future and no matter what happens I am with them. This is how problems are solved: take responsibility for them, own them...and solve them. If you pass your problems onto someone else you may not care for how they choose to deal with them and the consequences might even be worse.

You're better off without 'er, mate.

All the best to you Britain. Hopefully the rest of them follow suit. My prediction is that the short term will be full of screaming, bitching and whining... but if they can stay the course, 10 years from now they will be happy they did what they did.


I can't believe it. They're actually shocked! "Who woulda seen that one coming?" Merkel clucked, "Who woulda thunk it???" This is how 'out of it' these leftist idiots are. They live in an echo chamber of political correctness, virtue-signalling and cultural fascism - that they can't even imagine people wanting to do for themselves - much less people who refuse to bow down to them. That picture just made my weekend! I hope to see a similar expression on Hillary Clinton's face in the fall! The Brits stepped's high time the rest of us did as well.

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Sticker Fun

I just stuck this one on Uncle Bob's Lotus sports car... That's Malory Archer choking her receptionist.
I suppose I shouldn't pick on Uncle Bob, he's still mad at me for that Obama
election sticker I plastered on it last time.

Kids love stickers. When we were kids just starting out I had 're-purposed' an old stereo stand as a compact reloading bench. There was just barely room for it in our tiny apartment. One day I came home to find it festooned with stickers. Ghostbusters, Slimers, Smurfs, My Pretty Ponies were all over it and I did the face/palm thing. My two year old toddler asked me what I thought of her work and I managed to nod and approve of it.

I wish I still had it today.

To my American friends - if any of you could send me some Hillary election stickers (that you HAVEN'T wiped your ass on) - I would sincerely appreciate it! My enemies aren't going to prank themselves, dontchya know...!

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

The Banners Are On Very Thin Ice

Earlier in the week I had some choice words with some idiot that was advocating the ban of AR15's (and, one would assume, other military style "assault weapons") - because some moslem fudge packer flipped his gourd and killed a bunch of queers (gee whiz - who woulda seen that one coming). I was later shocked (SHOCKED, I tells ya) to learn that ol' fella had some psychiatric problems of his own to deal with. Most of these nanny state types do. The good news is that it isn't going to happen. AR's and military rifles are flying off the shelves again, ammo sales are way up - and the public has spoken: F-off, fascist!

HAR HAR HAR! Outdoorsman Of The Year!!!

Years ago the nannies, bedwetters, snivellers and panty waists up here in Canada got their knickers in twist because of us horrible, horrible ice fishermen. We would go out on the ice where we would get drunk, and have occasional mishaps like the one Uncle Bob had above, HAR HAR HAR! The poor bugger had to go 8 feet under water just to get away from the nagging, whining and bitching!

Stackz O. Mags to the rescue!!!

Clearly, something had to be done! And of course, some fat old woman had the perfect answer: ban ice fishing!

PP arrives with a load of fuel and prepares to take it down to the boys below!

The result was stunned silence - and then a veritable explosion of derisive laughter from the public. How did this clueless bint propose to enforce it? Well - the RCMP of course! They have lots of time to keep old stubfarts like Yours Truly from endangering themselves!

"So," the public responded, "What are they gonna do when they spot Old Man Filthie out on the ice with his illegal ass box and restricted tip-ups?"

The old harridan exploded "Why they would march right out on that ice and.... and...." ...and the light bulb went on.

The Orlando shooting has all the old biddies with their panties in a knot. We had the same thing happen up here in Canada back at the turn of the century when Mark Lepine went into a university class full of 'Wymen's Studies' students - and open up with a Ruger Mini 14. (Not many people know this, but with a name like Marc Lepine, you woulda thunk he was a fwench-Canadian. Turns out his mom was a mudsharking fwench ho and his father was a radical moslem turdie! Who woulda thunk it???) In any event the liberals lost their shit! They pulled Bill C-68 out of their collective leftist ass overnight, and rammed it through the legal system almost overnight! And as with all these knee-jerk responses, they had to pass the bill to find out what was in it afterward. Here are just a few of the better ones:
  • the right to remain silent was abolished under this legislation - but only for gun owners
  • expanded powers for the police meant they could enter your home and confiscate firearms without a warrant
  • in order to enforce Bill C68 well over dozens of existing property laws would have to be violated
  • It was unconstitutional
The liberals creamed themselves with joy! The job of enforcing this triumph of liberal social engineering was handed off to a short, pudgy little man named Allen Rock. It was the chance he had waited for all his life, no doubt. Next thing ya know, the sawed off runt was strutting in front of the cameras, waving his pudgy little fists around and screeching about 'house-by-house' searches for unregistered and illegal guns. It was the only way to get them all off the street, dontchya know!!! And he was right. And that is when the wheels came off.
  • the cops flat out refused to enforce the legislation. Their beef was with criminals, not with duck hunters, farmers, hobbyists and collectors. The reality of this legislation meant that cops would in all likelihood get shot trying to wrongfully confiscate property of otherwise law abiding citizens.
  • the gun owners enmasse, told Allen Rock to go fuck himself - with a chainsaw ... and made it plain they would make him do that if he got stupid about it. Non-compliance was and still is rampant.
  • the liberals shat their pants too. What happens when the cops come through YOUR door at 2:00am looking for illegal guns and find your stash of pot instead? Liberal vibrants had to consider the possibility of their 9 illegal relatives living in the basement being discovered. Many liberals own guns too and have no intent of complying with gun laws either.
  • the courts got a few high profile cases where farmers were dragged in for having a rusty, loaded unregistered gun out in the barn - with the banners wanting to prosecute him for not filling out the proper paperwork. The cases were thrown out within minutes of being presented.
Today the laws are still on the books, but the vast majority of them aren't enforced. Most AR guys will still go out to the gopher patch with their AR's - or set up informal 3 gun shoots in the back country ... and the cops look the other way as long as we are courteous and discrete. Most of our cops are good men and I have not heard of a case yet where they did a search and seizure without the proper warrants and due process. They did grab some guns from a town that had evacuated during a flood (supposedly taking them to keep looters from getting them) but the Prime Minister himself dragged the canary legged faggot responsible out on the red carpet - and made him apologize and return them.

So while the liberal ass hats may think they want a police state... once they see what it entails, I suspect reason will break out in all but the most liberal bastions of leftist stupidity. In any event - if you don't have an AR15 - get one soon. You're missing out on a whole lot of shooting fun. And - if ya haven't tried ice fishin' yet...ya need to jump on that too!

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Little Victories

I've been flying RC planes for a year now but have been avoiding the flight test the entire time. When I first started I had an infuriating mental hang up - when I flew I felt like I was back in that flex wing ultralight the morning I did my 300 ft swan dive into a field of standing canola. It drove me nuts with rage - I would get my stupid toy plane in the air and my breathing would change, my heart would start to jack hammer, I got that coppery taste in my mouth that ya get with an adrenaline rush...and my mind shut down. This, despite hours on an RC simulator.

The Nintendo Generation kids play with the simulator and then pass this test with ease...but I couldn't. I didn't get my head around it until one day I grounded all the old farts - took over the field and pushed that little trainer plane through one pant-filling stunt after another! I almost crashed a couple times but managed to bring the little bird in - and then collapsed in a lawn chair, sheened with sweat and my short suspiciously mushy... but I could fly now, and begin to relax. The snow flew before I could take my test, and the retired old farts that sign a new guy off had all fled south for the winter. I should be getting my little plastic wings soon.

It's an odd hobby. I am just happier than a bug in the rug with my little cheapo glow powered plains but some of these guys fly jets worth upward of $15,000.00!!! How could you enjoy something like that? Where one electronic fart on a servo can turn your investment into a lawn dart?

Whoever has the most toys when he dies wins!

The Sexual Contract: Please Render A Decision

The Battle Of The Sexes ended approximately 250,00 years ago. At the dawn of mankind, when the monkeys were coming down from the trees and walking on the plains on their hind feet life was tough and the only way to make a go of it was to pool resources and divide labour. Females exchanged sex for food and protection and nurtured the young. The males slept on the couch and farted hunted and defended their family and tribe. As the animal evolved the partnership morphed into classical marriage that we see today. Yes, there have been failed alternatives to marriage like polyandry, polygamy and gay marriage today - but classical marriage produced the most successful families and people. Essentially, classical marriage was a codified version of same the sexual contract between our hairy ancestors where the male provided and the female nurtured the young.

When I'm not pooping in the comments over at the Treehouse or The Smallhold I sometimes go slumming amongst the 'neo-reactionaries'. Fair warning: I do not understand them all that well but find them to be fascinating nonetheless. On Jim's Blog you will find genius, stupidity, altruism, racism - it all goes...provided it is relevant (or at least, somewhat so (or kinda sorta related in a roundabout way, HAR HAR HAR!)). He's a lot like our Uncle Bob that way - he loves to poke people and make them think and listen to their thoughts. Such men are a true gift from God these days - what with schlock journalists trolling their readers. They just make me want to tell them to FOAD - but these guys make me want to be part of the discussion.

All the underpinnings of our society are starting to crumble: today marriage is largely a sham by which the vengeful shrews rapes their gullible man. When men got wise to that, the women engaged, enmasse, in phoney rape accusations and lawfare. And of course - this buffoonery is the stuff of high comedy as feminists take in the shorts when things go to court. Or it is the stuff of tragedy when the law goes wrong (as it so often does) - and an otherwise good man is ruined as he gets financially and spiritually raped in court.

Neoreactionaries are intellectuals. They are capable of seriously deep thought and if there are such things as modern philosophers... these guys are it. As for me - I am a garden variety white kid, raised in the school of hard knocks. It is my position that in life, actions have consequences and if you mix up things that 'should be' with the way things are in reality - the results can be catastrophic. Therefore, in matters of love and marriage - I advocate the old values of long courtships, abstinence and self restraint. That is because (as I see it) - the courts still enforce that sexual contract. If a man screws it - he owns it! Concepts like 'free love' and the 'hook up culture' are degenerate liberal pipe dreams. These concepts are bad for men and utterly horrible for women. When foolish men bed foolish women and refuse to take ownership of themselves or the consequences - the courts can and do make them honour that old sexual contract and these hapless horn-dogs find themselves obligated and forced to support women they had no intention to. Our liberal infested courts, whether they realize it or not - are enforcing the sexual contract that is embedded in our genetic make up. Hence my admonishment to young men: if you screw it, you own it...and if she is bat chit crazy, you own that too! Take precautions, keep it in your pants and think with the big head! Get to know your lady before you hop in bed with her! (Essentially the same advice we ignored when we were young).

Jim had a fascinating rebuttal:

"Unless you are extremely lucky, this contract will be enforced at the judicial level too."
On the contrary, this contract is forbidden at the judicial level, as judges, police, and lawyers systematically enforce black African sexual behavior on white males. The point and purpose is to make all husbands guilty of marital rape and domestic partner abuse, to prevent men from owning women. That is what the members of Phi Beta Kappa are being taught in Sexual Assault Awareness Class: That if you fuck it you don’t own it, are forbidden to own it. Ryan Duffin refused to take possession, and he is not being punished, even though if anyone other than Jackie Coakley herself is to blame for the sufferings of Jackie Coakley, it is Ryan Duffin. It is all those other males who had nothing to do with this little soap opera who are being punished for the sufferings of Jackie Coakley.
Jackie Coakley, being a woman, naturaly demanded black African behavior, being a woman, naturally did not like it when she got it. Therefore, all the males that had nothing to do with this, who failed to engage in black African behavior, are to be punished.
<sarcasm>If women demand what they are naturally inclined to demand, and then do not like what they get, obviously white males must have bad attitudes, and their toxic masculinity needs to be cured.</sarcasm>
This is an example of magic causation. Just as people cause black and female work underperformance merely by thinking bad thoughts about blacks and women, men make women’s sexual choices go wrong merely by thinking bad thoughts about women’s capacity to make sexual choices.
<sarcasm>Since Ryan Duffin took Jackie Coakley at her word, and acted like a nigger, he obviously has the right attitude to women. Since her choices made her unhappy, there must be some other males somewhere with the wrong attitude to women, whose evil thoughts cause her choices to make her unhappy.</sarcasm>
Of course, what actually needs to be done is to remedy her choices with a public caning for sexual immorality. Obviously she not only needs corporal punishment, but it is clear from her sexual fantasies that she wants corporal punishment.

HAR HAR HAR!!! HAR HAR HAR HAR HAR!!! All hail the Mighty Jim!!! He is one of the few bloggers that I will admit is smarter than I am! HAR HAR HAR!

So the question is put before you, Your Honour, for a scholarly and wise decision. Who has the right of it? When our countries burn to the ground and it is time to rebuild - shall we write our women off as children, incapable of being responsible for themselves and subject to the same punishments as children when they misbehave as Jim advocates? Or do we hold our young men and women to higher standards as I advocate?

Your two cents, as always, is sincerely appreciated!

Have a good day!

True North

Years ago I was up north by Fort McMud at the Firebag project. The bugs were HORRIBLE. I think this is probably northern Ontair-I-Owe (or, as we Albertans refer to it, Morontario) - and they get little black flies up there.

The flies up at Ft. Mace were fuggin BIG - big bejeebers that took MEAT when they bit. The customers ran around in heavy long sleeve shirts and bathed in bug dope and STILL got bit. I will always remember sitting in that company truck with the big buzzers thumping at the windows to get in. Those infernal insects are man's punishment for sins committed long ago.

They're All Socialists Now

Venezuela is in the end game.

This is the evil of socialism, and this is how it works. You vote for a gov't that robs Peter to pay Paul - and hope thay you're Paul. It never fails too - that once elected, that gov't is not only gonna take Peter to the cleaners - it is going to clean out Paul as well. It boggles my mind: in three generations, we here in the USA and Canada have gone from being fiercely independent pioneers who prided ourselves on caring for ourselves in the face of the worst of adversity... to whiney little bitches that expect gubbermint to take care of us and love us - the way our families should.

You punched your ticket, Venezuela - enjoy the ride.

Monday, 20 June 2016

The Filthie Retronaut

So? What's so filthy about a classic tail dragger..?

Any stupid old farts making rude jokes about cockpits will get a $5.00 fine (your life's savings, in other words), and 30 days in jail!'s Monday morning. I forgot where I was going with this. Carry on, everyone!


A blogger I used to read liked to posture himself and pose as a rugged outdoors expert that knew the ways of the wild ...  and as an authority on hunting and fishing. If memory serves he lived in Chicago and he got away with it too. (I wasn't going to say anything, it was his blog, the fan boys ate his hogwash up and who wants to ruin a good yarn for the greenhorns and pork eaters?). The man was an utter ass hat, of course, and I savoured the high comedy of it behind the scenes and smirked and stifled my laughter.

One thing he liked to do was expound on the topic of bears.

Meet the .454 Casull Alaskan. With full power loads this little snubby will develop
enough horsepower to kill on both ends. According to
my former outdoor authority, armament like this is essential
for the outdoorsmen in bear country...
I personally cannot think of a worse gun for the job than this one, myself.

Dear gawd - the man wrote of sleepless nights in a tent in bear country as the monsters snuffled and snorted outside the tent! This is how stupid people end up shooting themselves or each other - or worse - perfectly good bears that are generally big and happy and dumb unless provoked.

At the other end of the spectrum are the bunny huggers who fancy bears as pets.

Awwwwww. Isn't that cute???

If I ever came across a scene like this, I would flip the safety off my .308, ever so slowly bring it around - and ask the lady to SLOWLY back away from the bear...

As with most things like this the truth is somewhere in between. I am not a wildlife biologist. I am not an expert. But I have spent more time than most in bear country and haven't had a single problem with them. I respect bears but I do not fear them - mainly because I take precautions.

I refused to hunt them and stand by that to this day largely because of the impressions I formed of this critter. Bears are big and happy and dumb when left to themselves - much like us. They are reclusive too - and will run from humans and especially dogs - which they hate with the heat of one thousand suns. This critter's idea of a good time is to flop out and bask in the sun in a garbage dump, pigging out on the refuse of humans. Or chowing down on salmon during the run in the spring. Bears CAN be domesticated as can be seen here - but they require very, very special care and handling. Properly raised they are fiercely loyal and extremely intelligent. Klondike lore is full of them, used as camp protection and pack animals by intrepid prospectors, trappers and adventurists. (Mind you, most of that crap was written by the same BS artists as the one I read who lived in Chicago).

As a game animal these critters aren't worth the time of day. Some people bait them to draw them into bow or rifle range and that is fine for them... but for me...? Back in my hunting days I preferred a bit more of a challenge. On the other side of the coin, they make excellent trophies and rugs. When my wife and I were kids she had a lucrative part time job sewing up bear rugs at a taxidermy shop.

If you're going to hunt them - go big, but for the love of God - be a sportsman about it and make damned sure you can hit what you're aiming at. Big, heavy recoiling guns need lots of practice from the marksman - and bears are built tough. They are regal animals and deserve a quick and honourable end. (All animals do, I suppose, but that goes double for bears). Bears get their fearsome reputation from slob hunters that only wound them - and a wounded bear is BIG trouble. If you try to kill them and muff it - they are gonna try and kill ya right back. Count on it.... and to be deserve whatever you get after that. Were I to hunt them I would take the classic Marlin lever guns in .45-70 - stoked to the balls. You have to bust bears up to kill them quickly.

If you are going to camp in their country, understand that it is their country and you are the guest. Don't leave your food or garbage out, keep your camp scrupulously clean - and do all the things you normally should do as a camper. I've only come face to face with them three times and at no time was I ever in any real danger. If they went one way, I went the other and all was well. So it will go for you.

Yes, sick and wounded bears may attack the hapless camper...but you can get struck by lightening, or hit by a bus too. You don't live your life in fear of stuff like that, nor should you live in fear of the Lord Of The Spruce/Moose country. Respect him - and he will respect you.

Sunday, 19 June 2016

A Different Father's Day

I hope you boys have a good ol' fashioned Father's Day...and if ya don't have kids of your own, make sure you try and make it one for Pop!

Fathers Day and Mothers Day used to be really tough around here. While my daughter was growing up they were never a big deal, sometimes we got cards and small gifts, sometimes not, usually we went out for lunch or BBQ's with my wife's parents or mine.

Ten years ago, my daughter was a beautiful, smart young lady with the world by the tail... and I was so proud. It was all I could do not to gloat about how proud I was of my daughter and her prospects. There's parables and scriptures about fools and pride, how pride goes before a fall. When Uncle Bob lectures about the deadly sins a man can commit - he sometimes talks about hubris. I sent my daughter off to university with all that I could give her. All my hopes and pride rode hard on that girl and perhaps the load was too much to bear. Perhaps something happened at school and I was not there to help. Who knows? Long story short - my beautiful daughter left home for school in another city - and somehow came back a wretched, sullen, angry militant lesbian social justice warrior. Of course we clashed and my family tore itself to shreds. We haven't spoken in 5 or 6 years now and probably never will again. Such a wretched woman she's become that I dunno if that is a bad thing or not. For the last half decade, our angry parting was a shit stain across my soul that just wouldn't come out. I've been angry and sullen too.

They say there are five or seven stages of grief but for me it was one great big long, hard suck. When I started this blog a few months back I was still under a cloud of grief that didn't show any signs of lifting. But finally....FINALLY... a couple months back, the pain started to fade. I had done my best as a father, had somehow failed spectacularly - but that the game was over and done and it was time to move on. I had no more tears, no more grief, no more anger. I have regrets - but that's all they are now.

Dawn Patrol: 5:45AM. Captain Sweatpants does more by 9AM
than you'll do all day...
EDIT: After Dawn Patrol I came home and went back to bed!!! Errrr... Captain Sweatpants
tells more lies by 9:00 AM than you will all year...

It's an odd feeling, as this cloud lifts. Things that haven't mattered to me for years - suddenly do. I started taking an interest in things. You can putt on my lawn, the grass is so well taken care of! Suddenly the weekends are too short again, what with chores, the bike, the RC planes and the guns. I still have the occasional bout of gloom and sorrow...but the ol' heart is mending. It's about time.

I'm alright. If you should happen across this blog, Spud - Mom and I are fine and hope you are too.

Saturday, 18 June 2016

Filthie's Galley

Earlier today I went down to the CTV studio and tried to interest them in a Sunday morning cooking show. My idea is that I could invite culinary experts and internet celebs onto my show like Uncle Bob, PP, Stackz O. Mags and such... and engage the viewers, boost rating and ad revenue and cash in! The Area Manager looked over my material and I got real excited when he called the executive producer in. He glanced at my material and then the manager grabbed my arms, the producer got my feet and I got heaved out the back door to go sprawling across the pavement!!!

Suffice it to say negotiations are pending.

Who can resist Pioneer Preppie's Pot Pizza? Why, there's enough cheese in there to kill 100 fwenchmen!

Uncle Bob is the ultimate tactical kitcheneer!

It's a minor setback, Bob! Remember the 5 second rule! It's still

Stackz O. Mags could learn us everything he knows about green bean United States Fuggin Marine Cuisine! Mmmmmmmmmmm!

I have heard some Marines have some killer recipies for snakes and bugs too! How could those assholes at the CTV turn all this down??? I'll try the CBC on Monday. They'll be all over this!

Saturday Scribble: Why I Own An AR15: Revised

Honour is a gift that a man gives himself. If he goes to the expense - respect follows. Sometimes respect and honour are subtle and understated. Sometimes a man can lose them through no fault of his own. I've said some things here in haste and in anger and to give everyone a fair shake I've redacted the lot. Further, I am forced by chivalry to put up my guns and hold my fire - for now. But I will have you know this - it sticks in my bloody craw to do so. Most who read this may misinterpret my actions. The person benefitting from them will never appreciate them. I can't help such people; I have neither the skills nor the patience - but my heart goes out to those that do.

The rest of the post stands. Now, if you'll excuse me - I am off to the shitter to stick my head down the toilet and flush a few times.


"Everyone is going to die sooner or later,
so aspire to die well and take as many of the bastards with you as you can,
both personally and in reprisal."

Everything in life is a choice. Right up to and including slavery.

Friday, 17 June 2016

Thoughts On Canadian Road Pizza

Years ago I was riding through Elk Island National Park on my old cruiser. There's game on that road from buffalo right on down to grouse and I had slowed down accordingly. I had my wife on the back when this decisive ruffie decided to cross the road - and got flattened by my Suzuki 1500cc road bike. I couldn't stop - the stupid bugger hit me low amidships and went right under the rear wheel!

Contrary to authors unknown, be advised that discretion and forethought are integral parts of decision making and proceed accordingly.

Happy Friday everyone!

A Public Service Announcement

Looking around I am utterly disgusted and appalled at the dishevelled state of my fellow bloggers! Their hygiene habits are non-existent! PP is grimy and filthy from working underneath that ol' Ford tractor of his. Chicken Mom is caked with bird guano. I've seen homeless vagrants cleaner than Uncle Bob and Wirecutter! Fact is I'm disgusted with the lot of you!!!

Around here, Friday is Bath Night and I get in there and soap up my bits and pits once a week - whether they need it or not! I like to lead by example so tonight - I am off!

Ahhhhhhhh. Relaxing AND musical....

We don't eat a lot of beans in this house - I can't imagine why - I only remember my wife making them once. She soaked them for a day before she baked them and they were awesome. This must have been 20 years ago and I still remember it today.

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Random Thoughts From The Reloading Bench

The Orlando massacre has brought out the worst in a lot of people and it is easy to get depressed with the usual turd brains that insist on blaming the guns rather than the people. It's unfortunate but true - old people, women and children are easy to frighten and manipulate and a lot of them aren't the best critical thinkers. The ol' Rat, for example, doesn't see the end game here. He thinks the Donks will be happy if they can ban sport-utility rifles ... and they will! But it won't end there: the Donks will then have the power of legal precedent to go after all the guns - and rest assured, they will! My advice to you Americans is to give the Democrats the finger on gun control - and some hot lead if they get stupid about it! Once they have your AR15's they'll go after your handguns, and after that, your deer and duck guns. They tried that up here in Canada and damn near got away with it.

You can imagine my surprise though, to see actual good things coming out of this tragedy. I run afoul of my fellow Canadians up here because I am conservative and love Americans - and stuff like this is the reason why. Consider:
  • everyone is starting to reconsider immigration in general and moslems in particular. Immigration IS out of control and America (and certainly Canada) are becoming dumping grounds for human sewage from other countries. Our countries deplore racism, violence and savagery - and we are importing ignorant savages that are racists and violent by nature. That's just the moslems - the Mexicans, the blacks and other minority groups are flooding into the country and tearing the communities apart where they settle. It's a real problem, it's not racist to say so... and even Donald Trump is saying it.
  • consider the queers. For ages they have been lewd, rude and crude with their sexually degenerate lifestyle. They made a point of being as offensive as possible with it - and it has paid the expected dividends. The constitution protects queers and regular people alike from the gov't and from otherwise law abiding citizens. It does NOT protect you from the loons, criminals and moslem nutbars that Obama and the liberals are flooding into the country. Queers are beginning to realize that the liberals are NOT their friends and more than a few are gunning up and vowing to shoot back if they are threatened. Just remember you lot - an armed society is a polite society. Forget that at your peril.
  • which leads us to the final point: AR15's are flying off the shelves, as are high capacity magazines and ammunition. This is good - while it may frighten old Fudds like The Rat - it also frightens the hell out of the idiots that dummy and his ilk vote for - and that is a good thing. I want those types of people to be afraid of me - it keeps them off my lawn and as long as they don't get stupid...nobody gets hurt. I'll keep my guns and rights, thanks.

As a Canadian that pays lip service to liberal gun laws, I cannot stress this enough to my American friends: it is your right to defend yourself and the best person to do that is YOU. None of the problems I listed above are justification for mass murder - but this little point is: the biggest problem at that bar that night was that nobody shot back. One law abiding American could have made all the difference in the world - and that is where the tragedy of all this lies.

As a Canadian gunny I get the odd newsletters going round and one excerpted an article from a local American rag - buried at the back. Some eeeeeeeevil Christians in the states were having a BBQ/picnic. A failed liberal social experiment showed up to turn it into a turkey shoot and had a duffel full of guns. He got one out, got a couple shots off - and a church lady plugged him twice in the chest and put him down. Fatalities? One. The perp.

That should have been all over the news, but it was ignored. Stuff like this happens all the time. An AR15 does not make you invincible as that boy proved. But there is another lesson to be learned here and it is with utmost pride that I note our own Canadian law enforcement up here have taken it to heart: when these things go down the absolute wrong thing to do is set up barricades, and wait to start negotiations with the gunman. We had a copy cat in Montreal a few years back go into a university with one of those Beretta 9mm carbines and the second he started shooting - the cops were on the way! Two cops were at the scene in literally minutes. They didn't futz around with negotiators, the media, or the hand wringers or politicians - they cornered that little mutt and shot him down like the cur he was. Casualties? One. The perp. See the pattern emerging here?

Look after yourselves. Get a gun, learn how to use it and most of all - get out on the range and enjoy the shooting sports too. Be responsible, shoot safe, and most of all, have fun.

Sigh. True North...


The Tofield Women's Biathalon Team probably won't win any medals this year but they will certainly look good doing it.

California? Or BC?

Wirecutter often posts pics of the weirdos, beardos, and UFO's that infest California which is often referred to America's Land Of Froots And Nuts. Canada's answer to California is BC - and our reply to San Francisco is Vancouver (or as I like to refer to it, Hongcouver because of all the imported nine irons that moved in. The Vancouver International Airport sounds like a downtown Saigon fish market on some days...).

Is it even possible to shock or outrage people anymore? These days, it seems that every one in 10 clicks of the mouse on the computer reveals something you'd probably wish you hadn't seen. If there is anything left that is shocking and outrageous in'll probably find a lot of it in Hongcouver.

Oooooooooo....New Whitewalls.....

There! Finally! Yannow, that is one rabbit hole (or financial black hole) I refuse to get sucked into. Harley Davidson makes a fortune selling mass produced farkles for fan boys to bolt onto their bikes for that custom look. Ya gotta be really careful with that and know where you're going with it before you do it. I dunno how many pimped bikes that end up looking like painted whores. (Whores that fart at a decibel level louder than a jumbo jet). I love HD, but the sad fact of it is that nowadays, everyone has one, and they are selling an image - at a very stiff premium. Their owners would probably disagree with me on all this and that's fair - this is only my opinion and your mileage may vary. Their machines may be overpriced - but at least it isn't overpriced junk like it was a few decades ago.

I'm a rider, pure and simple - and when I get on a bike it is to go somewhere and do something. I am not out to impress the cool kids and tire biters at the bar. I need bullet proof reliability and nowadays that means a liquid cooled engine. Even with liquid cooling that mill is a ball-burning furnace in the summer! Most of the bigger V Twin engines are. This is a plain Jane shit house metric bike that makes no pretentious fashion statements about it's owner - who is a crabby old stubfart! All I need now are some bright orange pants and some putties and I'm good to go.

See ya out there!

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Camp Porn

This is winter camping done right.

Filthie's Thunderbox: Purveyor Of Only The Finest Gun Porn

After the eruption of sewage coming from that Orlando shooting - some good ol' fashion heterosexual gun porn hits the spot on so many levels.

It's Okay, Everyone! Turns Out The Shooter Was Queer!

Thank goodness, The Liberal Narrative holds!!! Now we can all get on with solving the problem by blaming the gun, confiscating the guns of deer hunters and gun club duffers, and setting up a liberal Utopia where those icky Christians, NRA gun nuts, and conservatives are second class citizens!

Words tumble from their lips like turd from the ass! The spin is already starting: the Orlando shooter was queer, driven crazy by eeeeeeevil white Christian homophobes until he snapped and shot up a gay bath house. Turn in your guns everyone, it's for the good of society!!!

Look, moonbats: no, you won't get my guns (at least, not all of 'em), and no, queers are not beautiful, wonderful people that just want to do their thing in their own bedrooms and be left alone. Queers are 3 times as likely to attack and molest children as straights are. Lesbians are four or five times more likely to indulge in spousal abuse. When sex crimes become overly violent and gruesome the perp is almost always gay.

My own daughter is gay. Not only is she gay - she's a rancid social justice warrior. If there was anything good in those people I would have found it. Lord knows I tried. But blood does not trump right and wrong; I will hold my nose and tolerate homosexuality...but I will not celebrate it or pretend that it is wholesome and healthy - and neither should anyone with a triple digit IQ. The fact is that queers treat each other shabbily too. This shooter obviously had loose screws and they probably got that way from screwing people and things he shouldn't. And before some mealy mouthed liberal meat hole says it - that isn't homophobia, that is a scientific clinical observation.

I've said my piece, I don't care what the media says, I don't care how many idiots line up in a row to dance in the blood and sing the praises of homosexuality while bad mouthing guns. Take your bullshit, shove it up your ass and leave me and my guns alone. The left section of the political spectrum has forgotten which end of that spectrum owns all the guns. You may want to keep that in mind before doing something stupid. FFS - are any of you liberal assholes even smart enough to think of how this might have turned out differently had one of the victims been able to defend himself? Listen, fellas - YOU insisted on bars being gun free, YOU insist on sanitizing homosexuality, YOU insist on downplaying the threat potential of Islam in the west - this blood is on YOU.

That's all I'm gonna say about this.

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

A Woman's Place Is In The Kitchen

I dunno why feminists lose their shit over a statement like that. Why, if somebody told me to shut my gob, get back in the wood shop or the garage and mind my own business - I would do just that and it would make my day! Fact is you would need dynamite to get me out of there too! Why - I wouldn't mind looking after the kitchen too, if it had a stove like that in it...

Lies! Damned Lies!!!

Fuggin Fearless Flapz F. has been distributing libellous, slanderous and scandalous misinformation about me and I'm mad as hell about it!!!

No, I was NOT at the controls when this incident occurred.

Nor was I responsible for this mishap...
But perhaps you would be correct in suspecting it!

And - I want to be absolutely clear about this too: anything that sheep says about me over at The Smallhold is a damned lie! (But everything it says about Uncle Bob is absolutely true).

No further rude jokes at my expense will be tolerated!!!

Monday, 13 June 2016

A Point Possibly Accidentally Made - But A Point None The Less

Unca Bob dismisses the latest mass murder in the States with a bored yawn - and then starts talking about urban predators and prey.

If liberals could figure out the relationship between predators and prey...a bunch of queers might be alive today.

Just sayin'.