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Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Culture Corner: The Pianists

I have a tin ear but it seems to me the piano is under-represented in modern music when compared to other more glamorous instruments like the sax or maybe the guitar. It seems to take a special kind of talent to make the piano a show stopper. I personally think Diana Krall is the best of the breed when it comes to great piano musicians. Her playing is flawless and she has a breathy contralto that can stop your heart.

Walk On By - by the incomparable Diana Krall...

I'll be damned. Never seen a piano gang-raped before...

And finally, all the way from Sunnyvale Trailer Park - Bubbles! A musical virtuoso giving us a tour de force to start your Hump Day off right!

For those of you that always wondered why it is that the blogosphere's most elite and cultured celebs turn to me for musical authority - now you know!


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    1. Mornin' Sunny! Thanks for stopping by!

      Bubbles is truly a talent. I've seen a couple Youtubers where he plays with groups like the Tragically Hip and Rush and he doesn't do any comedy...he just plays along with the guys and doesn't miss a beat. I was shocked to learn he could play a piano too...

  2. Always learning sumptin' new at the Thunderbox... :o)

    1. And as long as ya don't regret it, it's all good! How are you this fine morn, CM? Last I saw, you and your husband had the farm looking like a million bucks...