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Saturday, 18 June 2016

Filthie's Galley

Earlier today I went down to the CTV studio and tried to interest them in a Sunday morning cooking show. My idea is that I could invite culinary experts and internet celebs onto my show like Uncle Bob, PP, Stackz O. Mags and such... and engage the viewers, boost rating and ad revenue and cash in! The Area Manager looked over my material and I got real excited when he called the executive producer in. He glanced at my material and then the manager grabbed my arms, the producer got my feet and I got heaved out the back door to go sprawling across the pavement!!!

Suffice it to say negotiations are pending.

Who can resist Pioneer Preppie's Pot Pizza? Why, there's enough cheese in there to kill 100 fwenchmen!

Uncle Bob is the ultimate tactical kitcheneer!

It's a minor setback, Bob! Remember the 5 second rule! It's still

Stackz O. Mags could learn us everything he knows about green bean United States Fuggin Marine Cuisine! Mmmmmmmmmmm!

I have heard some Marines have some killer recipies for snakes and bugs too! How could those assholes at the CTV turn all this down??? I'll try the CBC on Monday. They'll be all over this!

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