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Friday, 24 June 2016

Friday Night Bloviating Blogger Beat Down!!!!

It is with utter joy that I preside over the mayhem of the blogosphere.

BW has one of the finest travel blogs you will ever see. How does he do it? I live in Alberta and drive through it everyday and I don't see the stuff he catches. When I go down an old Albertan back road I find cows, cow shit, mosquitoes and maybe the odd dead gopher that dared the road when he shouldn't have.

This is the kind of stuff BW finds in his travels.

He sets the bar pretty high with this stuff...but I see Chicken Mom over at Coopville is taking him into the boards and beating him at his own game! HAR HAR HAR! Beat the stuffing out of him, CM!!!

We have a few buildings that are this old in Alberta. Fact is that 100 years ago,
there was hardly anyone out here but coyote and moose. Most of our Indians here came up from the States too. Buildings like these in good shape are all to rare in Alberta and what few there are - are historical landmarks.

In any event - while CM is diverted as she's beating the crap out of BW in the corner... I will enter the fray and steal CM's thunder! Welcome, ladies and gentlemen (and liberals of indeterminate gender, HAR HAR HAR!!!) - to Friday Night Steam - The Canadian Edition!!!

In winter time up here in Canada, the only way to get steam out of water is
if you are mad at it!

There we go. That's about right. Leave it to Yours Truly
to put some proper Canadian Content in Friday Night

Dammit. It was the longest day of the year last week. The days get shorter, the temps will cool and we'll be back in the deep freeze soon enough. In Canada you enjoy summer while it lasts!


  1. Could never, ever even come close to BW's photos. All of us FNSers are looking forward to your contributions this winter! Get your camera READY!

  2. I regularly bribe Chickenmom via her Platinum Membership.

  3. Errrr...where is MY bribe, CW??? Be generous, I know for a fact you are a man of wealth and taste!