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Thursday, 9 June 2016

Friday Open Road

Woohoo! Homeward bound on Friday! I'm so happy to be going home to the mutts and the wife that I am tempted to sink a few road rockets to speed up the trip!

This will improve my driving and disposition immensely!

Problem is that if I do that, I will miss some excellent scenery!

A fine spot to drain the lizard and decompress somewhere north of Grande Cache.

I am strongly tempted to throw a bivvie tent and a bottle of scotch and some firewood in the back of my company truck and submitting my masterful photos to BW and CW at their travel blogs. But I don't suppose it will do to show up on the customer's doorstep stinking of BO and a campfire...

Drive careful, you guys...and thanks for stopping by.


  1. Damn! The highway through Grande Cache is one of the few I have never been on.

  2. Okay. You HAVE to fix that, BW!!! ASAP! It's right between the foothills and the mountains most of the way... Kinda like Kananaskis country... you would really enjoy it on the scoot!