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Wednesday, 15 June 2016

It's Okay, Everyone! Turns Out The Shooter Was Queer!

Thank goodness, The Liberal Narrative holds!!! Now we can all get on with solving the problem by blaming the gun, confiscating the guns of deer hunters and gun club duffers, and setting up a liberal Utopia where those icky Christians, NRA gun nuts, and conservatives are second class citizens!

Words tumble from their lips like turd from the ass! The spin is already starting: the Orlando shooter was queer, driven crazy by eeeeeeevil white Christian homophobes until he snapped and shot up a gay bath house. Turn in your guns everyone, it's for the good of society!!!

Look, moonbats: no, you won't get my guns (at least, not all of 'em), and no, queers are not beautiful, wonderful people that just want to do their thing in their own bedrooms and be left alone. Queers are 3 times as likely to attack and molest children as straights are. Lesbians are four or five times more likely to indulge in spousal abuse. When sex crimes become overly violent and gruesome the perp is almost always gay.

My own daughter is gay. Not only is she gay - she's a rancid social justice warrior. If there was anything good in those people I would have found it. Lord knows I tried. But blood does not trump right and wrong; I will hold my nose and tolerate homosexuality...but I will not celebrate it or pretend that it is wholesome and healthy - and neither should anyone with a triple digit IQ. The fact is that queers treat each other shabbily too. This shooter obviously had loose screws and they probably got that way from screwing people and things he shouldn't. And before some mealy mouthed liberal meat hole says it - that isn't homophobia, that is a scientific clinical observation.

I've said my piece, I don't care what the media says, I don't care how many idiots line up in a row to dance in the blood and sing the praises of homosexuality while bad mouthing guns. Take your bullshit, shove it up your ass and leave me and my guns alone. The left section of the political spectrum has forgotten which end of that spectrum owns all the guns. You may want to keep that in mind before doing something stupid. FFS - are any of you liberal assholes even smart enough to think of how this might have turned out differently had one of the victims been able to defend himself? Listen, fellas - YOU insisted on bars being gun free, YOU insist on sanitizing homosexuality, YOU insist on downplaying the threat potential of Islam in the west - this blood is on YOU.

That's all I'm gonna say about this.

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