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Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Little Victories

I've been flying RC planes for a year now but have been avoiding the flight test the entire time. When I first started I had an infuriating mental hang up - when I flew I felt like I was back in that flex wing ultralight the morning I did my 300 ft swan dive into a field of standing canola. It drove me nuts with rage - I would get my stupid toy plane in the air and my breathing would change, my heart would start to jack hammer, I got that coppery taste in my mouth that ya get with an adrenaline rush...and my mind shut down. This, despite hours on an RC simulator.

The Nintendo Generation kids play with the simulator and then pass this test with ease...but I couldn't. I didn't get my head around it until one day I grounded all the old farts - took over the field and pushed that little trainer plane through one pant-filling stunt after another! I almost crashed a couple times but managed to bring the little bird in - and then collapsed in a lawn chair, sheened with sweat and my short suspiciously mushy... but I could fly now, and begin to relax. The snow flew before I could take my test, and the retired old farts that sign a new guy off had all fled south for the winter. I should be getting my little plastic wings soon.

It's an odd hobby. I am just happier than a bug in the rug with my little cheapo glow powered plains but some of these guys fly jets worth upward of $15,000.00!!! How could you enjoy something like that? Where one electronic fart on a servo can turn your investment into a lawn dart?

Whoever has the most toys when he dies wins!


  1. Try having a snort or smoking a little weed before you fly. Remember that taking your RC contraption to the shopping mall and buzzing security staff as they make their rounds is considered (by some people in uniform) to be against the rules.

    1. Don't you mock my toys, WL!!! This is SERIOUS BUSINESS!!!


      For me, when fears (real or imagined) trouble me, the only way to deal with them is to confront them head on. If a tiger snarls at me and I have no other options - I will go straight down the cat's gullet and the cat will get the worst of it!

      Yannow I only smoked pot once and it didn't do anything for me. Mind you I used to drink like a fish and that didn't do anything for me either! ;)