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Saturday, 25 June 2016

Nerves Of Steel: This Is Why I Love Americans

Steel. Nerves of bloody steel!

Consider what you're seeing here. That Sky Crane chopper is an infernal machine that is an offence to the laws of aeronautics and gravity. Not content to piss those two Gods off - they lift that load in direct defiance of the weather gods! Even without the intervention of vengeful gods - that machine, given half a chance, will cheerfully tear itself - and its crew - to shreds! Darwin and Murphy are asked to please be patient - these steely eyed American pilots, engineers and iron workers will be giving you the finger too in due course too!

Why? Why would you risk lives, millions of dollars and defy the laws of nature
and common sense? Why - to put a slide in the sky of course!

I saw a another vid after they installed it. Two old farts with ties, suits and pot bellies go zipping down it like cool kids, hit the 69th floor... and then scamper up the stairs to go round and do it again!

Yannow I sit here and think - not a chance! Not a chance in hell am I gonna slide my fat arse down that thing! But I know darn well that I would do it in a heart beat and that I would be fighting BW, Wirecutter and CM to go first! HAR HAR HAR!

There is greatness in us, and some civilizations require soaring monuments and sky scraping towers to show it. Only the Americans could find it in a child's diversion like a slide. And it isn't just slides - they have stuck roller coasters on the sides of sky scrapers too!


  1. If only. Heights really bother me.

  2. Me too. Never used to until I crashed that ultralight! Or maybe I just got old...