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Thursday, 16 June 2016

Oooooooooo....New Whitewalls.....

There! Finally! Yannow, that is one rabbit hole (or financial black hole) I refuse to get sucked into. Harley Davidson makes a fortune selling mass produced farkles for fan boys to bolt onto their bikes for that custom look. Ya gotta be really careful with that and know where you're going with it before you do it. I dunno how many pimped bikes that end up looking like painted whores. (Whores that fart at a decibel level louder than a jumbo jet). I love HD, but the sad fact of it is that nowadays, everyone has one, and they are selling an image - at a very stiff premium. Their owners would probably disagree with me on all this and that's fair - this is only my opinion and your mileage may vary. Their machines may be overpriced - but at least it isn't overpriced junk like it was a few decades ago.

I'm a rider, pure and simple - and when I get on a bike it is to go somewhere and do something. I am not out to impress the cool kids and tire biters at the bar. I need bullet proof reliability and nowadays that means a liquid cooled engine. Even with liquid cooling that mill is a ball-burning furnace in the summer! Most of the bigger V Twin engines are. This is a plain Jane shit house metric bike that makes no pretentious fashion statements about it's owner - who is a crabby old stubfart! All I need now are some bright orange pants and some putties and I'm good to go.

See ya out there!


  1. Better gas mileage with the new whitewalls?

    1. Couldn't tell ya, BW...just got 'em yesterday!