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Thursday, 16 June 2016

Random Thoughts From The Reloading Bench

The Orlando massacre has brought out the worst in a lot of people and it is easy to get depressed with the usual turd brains that insist on blaming the guns rather than the people. It's unfortunate but true - old people, women and children are easy to frighten and manipulate and a lot of them aren't the best critical thinkers. The ol' Rat, for example, doesn't see the end game here. He thinks the Donks will be happy if they can ban sport-utility rifles ... and they will! But it won't end there: the Donks will then have the power of legal precedent to go after all the guns - and rest assured, they will! My advice to you Americans is to give the Democrats the finger on gun control - and some hot lead if they get stupid about it! Once they have your AR15's they'll go after your handguns, and after that, your deer and duck guns. They tried that up here in Canada and damn near got away with it.

You can imagine my surprise though, to see actual good things coming out of this tragedy. I run afoul of my fellow Canadians up here because I am conservative and love Americans - and stuff like this is the reason why. Consider:
  • everyone is starting to reconsider immigration in general and moslems in particular. Immigration IS out of control and America (and certainly Canada) are becoming dumping grounds for human sewage from other countries. Our countries deplore racism, violence and savagery - and we are importing ignorant savages that are racists and violent by nature. That's just the moslems - the Mexicans, the blacks and other minority groups are flooding into the country and tearing the communities apart where they settle. It's a real problem, it's not racist to say so... and even Donald Trump is saying it.
  • consider the queers. For ages they have been lewd, rude and crude with their sexually degenerate lifestyle. They made a point of being as offensive as possible with it - and it has paid the expected dividends. The constitution protects queers and regular people alike from the gov't and from otherwise law abiding citizens. It does NOT protect you from the loons, criminals and moslem nutbars that Obama and the liberals are flooding into the country. Queers are beginning to realize that the liberals are NOT their friends and more than a few are gunning up and vowing to shoot back if they are threatened. Just remember you lot - an armed society is a polite society. Forget that at your peril.
  • which leads us to the final point: AR15's are flying off the shelves, as are high capacity magazines and ammunition. This is good - while it may frighten old Fudds like The Rat - it also frightens the hell out of the idiots that dummy and his ilk vote for - and that is a good thing. I want those types of people to be afraid of me - it keeps them off my lawn and as long as they don't get stupid...nobody gets hurt. I'll keep my guns and rights, thanks.

As a Canadian that pays lip service to liberal gun laws, I cannot stress this enough to my American friends: it is your right to defend yourself and the best person to do that is YOU. None of the problems I listed above are justification for mass murder - but this little point is: the biggest problem at that bar that night was that nobody shot back. One law abiding American could have made all the difference in the world - and that is where the tragedy of all this lies.

As a Canadian gunny I get the odd newsletters going round and one excerpted an article from a local American rag - buried at the back. Some eeeeeeeevil Christians in the states were having a BBQ/picnic. A failed liberal social experiment showed up to turn it into a turkey shoot and had a duffel full of guns. He got one out, got a couple shots off - and a church lady plugged him twice in the chest and put him down. Fatalities? One. The perp.

That should have been all over the news, but it was ignored. Stuff like this happens all the time. An AR15 does not make you invincible as that boy proved. But there is another lesson to be learned here and it is with utmost pride that I note our own Canadian law enforcement up here have taken it to heart: when these things go down the absolute wrong thing to do is set up barricades, and wait to start negotiations with the gunman. We had a copy cat in Montreal a few years back go into a university with one of those Beretta 9mm carbines and the second he started shooting - the cops were on the way! Two cops were at the scene in literally minutes. They didn't futz around with negotiators, the media, or the hand wringers or politicians - they cornered that little mutt and shot him down like the cur he was. Casualties? One. The perp. See the pattern emerging here?

Look after yourselves. Get a gun, learn how to use it and most of all - get out on the range and enjoy the shooting sports too. Be responsible, shoot safe, and most of all, have fun.


  1. The old arid rodent vermin himself. LOL what a tool. He wouldn't know whats good for anyone but himself anyway, although I do have to give him some credit he does know which side butters his undeserving bread. Of course that won't stop them from sacrificing his old never seen the shit rear area but draining our money ass when the minorities and femocrats he goes on about get enough numbers.

    What too many people fail to realize is the gloves are off at this point. The liberal types are playing hardball and hoping to do violence to us White men by the ballot box and open immigration while we sit around and allow it to happen. When they get enough numbers, it will happen just as you predict unless we start promoting violence ourselves before that.

    Until then all we can do is keep preaching the truth and reminding others what low life traitors people like the dried up rodent are.

  2. There was a time PP, when I would have heard that and laughed and thought you were a loon.

    Today, you're preaching to the choir here because I see what's coming as clearly as you do - and that's because I was forced to see the stuff that Rat and his type don't want to see.
    And you're right, our old chivalric code that worked in the old social order no longer applies in the new one. I feel bad slapping Rat around - but those guys are going to hurt us badly if we let them. There comes a time where being nice and civil to stupid people stops paying off - and we passed that point a long, long time ago.