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Saturday, 18 June 2016

Saturday Scribble: Why I Own An AR15: Revised

Honour is a gift that a man gives himself. If he goes to the expense - respect follows. Sometimes respect and honour are subtle and understated. Sometimes a man can lose them through no fault of his own. I've said some things here in haste and in anger and to give everyone a fair shake I've redacted the lot. Further, I am forced by chivalry to put up my guns and hold my fire - for now. But I will have you know this - it sticks in my bloody craw to do so. Most who read this may misinterpret my actions. The person benefitting from them will never appreciate them. I can't help such people; I have neither the skills nor the patience - but my heart goes out to those that do.

The rest of the post stands. Now, if you'll excuse me - I am off to the shitter to stick my head down the toilet and flush a few times.


"Everyone is going to die sooner or later,
so aspire to die well and take as many of the bastards with you as you can,
both personally and in reprisal."

Everything in life is a choice. Right up to and including slavery.


  1. What they have done is offer those without a conscious free everything. Made an excuse to give out welfare at every turn but called it employment if they worked for the government, or a pension. Exploded out what used to be veterans benefits to full blown 100% health care for life. etc. Now so many depend on the government check they know they will always have enough support to cut away our rights. If parasites like the ones you mention dare to stand up they lose their meal ticket.

    1. PP my parents were life time snivel servants. I get everything you're saying and for some - you are bang on the money all the way.
      But my parents? My Mom honestly thinks she worked hard and earned her pay. She honestly believed gubbermint knows best and that she was a productive, useful part of it. Pop...? He was one of these guys that honestly believed that if something was good for him - it was good for EVERYBODY. Like Mom he thought he was a hard, conscientious worker and maybe they both were...but they had damned sweet working conditions guys like you and I will never see. They did the Freedom 55 thing and honestly think that working slobs like you and I are bitter under-achievers. They are absolutely flummoxed by their grandkids - all of whom are lazy, unfocused and lacking in maturity. They blame my brother and I for our idiot kids and don't have the slightest clue about how corrupt our public school has become. It's infuriating - as a kid they told me I was spoiled and selfish... and today they're still on my case! Fortunately, I am an old bastard now too and put the run on them when they get stupid about it!
      I may actually take a run at the Guiness World Records as the oldest son to get a bare bummer spanking from his parents at the age of 52!
      That generation is going to leave hell and damnation as their legacy to their kids.