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Tuesday, 28 June 2016


Peter was on awhile back about how everyone is taking precautions against the Bogey Man De Jour - the kiddie-diddling priest.

But if that wasn't enough for the clucky ditzes over at MSN... now there's even MORE Bogey Men to fear and loathe - in the military!

What blows me away about all this is that the liberals shit themselves with outrage and smear an entire religion practised by good people that have never done anything to them - and blame the church for enabling pedophilia rather than the queers when perverts attack the choir boys. Don't get me wrong - the child molesters and the cretins that enabled and protected them should be punished - harshly.

And that hazing in the these liberal idiots have any idea what goes on in a gay bath house? They don't like talking about that because it inevitably leads to "homophobia". Now those morons are shitting all over the military. (A military, BTW, that needs more women and queers for diversity!!!)

Pull my other finger, fellas - it has bells on it.

These incidents aren't happening because of the culture of the church or the military - they are happening because the perps are queers! Or other brands of sexual degenerates that are now officially sanctioned and protected victim groups.

A couple weeks back some liberal cankle blossoms over at Salon were advocating the mainstreaming and acceptance of pedophiles. They made a splash on the national consciousness that lasted no more than a day.

This is something we need to end - where liberal blame the church and the military for the sins of their queers and deviants. I see what you're doing there, folks - and I call bullshit.

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