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Thursday, 23 June 2016

Sticker Fun

I just stuck this one on Uncle Bob's Lotus sports car... That's Malory Archer choking her receptionist.
I suppose I shouldn't pick on Uncle Bob, he's still mad at me for that Obama
election sticker I plastered on it last time.

Kids love stickers. When we were kids just starting out I had 're-purposed' an old stereo stand as a compact reloading bench. There was just barely room for it in our tiny apartment. One day I came home to find it festooned with stickers. Ghostbusters, Slimers, Smurfs, My Pretty Ponies were all over it and I did the face/palm thing. My two year old toddler asked me what I thought of her work and I managed to nod and approve of it.

I wish I still had it today.

To my American friends - if any of you could send me some Hillary election stickers (that you HAVEN'T wiped your ass on) - I would sincerely appreciate it! My enemies aren't going to prank themselves, dontchya know...!


  1. I have a '99 Chevy Lumina which I keep in great condition - and I do all the work myself (try changing the thermostat on that sumbitch sometime).

    1. Awesome, Bob! How many miles have you got on it?

  2. I was working a short term contract in Columbia, SC, when the guys in the office hatched a plan to needle an IS contractor that was a little eccentric. The man was well-liked, but even I wondered about some of the stunts he pulled.

    We thought it would be fun to acquire a rainbow bumper sticker and affix it to his pickup truck, and maybe subscribe him to a few gay newsletters and social groups. Once the laughter died down, the question arose, "Who's going to go down to the faggot place and get the bumper sticker and such?"

    We ended up drawing lots.

    It was three weeks before he noticed the bumper sticker, and another two weeks before his mailbox piled up with the expected media results. His wife had a few questions, but she knew both him and us, so I suspect her questions were motivated by a desire to tweak the nose, so to speak.

    1. Yep - I've done that one too! My brother in law started getting fag mags out of the blue and ripped his hair out by the roots trying to figure out who did it to him.

      Then I filled out a job application for him at McDonald's and they called him back early one Sunday morning asking him if he still wanted a job.

      The absolute worst prank I pulled on him was when I made a donation to the Progressive Conservative party up here in Canada in his name. He is a rabid leftist ass hat - and once the conservatives got a donation they started calling him back and hounding him for more!!! HAR HAR HAR! I still remember him fuming "How did those f******rs get my cell number...?!?!?