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Wednesday, 29 June 2016

The Intrepid Retronaut

This 'un comes from Way Up North

We piddle about with toys for fags like that guy in the vid...but I want weapons of unimaginable destructive power! Like - is it to much to ask for a simple particle beam weapon? I mean - if a guy gets disgruntled and wants to go into work and lay it on his coworkers that means an AK47, ambulances, meat wagons, cops, anti-gun protests from pasty faced geriatric fuss-buckets, somber statements from bloviating politicos, etc etc.

Wouldn't it be nice, next time PP is making fun of me - to whip out a phaser set on stun and and dump his butt on the spot? Next time Uncle Bob opens up with a great big goat fart in the coffee room...zap! HAR HAR HAR! Awesome!!!!!

I love the corny old Star Treks with wonderous machines like talking computers and aliens that all look like humans dressed in silly costumes. When I was a small gaffer Pop spray painted a pair of rubber boots silver and I was ready for the next Apollo moon shot. The death of NASA broke my heart - but I really like what's coming out of SpacEx.  That, my friends, is a company in which our future lies!

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