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Thursday, 9 June 2016


Wanna solve the problems of the world? All it takes is the stroke of some politician's pen, and - MAGIC! Problem solved! It's good for the environ-MINT, dontchya know!! JFC - here we go again.

When I was a kid I was a young man just hitting the job market when Alberta's oil economy went bust. My family did well: Mom and Dad were career snivel servants and insulated from the icky realities of the economy and at that time Big Bro worked for the Alberta Gubbiment Telephones - a job he's spent his entire life in too. As for me? I went into that economic meat grinder kicking and screaming while my family looked on in disgust. They had no sympathy for me; all my problems were self induced, I was lazy and arrogant for wanting a job like theirs, yadda yadda yadda. On my side of the fence, youth unemployment was running 35% at times. Canada is a liberal nation and even back then - any good jobs went to the vibrants, women and minorities first. My in laws were of similar opinion as my family with regards to my circumstances. I am a shit. Privately, I laughed like hell when my father in law lost his job of 31 years and found himself in the same boat I did back in the early 90's. He went from being a big shot branch manager with a reputable company - to working a string of crappy part time jobs to make ends meet just as I did. It is easy to get arrogant and judgemental when you have a good job and things are going well, I guess.

We are in for it all over again. And instead of this being forced on us from idiotic politicians out east that don't know any better, as it was back in the 80's ... this time we here in Alberta did it to ourselves. I don't blame Rachael Notley for this idiocy - she is an idiot and she is what she is...but the rest of us? We have the gubbiment we voted for and we surely deserve it.

There is good to be found in everything though - and for us the tough times gave us some serious advantages in life. It bound our families together tightly. We became masters of having a good time with minimum cash lay out. We brewed our own beer, baked our own bread and had fun doing it. Kids today have toys like big trucks, ATV's and campers - we had bikes and tents and I will bet we had as much fun with our toys as they do today with theirs! We learned the value of a buck, we learned to save and be smart with our money and as a result we could splurge from time to time too if we were careful.

We can get by in the economy that is coming - we've done it before. I figure my chances of keeping my job in the new economy are about 50/50. Our bills are paid, we have savings and we've saved what we could for a rainy day where as many have not. I dunno if I will ride out another Alberta economic recession either... if you're gonna be poor in Canada, there are better places to do it than Aaaadmontin, Alberta, HAR HAR HAR! Hell, I dunno what I'm gonna do. Maybe my wife has better ideas. I do know we'll be alright no matter what comes and that alone is a big comfort. Some uncertainties, at least, are mitigated and controlled.

For those of you in the same boat - keep yer chin up, thanks for stopping by - and hold fast to your friends and family. As long as nobody does anything stupid, we'll get through this just fine.

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