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Wednesday, 27 July 2016

A Dream Rebuilt

That's the Honda CX500 re-imagined as a café racer. Of course it's anything but - that engine is a 500cc (or a stroked 650) liquid cooled transverse V-twin with a shaft drive output. Even stripped down and carbed she won't be fast...but she will be oh-so-pretty all the same. You can hardly see them in the pic but if memory serves (and sometimes it does) - those are the original Honda Comstar wheels. Back in the day when most motorcycle wheels were spokes this was a pretty snazzy farkle.

Next week the wife and I are off on vacation and just following the nearest road that goes 'that-a-way'. I want to get rained on. I want to cover my bike in bug guts. I will want to get off regularly and see the sights with no rush and no schedule. I want to leave my watch and computer at home.

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