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Tuesday, 26 July 2016

A Possible Fork In The Road Looms...

Going off the grid. Minimalism. Enjoying the decline. Go your own way. Gawd, there are days when I just want to just chuck it all and say to hell with it - and go live in a tar paper shack!

The ruling NDP here in Alberta have decided the top priority has to be the environMINT. In their ads they show pictures of happy retirees (probably former snivel servants) fly fishing in pristine streams. A chick with nose jewelry and tats is growing crops on the roof of her house. Urban bee keeping beardoes give us smarmy words about how they are preserving the environMINT for the good of all generations. There'll be no eeeeevil Big Oil in this province, dammit, and what little is left will be taxed out the wazzoo! There's carbon taxes coming, both federally and provincially - and this at a time when our oil sands petro-economy is in the toilet. Alberta is going head-first into another oil bust...and the Dippers are gonna make it as painful as possible for anyone that actually works for a living.

My newer, less established customers have been dropping like flies. They can't keep the doors open and their buildings are going up for lease or sale. When the carbon taxes hit, more will fold. It's quiet out here and it's going to get quieter. It hasn't started yet but it will soon, it always does. People are going to start walking away from their homes because they can't pay for them. The kids are going to get hit the hardest as they always do. The only people going to have good, steady jobs are the gov't slobs. The rest of us will be on phony make-work programs and welfare if those idiots have their way.

There's only so much of that that can go on until the rest of us start feeling the heat. The upper management in my company are getting skittish and erratic and I just can't bring myself to give a hoot anymore. They're screaming at us sales guys to bring in more sales. The senior guy quit a couple weeks back and his baggage fell on me. We finally got a mature adult for a branch manager - but he's new. Previous to that we had a clot headed cnut that swore at customers, bungled their orders and told them to go fly a kite, and that was just him - he hired for the shop, and we had everything from purple haired 400 lb. lesbians that got in fist fights with delivery drivers, to homeless beardos, to crack-heads trying to tick the customers off too. For years we did that. And now that - finally - we've started hiring mature, rational adults - the execs think we should be getting record sales and won't concede how much damage the previous manager and his chuckleheads did to our business! What is the problem? And now - they're looking at me.

Of course, none of those guys wants to get in the truck, go visit customers that we've pissed off and try to settle them down and make amends. According to them the customers have no right to me mad - we ticked them off years ago! But we have our house in order now!!! They should be over it by now - or so they think. Is the lack of sales my doing, they're asking?

My house is paid off. We have a little bit of money saved. The cars are all paid off. I'm educated and will find work if I have to. I don't know if I want to do this anymore.

If I've made the management out to be bungholes I must apologize - while they certainly are that... they're nice folks too. I love them in spite of their dumbassery and they've always tried to treat me well. It's the middle management flunkies they've hired that I can't stand. I've put in 8-1/2 years with these guys.

I'm thinking it might just be time to pull the pin. No, I won't go dirt-farming but maybe soft office job might be the way to go. All I want is eight hours, no bullshit, and no stress. I've survived economic downturns before...and I will survive this one.

It's a time of uncertainty around here for now.


  1. I have lived through this but I was employed in a different field. The NEP (National Energy Program for those who are unfamiliar) was a dark time. I distinctly remember you could discern fear in people's voices as they lost jobs and were scrambling for employment and could not find a job. Some lost their houses. We have an accidental Socialist government in this province that does not have a clue and may turn this entire province into one big ghost town before they are done.

  2. Same here in the States. We don't know what or when it's going to happen. Only that something will. I fear the push-back is going to be very, very messy, my friends....

  3. Sorry to hear. In some ways this is why I am continued to remain in the field I am in: to this date the jobs are still relatively plentiful, the hours reasonable, and the pay okay. But I do not doubt that at some point, my industry's time will come as well.

  4. I'm just heartsick for the kids around here. They're still blapping around on Harleys and acting like they're on days off and things will pick up any minute now.