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Monday, 4 July 2016

An Academic Treatise On Animal Intelligence

Definitely not photoshopped. This little bugger
can effectively communicate with lower order primates and
knuckledraggin blog monkeys.
If he ever learns to shoot
we're all in trouble.

What is the measure of animal intellect? I heard it said somewhere that animals can't reason but we've seen many examples where they so obviously can. Ever see that magpie who can't get the treat floating in a tall glass of water? His beak is too short to reach it - so he starts plunking rocks in the cup and raises the water level up high enough until he can get the treat.

Why does my dog love goose shit? Every morning we walk past the lake and the Canada Geese have crapped hither and yon...and Macey chows down on it like it's some kind of delicacy! It drives me nuts - big, green and white squishy 'j' shaped turds that...gawd, I'm gonna hurl!!!!!

She's in a snit because now I choke up on her leash and hold her head way up high and she can see all the shit - but she can't eat it. I am beginning to think my crime fighting K9 companions are dumber than magpies.

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