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Saturday, 23 July 2016

An Elegant Saturday Night Pool Party At Uncle Bob's Tree House

All the blog celebs are gonna be there including Wirecutter
and the lonely libertarian

Bob is the modern millionaire Playboy. You can
bet that there'll be beautiful bikini clad bimbos 
in attendance

I think I'll be giving that one a miss. Might go swimming
with Homer and the family under the waters of the clean, clean

GAH! Let's finish this Saturday post off right, shall we?

Great Big Sea will redeem the Thunderbox
on this sensational Saturday...

As for me... I'm off to work! I'm not broken up about it, these days in Alberta a fella has to be thankful he has a job. Think of me while your schmoozing with the elite over at the Treehouse, and pass my disregards along to Unca Bob!

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