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Thursday, 28 July 2016

Arts & Entertainment: Friday PhilthHarmonic Pops ...Er...Moms?

What a let down.

It was SUPPOSED to be a night of cultural exhibition and sophistication. Yeah - classical music! Wirecutter was dressed in his immaculate neoprene chest waders. PP came all the way in from The Smallhold wearing his expensive new rubber boots. I put on my best formal green plaid shirt and Trilene suspenders. BW combed his hair! We were dressed to kill as you would expect sophisticated gentlemen to be at such a formal affair.

And it was all RUINED by these egotistical harridans! Goddammitalltohell!

I'm sorry everyone. Maybe we can salvage what's left
of the night with a fart contest or something...

Good gravey!!! They're still at it!!! Sigh - might as well
wipe and call it a night here at the Thunderbox.
We'll see y'all sometime later in the week!

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