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Friday, 15 July 2016


I heard some brain wipe tourists actually died in
Peru trying to pose for a pic like this...

See this? This is why kids can't have playgrounds anymore. There's always that one moron, and there's always that gaggle of scolding, finger wagging nannies that want to save him from himself for some reason. And once they've thwarted Darwin, they pat themselves on the back and come after the rest of us. Wear your seat belt. Wear your helmet. Don't even THINK of going to work without your hard hat, steel toes, gloves, nomex coveralls, your goggles, etc ad nauseum. I'm not shitting you; I got kicked out of a steel yard a couple months back because my safety glasses - all of a sudden - weren't good enough anymore. They weren't foam lined and dust could get around the old style safety glasses and maybe curdle my milk or something.

Yannow, when I was a kid, there was always someone with a broken arm or leg. I personally have broken both my wrists and all my fingers and a toe or two - nothing serious, most were just cracked bones. Nobody thought anything of it. Sometimes I just wish the health and safety Nazis would just FOAD. Who needs wieners like that?

Ohmigawd Ohmigawd Ohmigawd Ohmigawd!
I want it!!!

Well, I'm gonna have to cut the Friday Barf & Bitch session short! I need a Zapata Air Board! I am off to Uncle Bob's Treehouse where I'll suck up and see if I can chisel a loan out of him. Failing that I'll go pan-handling in Coopville...they have LOTS of money.

Have a happy Friday!


  1. Flyboard? .....Oh, PLEEEEEEEEEEEEASE, Santa!!!!!

    1. Don't bother hitting up Unca Bob for a loan Pete - I just cleaned him out!

      He's hoping I flame out and break my neck on it...!

  2. anyone who has watched the wiley coyote documentaries on safety will know that the prong of rock will break off.