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Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Crapcopter II: Channelling Your Inner Idiot

Earlier in the spring my first build multirotor was lost with all hands aboard in the bush.

This one was a V-Tail build that looked evil as hell
in the air. With it, I got some pics of Wirecutter
sun bathing in the nude which I posted on the internet.
I'm still getting death threats and complaints about it,

I still remember my shock and amazement when
the damned thing flew. Later I
cleaned up the wiring, streamlined it and put three
Minions aboard with a Mobius camera.

I can hear Wirecutter, Uncle Bob and BW working the actions on their shotguns over the internet! If I am going to violate their right to privacy and spy on them with a multirotor...I will need to be mighty fast!!!

This one's going to be a Y6 configuration multirotor. Is it going
to be fast enough to evade the trap and skeet shooting
Knuckle dragger and Uncle Bob?
I doubt it, but the crew seems confident. I'll
keep you posted as the build progresses.

I am just ticked right off. The motor mounts they shipped were incorrect so I gotta re-order the right ones and re-drill all the booms which means I gotta wait for another week and a half before I can get this beast airborne. I want to annoy and harass people with it now!!!  :(

Of course the usual weasel words and caveats apply to a post like this. Don't fly these things around people that don't like them, make sure you are in an area where others won't get hurt if the thing fails and crashes. These things are like guns: a few assholes can ruin it for everyone so fly them responsibly. If yer lookin' for a great father/son project (or mother/father/son/daughter) - this is it. The kids at Flite Test make some excellent DIY kits.

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