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Friday, 8 July 2016

Filthie's Foiled Friday Open Road

I was gonna put the boots to CW over at The Daily Time Waster by hijacking his awesome Friday Open Road. I fired up the company truck, took off down a picturesque road...when these young hussies came blasting by, nearly took off my front fender as they cut in front... and scared the crap out of me!

Goddammit! They're spoiling the bloody view!!!
Stop that right now!!!!

They took off at high speed and then Uncle Bob went blasting by in hot pursuit. He flipped me the bird and then he was gone too!

I want everyone to know that I had the best, most wonderful Friday post planned but it was all RUINED by thoughtless young women and Uncle Bob.

Hopefully CW can restore some decorum and decency to The Friday Open Road.


  1. Butt, butt, where is that wonderful Friday post of yours?

  2. Now see here, you two! I don't think that's a very sympathetic and supportive attitude! Can't you see my feelings have been hurt?
    If anyone needs me, I will be in a snit in my safe place!!!!

    1. You spend too much time in your 'safe place'. I bet there is a permanent ring embossed on your bottom...

    2. HAR HAR HAR! Being in the state of a snit is a hard thing to do around here sometimes...

      Have a good weekend CM!