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Thursday, 21 July 2016

Friday Crockumentary

As the internet's moral authority it often falls to me to correct and admonish bloggers with sensitivity problems. Today CW is off to the woodshed for a bare-bummer.

Lookit that white creepy-ass cracker mofo! Foatin'
around in space like he owns it! And not a single
stain on that lily white space suit, oh no!
It's not like whitey has to do any WORK when
he's floatin' around in outterfuckenspace.
Check yo privilege home boy!

Clearly CW is a racist sonofabitch and needs a remedial lesson on the contributions of African americans on the Final Frontier. From the archives of Rodger Schlong's site - please give your undivided attention to this fine documentary, filmed in Schlong-O-Vision, and a fitting tribute to our black African American astronauts.

When was this? Oh about nineteen fiddy seven..fiddy eight...put
on your cone-head hats everyone!

Ahhh. That's better! No we can have some proper sexually and racially inclusive space opera as a treat!

Happy Friday everyone!

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