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Friday, 22 July 2016

Friday Night Kareoke

Last weekend I headed out on Dusk Patrol on the Fireball. The plan was simple: an easy milk run through known space around Aaaadmintin and Fort Saskratchmebum - and then rev the rocket up for a line drive straight down 15 toward Mundare. Adding some spice to the mission was an approaching weather front from the east. If I booted her east into the face of the approaching squall, I could beat the weather to Chipman, hang a right up to the Yellowhead right along the front of darkling clouds and weather, then pin it back west to home and beat the weather, nice and dry!

It all went well and I figgered I was home free when I hit 16 and started heading west away from the front.

I revved the Fireball up to a buck twenty and was giving the finger to the weather gods - and ran right into a microsystem. Big, fat, cold rain drops started to fall. You could feel the air pressure drop and the next thing I knew I was gargling louder than my motorcycle as I plowed into the weather. In seconds I was drenched through my leathers. I slowed down... and the weather broke. Chastened, I kicked up the throttle and ran like that for 10 minutes and started to dry out - and then hit another localized rain storm even worse than the last. Hail started and I just groaned...twice more I got hit like that on the way home. Woe be unto he that trifles with the weather gods!

Most people would learn a lesson from that - but tonight I dared them again. Didn't give the gods the finger this time - and I barely got the bike back into the shed when the lightening and rain and hail started. Awesome!!! Booyah!!!! In your FACE, weather gods! Niether rain, sleet or snow prevents Filthie from making his appointed rounds, and no gods shall hand me my comeuppance!!! Do ya hear me, weather gods?!?! NO COMEUPPANCE!!!

Remember Murray? A fitting song for the weather gods,
humbled by The Mighty Filthie and his Heavy Metal
War Machine!

Jeez, that lightening is striking awfully close tonight! That last one damned near singed my eyebrows!

This next one is a good one for our friends over at the Small Hold. PP is advised that if he gets any static from the Weather Gods, the Great And Powerful Glen Filthie will take a very dim view of the deities responsible!!!

For all our farmers and freeholders, great and small...have a cold one this fine
Friday night! You've earned it.

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  1. An adventure to be sure, but did you forget to pick up the beer.....??