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Friday, 1 July 2016

Friday Night Steamer

I've been beaking off from one end of the internet to the other about how I am going to make Chicken Mom rue the day she ever trifled with me. Welp - here it is, Friday, and time for me to deliver on all the dire threats I promised!

Nice, business like little locomotive you have there, CM!
Be a shame if something happened to it...

BOOM, Baby!

Booyah!!!! Friday Night Scrap Yard, boys!!!! HAR HAR HAR!

I would like to thank the beardoes and wierdos at for their generous contribution of C4, Semtex, and thermite for the fine Canada Day fireworks!

The wieners at the BATFE are invited to think of this
as 'performance art'!

I'm gonna sell this one to the Candian gubbimint.
Abstract art skulpchur, dontchya know... I shall entitle it
"The Turdo Express"

Just think of how much cash I will rake in! Those f-knuckles
paid $7 MILLION for this inspirational
work of Canadian art!

And as the flames climbed high
into the night
To light the sacrificial light
I saw Filthie laughing
with delight
The day
The steam train died...

HAR HAR HAR!!! I suppose I shouldn't pick on Chicken Mom - it's unsporting and unmanly...but it's fun!

Everyone thinks that steam is simple, low tech and quaint. In practice it is, but in theory the physics and thermodynamics involved are absolutely GAY.

OMFG. Back in school I had BINDERS full of shit like this!

Thankfully I've forgotten most of it now but jeez louise - there is enough science in steam to glut a nuclear physicist. It's not fun stuff. In application though - it's poetry in motion. I'm gonna do y'all a favour. If you have little ones in your family and are looking for THE PERFECT Christmas gift to give it is:

Don't buy this one - it's a nice one to look at but
doesn't run that well...

My wife bought me the one in the pic as an ornament a year or two back, and I spent Christmas day (hell, prolly most of a week after too!) playing with it! I'm 52 years old! A gift like this will engage the little ones and their fathers too - but ya gotta buy the sooty old used relics off e-bay or kijiji. Some of the better ones even recycle the condensate the way Chicken Mom's locomotives do. That's what Flapz did when he saw mine - and then he was tied up for a couple days too! He's in his 40's! HAR HAR HAR! Get the old sooters, clean them up - and they're good as new, ready to entertain and engage the next generation of young engineers.

I fell in love with steam all over again after that Christmas. If anyone is feeling generous and wondering what to buy me this Christmas - well, I would like to combine old world steam power with new age electronics and microprocessors... and the best way I've seen that done is this:

This is an absolutely exquisite build.

How cool is that?!? A steam powered punt, complete with Captain Hindgrinder, brass and copper and wood...and RC electronics!

It's a long Canada Day weekend up here folks. The winds are calm, the airfield beckons, and I am off. Y'all have yourselves a great weekend too!


  1. Kudos, Mr. Filthie - you outdid yourself this time! I must say though, this is the BEST post you have EVER written and
    I will graciously (only because you're fairly new to blogging) allow you to win this week's Friday Night Steam!

    Congratulations and Happy Canada Day! :o)

    1. Nice of you to say so, CM! It's all about fun!

      I am burned to a red crisp, I've burned half a jug of Green nitro fuel - and she's been one hell of a day! Now for some burgs, beer...and then bed! :) I gotta do it all again tomorrow...!

    2. Only half a jug? Sleep well tonight and get up earlier tomorrow! And don't forget the sunscreen.... :o)

  2. Concerning the loco; I never knew Medusa was STEAM POWERED! DAMN! That HAD to be a HELL of a bang!!!

    1. I think what happened there, Pete, was the fore runner to incidents like Chernobyl and Union Carbide.

      The more pressure you can get out of your boiler the more power you have... and so when primitive engineers felt they their trains were starving for power, the dumber ones would wire the PSRV (Pressure Safety Relief Valves)down ... and if too much pressure built up the boiler blew itself to pieces! It was a common problem in those days.

      Usually though the rivets would let go first and the boiler would just rupture...I've read that when the rivets blew, they flew at speeds high enough to kill. I wouldn't want to be around for that either...