Filthie's Mobile Fortress Of Solitude

Filthie's Mobile Fortress Of Solitude
Where Great Intelligence Goes To Be Insulted

Friday, 22 July 2016

From The Bowels Of Filthie's Dungeon

My basement workshop is an unplumbed profane profundity where some truly awful and ghastly things have happened. Events so twisted and evil they boggle the imagination. Devilry and sin combine and compress to the point that light, morals and ethics warp and and distort. The Devil's Filthie's Workshop is where perfectly good lumber goes to die.

Oh yes little one. You will enjoy the tender
mercies of Doctor DeWalt and Mr. Mikita...,

Errrrr... did I say that out loud? Sorry everyone! Be good to your psychiatrist, enjoy your meds and have a happy Friday!


  1. Someone is having too much fun with the drill press.....

  2. I love mine. Gawd I wish I had a planer. And a band saw...and a table saw...