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Friday, 15 July 2016

Fwance: A Different Way To Think Of Multiculturalism

I used to think the obvious flaws with multiculturalism would eventually sink in with stupid people, liberals and progtards... but I was naïve.

Over 100 people murdered, maimed... and the fwench elite can only shrug and lecture us on how we must not get emotional, how we must show restraint and just chalk this one up as another acceptable sacrifice to the great socialist dream. Ye gods.

People eventually adapt to anything and the Israelis have been living with these animals for decades. When some moslem mudflap blows himself up and kills a bunch of teenagers and mothers at a shopping mall, the average Israeli just shrugs. You don't get bent out of shape when you hear about a big traffic pile up kills a bunch of people, do you? Whaddya gonna do? People need to drive to get around, they're idiots and stuff like this happens. You shrug and accept it and hope it happens to somebody else and not you. Sure, you feel bad for the victims but your life goes on and you accept it.

I'm not going to say any more. I've probably said enough to get me in trouble already. I will content myself by praying that the bulk of those victims of that attack were rainbow flag waving progtards. At least then there might be a modicum of justice in what happened to them. Perhaps the Israelis are right - and I should just shrug, and say "Fwance is a liberal multicultural nation. Whaddya gonna do?"

If there is anyone left in Fwance with a triple digit IQ - ya might want to leave now.

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