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Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Hinterland Who's Who - The Otter

Mob Otters are NOT playful, fun loving mammals. They're
rude, disrespectful, profane and violent!

The answer to Hinterland mob bosses is the same here as it is in NYFC (Noo Yawk Focken City):

I know the Hollywood Mafioso is all BS. But if Johnny Bosco, Tony Soprano and the Good Fellas were all real people I think I would get along with them just dandy. Up here in Aaaaadmintin we have the small time pikers and shit-skinned race gangs doing nickel-and-dime stuff for the most part.

A hundred years ago in Millwoods (or Little Bangladesh as we locals call it) - the peace was shattered one winter night when a local packie drug dealer went down in a hail of lead during a drive-by. It was hilarious - his father was in the news the next day wearing a turban and sobbing 'My boy was not involved in organized crime! He wasn't...!!!'

A smirking cop was on a short time later saying "Not only was his oldest son in organized crime - but his youngest is too... and five'll getchya ten that he goes to his final reward soon too...!"  And a week later - the little brother got whacked too! The Vietnamese did it and everyone, including the cops knew it, but couldn't do anything about it because RACISM! There were a couple reprisal killings and then everything settled down as the monkeys figured out their place on the totem pole and the law of the jungle re-asserted itself.

We get bent out of shape about gun violence and we shouldn't. The vast majority of gun crime is like this - criminal on criminal violence. I'm sorry but I don't have a problem with it. I think we should give them free ammo.

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  1. Why are you sorry you don't have a problem with it? You shouldn't be. I'm not, and make no apology for my opinion. Although I do feel sorry for their mothers. A mother having to bury her child is a terrible thing, and I wouldn't wish it on anyone.

    Now me, I think the gov't should build a special Speedball arena with bulletproof terrain, arm the gangs evenly, and televise the entire business. Winners get to walk through the field and bayonet the wounded - two to the head, you see.

    It'll never fly, but that's my suggestion.