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Monday, 11 July 2016

July 10, 2016 I Wet My Pants

When BW does this he gets beautiful pictures and panoramic landscapes and wildlife! When I go out the weather gods piss upon me! There is no justice!!!

Actually... I didn't mind it at all. The wife and I went out into the country and I putt-putted past Legends golf course - with the stereo cranked playing "Liquor & Whores" and "Mudflap Girl" for the curmudgeonly old seniors' benefit as they sulked across the fairways. My airfield is about a half a mile away from the course - and those assholes have repeatedly tried to have it shut down - supposedly on account of the noise. I hope I spoiled a few swings! Trifle with Captain Sweatpants at your peril, bungholes, HAR HAR HAR!

Then the rain started to fall. It was warm summer rain that soaked and refreshed and cleans the spirit and washes the dust off your brain. When we were kids my wife and I would get soaked to the skin riding my old rattletrap motorbikes - and then go see a movie or whatever. We would dry out on the fly and not give such things a second thought. I had forgotten what it sounded like to squish and squeak when you walk.

It was good to be young again together.

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